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Morgan's Buried in Oconee
Posted by: Paul M Kankula (ID *****3110) Date: July 13, 2003 at 16:51:39
In Reply to: Ritter and Morgan Family in Wahalla, SC around 1900 by Lisa Huskey of 749

C70,MORGAN," (?) ""Mother""", b.1853, d.1946,,,
C10,MORGAN," Abraham Lincoln ""Tommy""", b.1935C, d.21-may-1997, p. vando & addie knight morgan, w. helen winchester morgan,
C70,MORGAN, Ada, b.13-mar-1884, d.10-may-1964, beside james h.,,
C218,MORGAN, Addie K., b.28-july-1899, d.18-oct-1959, double marker with vando,,
C141,MORGAN, Alice Mazyck, b. no date, d.2-jan-2001,,,
C188,MORGAN, Allecia T. Wood, b.15-aug-1857, d.27-jan-1936, h. thomas j.,,
C70,MORGAN, Amanda F., b.26-jan-1841, d.6-mar-1896, beside jno.s.,,
C66,MORGAN, Amanda Nellie Elizabeth Billings, b.1914c, d.16-aug-2000, h. lewis marshall morgan, sr, p. rev. james oscar & mary elizabeth figzgerald billings
C135,MORGAN, Anna M., b.9-dec-1899, d.6-may-1995, p. wesley m. & octavia nealy murphree, 1st h. harrison k. morgan sr., 2nd h. thomas l. newell
C63,MORGAN, Annie Bell Graham, b.1912C, d.11-apr-1993, p. john wesley & jessie wiehundt graham, h. andes,
C165,MORGAN, Arthur Asa, b.1923c, d.24-june-1999, w. marlene hightower morgan, p. wm calrence sr. & myrtie nix morgan, 1st w. mary haynes morgan
C218,MORGAN, Bessie, b.10-sept-1907, d.26-jan-1916, p. f.s. & mary morgan,,
C41,MORGAN, Bessie B., b.3-aug-1900, d.30-nov-1977, double marker with earl j.,,
C155,MORGAN, Bessie Edgar, b.1907c, d.3-jan-2001, h. martin luther morgan, p. james & effie morton edgar,
C218,MORGAN, Bessie R., b.28-may-1878, d.5-feb-1937, double marker with james a. morgan,,
C135,MORGAN, Betty Elizabeth Ledbetter, b.1942c, d.27-aug-2000, h. zetna lee morgan, p. james b. & ollie r. ledbetter,
C64,MORGAN, Bobbie Jean, b.1934, d.1960,,,
C57,MORGAN, Bruce, 26-july-1937, military marker: sc pvt 156 depot brig,,,
C141,MORGAN, C. Robert D., b.20-nov-1894, d.31-may-1973, beside pearl lee morgan,,
C135,MORGAN, C.E., B.1894, D.1965,,,
C135,MORGAN, Carl S., b.24-aug-1902, d.7-aug-1970, beside gertrude o.,,,
C141,MORGAN, Carrie Collins, b.1917C, d.16-jan-1994, p. rev. wm. marion & roxie ann lee collins, h. joseph frank morgan,,
C132,MORGAN, Cecil Ray, b.25-june-1934, d.15-feb-1937, p. t.s. & i.s. morgan,,,
C135,MORGAN, Charley M., b.12-mar-1904, d.25-sept1908, p. e.m. & l.j. morgan,,,
C141,MORGAN, Christine Jones, b.1904C, d.14-nov-1982, 1st h. herbert b. morgan, sr., 2nd h. james w. spearman, 3rd. h. fred o. pelfrey
C141,MORGAN, Claude L., b.1910C, d.18-mar-1987, p. james allen & bessie rose elkin morgan, w. esther evans morgan,,
C141,MORGAN, Claude M., b.1907, double marker with ruby gastley morgan,,,,
C141,MORGAN, Claude Macon, b.1908C, d.8-may-1988, p. seaborn newton & julia montina brucke morgan, w. ruby gastley morgan,,
C141,MORGAN, Dewitt O., b.1893, d.22-aug-1983, p. jessie marion & susan lenora holley morgan, w. grace cox morgan,,
C129,MORGAN, Donnie, b.3-jan-1947, d.4-jan-1947,,,,
C218,MORGAN, E. Woodroe, b.18-oct-1913, d.7-oct-1916, p. j.a. & r.b. morgan,,,
C41,MORGAN, Earl J., b.12-may-1897, d.29-apr-1967, double marker with bessie b.,,,
C204,MORGAN, Eddie Alexander, b.1921C, d.13-apr-1992, p. fred s. & mary elkin morgan, w. lois reid morgan, navy vet WWII,
C74,MORGAN, Edgar L., b.16-aug-1878, d.28-june-1965, double marker with lelah c. morgan,,,
C135,MORGAN, Edgar W., 28-june-1909, p. j.h. & m.i. morgan, only date,,,
C135,MORGAN, Elam M., b.3-july-1866, d. no date, w. luesenia j. thomas morgan,,,
C135,MORGAN, Elizabeth H., b.20-may-1834, d.15-apr-1925, beside matherson morgan,
C141,MORGAN, Ella Mae Winkler, b.1913C, d.5-may-1987, p. ervin c. & lillie cartee winkler, h. daniel w. morgan
C135,MORGAN, Elmer, b.4-nov-1904, d.28-aug-1934,,
C225,MORGAN, Elzie E., b.7-feb-1899, d.30-dec-1980, double marker with ola m.,
C70,MORGAN, Emily R., b.30-dec-1831, d.12-jan-1916, double marker with lewis w.,
C204,MORGAN, Ernest Wickliffe, b.1915C, d.12-dec-1986, p. fred s. & mary elkin morgan, w. julia sullivan morgan
C141,MORGAN, Esther Evans, b.1912c, d.25-apr-1998, h. claude morgan, p. fletcher & mary etta finley
C129,MORGAN, Fannie, no dates, 3-way marker with annie foster & infant of fannie sanders,,
C129,MORGAN, Fannie Davis, b.1900, d.1973,,
C129,MORGAN, Frank E., b.12-mar-1895, d.31-dec-1954,,
C129,MORGAN, Frank S., b.1-mar-1931, d.26-june-1979,,
C141,MORGAN, Fred J., b.1912, d.1972, double marker with oveline e.,
C218,MORGAN, Fred S., b.1-oct-1869, d.4-june-1935, double marker with mary e.,
C129,MORGAN, Furman Paul, b.14-mar-1905, d.13-nov-1975, 4-way marker with ruth e. newton morgan, john h. newton & mary e. nexton maxie
C129,MORGAN, George C., b.1885, d.1952, 4-way marker with hessie c. , rev. p. frank & azalie m. capell
C129,MORGAN, George Lewis, b.1916C, d.2-oct-1991, w. inez burgess morgan, army vet WWII
C135,MORGAN, George Nealy, b.1926C, d.18-oct-1997, p. harrison kennmur morgan & annie mae morgan newell, WWII vet of navy
C135,MORGAN, Gertrude O., b.1911, d.1966, beside carl s.,
C141,MORGAN, Grace C., b.1900, d.1979, double marker with dewitt o.,
C63,MORGAN, Gregory E., b.1956, d.1977,,
C188,MORGAN, H.F., b.1889, d.1923,,
C135,MORGAN, H.K., b.27-june-1886, d.1958, double marker with anna m.,
C135,MORGAN, Harry P., b.15-dec-1929, d.2-nov-1931, double marker with unnamed son, sons of h.k. & annie morgan
C141,MORGAN, Herbert Doyle, Sr., b.1896, d.1947,
C129,MORGAN, Hessie C., b.1883, d.1968, 4-way marker with geo. c., rev. p. frank & azalie m. capell
C218,MORGAN, J.N., b.9-apr-1836, d.8-may-1905, w. nancy e. vaughn morgan,
C70,MORGAN, James, b.27-aug-(??), d.1-oct-1875 (??), p. j.s. & a.f. morgan, ? no longer readable
C218,MORGAN, James A., b.17-aug-1871, d.3-jan-1944, double marker with bessie r.,
C204,MORGAN, James Ernest, b.29-dec-1934, d.27-oct-1941, p. mr. & mrs. ernest morgan,
C70,MORGAN, James H., b.8-june-1847, d.13-jan-1887,,
C141,MORGAN, James Luther, b.1906, d.1961,,
C160,MORGAN, James M., b.6-oct-1920, d.22-oct-1923, p. d.o. & grace m. morgan,
C129,MORGAN, Jefferson Davis, b.1862, d.1941, beside nellie ellison morgan,,
C129,MORGAN, Jeptha M., b.17-june-1900, d.14-oct-1917,,,
C160,MORGAN, Jesse M., b.16-apr-1867, d.8-july-1907, double marker with lenora h. morgan,,
C13,MORGAN, Jessie Helen Winchester, b.1931c, d.11-mar-1999, h. abraham lincoln morgan, p. jonas s. & delia hicks winchester,
C70,MORGAN, Jno. S., b.24-dec-1838, d.9-feb-1895, beside amanda f.,,
C188,MORGAN, John A., b.1881, double marker with rosa r. morgan,,,
C163,MORGAN, John E., b.3-sept-1891, d.30-july-1979, double marker with winnie g. morgan,,
C135,MORGAN, John F., b.14-may- , d.july-1877,,,
C141,MORGAN, John H., b.1904, d.1974, double marker with ruby p.,,
C41,MORGAN, Joseph Claude, b.1932C, d.13-sept-1997, p. claude & ruby inez gastley morgan, w. ruth dyar morgan, army airborne paratrooper vet
C141,MORGAN, Joseph Frank, b.1912C, d.17-aug-1992, p. louie alonzo morgan & martha ella graham morgan, w. carrie collins morgan, army vet WWII
C70,MORGAN, Julia M. Brucke, b.7-feb-1872, d.21-jan-1949, h. seaborn n.,,
C204,MORGAN, Julia Sullivan, b.1919C, d.20-aug-1995, p. john & connie ellen deaton sullivan, h. ernest wickliffe morgan,
C218,MORGAN, Julius Calhoun, b.8-july-1903, d.7-mar-1929, p. f.s. & mary morgan,,
C129,MORGAN, L. Lonzo (boy), b.7-may-1877, d.5-mar-1956, beside martha ella g.,,
C129,MORGAN, Lavinia, b.23-mar-1865, d.28-oct-1888, h. r.m. morgan,,
C74,MORGAN, Lelah C., b.18-nov-1887, p. john & jane rogers carter, h. dr. edgar l. morgan,
C218,MORGAN, Lemual J., b.1895, d.1935, double marker with mittie a., lemual as on marker
C141,MORGAN, Lena Gillespie, b.1916C, d.7-may-1988, p. louie e. & eunice o'barr gillespie, h. john r. morgan
C160,MORGAN, Lenora H., b.3-nov-1869, d.16-june-1966, double marker with jesse m. morgan,
C141,MORGAN, Leslie, b.1903C, d.4-mar-1985, p. john & eliza morgan, w. alice mazyck morgan
C135,MORGAN, Letha B., b.9-apr-1895, d.11-aug-1964, double marker with marvin e. morgan,
C70,MORGAN, Lewis B., b.1891, d.1943,,
C66,MORGAN, Lewis Marshall, Jr., b.8-sept-1953, d.27-jan-1966, p. lewis marshall sr. & nellie billings morgan
C70,MORGAN, Lewis W., b.10-sept-1828, d.28-july-1892, double marker with emily r. morgan,
C141,MORGAN, Lewis William, b.17-dec-1912, d.7-july-1965, military marker: sc sc1 usnr WWII,
C70,MORGAN, Lillie L., b.28-apr-1910, d.27-nov-1984, p. seaborn newton & julia montina brucke morgan, beside seaborn n. & his wife julia m. brucke morgan
C57,MORGAN, Lone G., b.21-july-1927, d.27-mar-1928, p. m.b. & minnie i. morgan,
C70,MORGAN, Lorenzo D., b.1858, d.1954,,
C188,MORGAN, Lucy M., b.1883, d.1951, double marker with mack h.,
C135,MORGAN, Luesenia J. Thomas, b.24-may-1868, d.19-jan-1924, h. elam m.,
C129,MORGAN, Luvenia C., b.1884, d.1884,,
C188,MORGAN, M.B., b.16-dec-1820, d.16-july-1872, a. 51y,
C188,MORGAN, Mack H., b.1883, d.1958, double marker with lucy m.,
C57,MORGAN, Mack Junior, b.1932C, d.6-dec-1989, p. mack bruce & minnie spurlock morgan, korean war vet
C135,MORGAN, Marion, b.28-june-1909, d.7-feb-1910, p. j.h. & m.i. morgan,
C70,MORGAN, Martha, b.10-sept-1865, d.28-apr-1923, beside pearl eugenia morgan,
C129,MORGAN, Martha Ella G., b.25-apr-1888, d.12-dec-1973, beside l. lonzo,
C149,MORGAN, Martha Ellen, b.12-may-1833, d.11-apr-1915,,
C66,MORGAN, Martha Jean Patterson, b.1951C, d.18-jan-1995, p. tillman mack & gartha edney patterson,
C155,MORGAN, Martin L., b.5-may-1899, d.10-feb-1975,,
C135,MORGAN, Marvin E., b.14-mar-1893, d.5-feb-1968, double marker with letha b., military marker: sc pvt 3 corps arty park cac WWI
C218,MORGAN, Mary E., b.10-july-1967, d.6-feb-1968,,
C218,MORGAN, Mary E., b.12-jan-1876, d.2-apr-1965, double marker with fred s.,
C141,MORGAN, Mary Helen P., b.21-aug-1929, d.10-dec-2972,,
C218,MORGAN, Mary Magdeline Haynes, b.1924C, d.8-feb-1990, p. paul shuford & illie belle summey haynes, h. arthur asa morgan
C135,MORGAN, Matherson, b.24-mar-1833, d.27-dec-1903, beside elizabeth h.,
C218,MORGAN, Maude, b.20-may-1824, d.6-jan-1898,,
C129,MORGAN, Melvinia G., b.6-oct-1865, d.27-jan-1940, beside rbt. M.,
C141,MORGAN, Minnie, b.1902, d.1967,,
C218,MORGAN, Mittie A., b.1897, d.1917, double marker with lemual j.,
C135,MORGAN, Montie, b.31-dec-1897, d.27-july-1901, p. j.h. & m.i. morgan,
C78,MORGAN, Morris C., b.1887, d.1948, double marker with roxie j.,
C135,MORGAN, Myrtie N., b.1898, d.1979, beside william c.,
C135,MORGAN, Myrtle Irene, b.1928C, d.1-jan-1998, p. marvin e. & letha barton morgan,
C160,MORGAN, N.E., b.1857, d.30-oct-1904, a. 47y,h. d.j. morgan
C218,MORGAN, Nacy E. Vaughn, b.1854, d.1-mar-1887, h. j.n. morgan,
C141,MORGAN, Neal Patrick, b.10-oct-1968, d.11-oct-1968,,
C129,MORGAN, Nellie Ellison, b.1873, d.1927, beside jefferson davis morgan,
C225,MORGAN, Ola M., b.11-dec-1895, d.15-june-1964, double marker with elzie e.,
C141,MORGAN, Oveline E., b.1918, d.29-apr-1994, p. andrew & beulah hamry elliott, h. fred james morgan
C160,MORGAN, Patricia, b.4-nov-1940, d.7-jan-1941,,
C70,MORGAN, Pearl Eugenia, b.28-mar-1893, d.29-nov-1917, beside martha,
C141,MORGAN, Pearl Lee, b.6-mar-1895, d.5-jan-1980, beside lewis william morgan,
C129,MORGAN, Phillip P., b.22-jan-1888, d.17-june-1965, military marker: sc s2 us navy WWI,,
C129,MORGAN, Preston A., b.10-jan-1920, d.9-oct-1965, military marker: sc pfc co c 208 eng cmbt bn,,
C141,MORGAN, Rachel B., b.1914, d.1972, double marker with willie m.,,
C141,MORGAN, Raymond Evan, b.1921, d.1968,,,
C135,MORGAN, Rhonda Lee, b.30-sept-1964, d.27-may-1965,,,
C129,MORGAN, Robert M., b.24-dec-1849, d.13-june-1929, beside melvinia g.,,
C90,MORGAN, Robert Randolph, b.28-mar-1947, d.23-july-1949,,,
C141,MORGAN, Robert Ray, b.1938c, d.28-jan-2000, w. norma ann hughes morgan, p. ernest w. & julia mae sullivan morgan, army vet korea
C10,MORGAN, Rodger Dale, b.1963, d.27-sept-1986, p. rodger lee & polly short morgan, w. jennifer ann king morgan,
C188,MORGAN, Rosa R., b.1871, d.1944, double marker with john a.,,
C78,MORGAN, Roxie J., b.1889, d.1980, double marker with morris c.,,
C141,MORGAN, Ruby gastley, b.1906, d.20-july-1993, p. wm. joseph & selena adderine king gastley, h. claude macon morgan,
C141,MORGAN, Ruby P., b.1910, double marker with john h.,,,
C212,MORGAN, Rudie, b.12-oct-1900, d.10-june-1901,p. w.h. & lillie morgan,,
C141,MORGAN, Russell Lane, b.24-feb-1956, d.6-june-1976,,,
C61,MORGAN, Ruth, b.14-oct-1811, d.8-aug-1889, h. thomas d. morgan,,
C129,MORGAN, Ruth E. Newton, b.12-sept-1905, d.24-dec-1961, 4-way marker with furman paul morgan, john h. newton, & mary e. newton maxie
C41,MORGAN, Ruth Hilda Dyar, b.1940c, d.3-feb-2001, mother: minnie lee smith dyar, father: horace dyar, h. joseph claude morgan
C41,MORGAN, Saddie Bell, b.29-apr-1926, d.19-mar-1941,,,
C10,MORGAN, Sarah a., b.1-nov-1800, d.28-may-1885, h. c.c. morgan,,
C141,MORGAN, Sarah Verner, b.1912C, d.7-feb-1986, p. james allen & bessie rose elkin morgan,,
C70,MORGAN, Seaborn N., b.13-apr-1868, d.21-feb-1926, w. julia m. brucke morgan,,
C141,MORGAN, Silas Calvin, b.9-apr-1905, d.24-dec-1979,,,
C135,MORGAN, son of H.K. & Annnie, 15-july-1932, double marker with harry p., only date,,
C185,MORGAN, Sue H., b.1889, d.1965,,,
C65,MORGAN, Tena Wald, b.1901C, d.feb, p. john fredrick & nettie hawkins morgan, h. roscoe morgan,
C61,MORGAN, Thomas D., b.11-dec-1809, d.27-mar-1870, w. ruth,,
C188,MORGAN, Thomas J., b.10-may-1853, d.1-jan-1915, w. allecia t. wood morgan,,
C132,MORGAN, Thomas S., b.27-july-1909, d.1-nov-1950, military marker: sc momm2 usnr WWII,,
C218,MORGAN, Vando, b.26-july-1900, d.7-apr-1959, double marker with addie k.,,
C135,MORGAN, William C., b.5-nov-1894, d.7-feb-1961, military marker: sc pvt co d 5 eng png ret't WWI,,
C141,MORGAN, Willie M., b.1906, d.1967, double marker with rachel b.,,
C163,MORGAN, Winnie G., b.27-apr-1896, d.17-dec-1977, double marker with john e.,,
C70,MORGAN (?)," ""GRANDMOTHER""", no dates, buried in james h. & ada morgan plot,,,
C70,MORGAN (?), Wannie, b.25-sept-1879, d.5-may-1957,,,

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