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Re: McCathern's in Scotland
Posted by: Hiram Fitzgerald (McCachren) (ID *****7249) Date: January 04, 2003 at 05:59:23
In Reply to: Re: McCathern's in Scotland by Darlene Coffey of 142


Origins of an American “Scottish” Name.

I. Origins of the Scots (the early name for all modern Scots and Irish people):

Alba was an early name for the land now know as Scotland and the people were referred to as Albans. Then came the Picts, Norsemen and Scots (the early name for all Irish and Scottish people of today). Slowly the Scots gained power and the land became know as Scots-land. Both Ireland and Scotland were generically referred to as Scotia. The Albans and Picts (both of which were Celts) were organized into clans, and it is from these people that the Scottish clans developed. During the Roman occupation of Brittan, the Romans referred to the land now called Scotland as Caledonia and the people, Caledonians. St. Columbo, a Catholic monk from the land now called Ireland, left Ireland and sailed to the small island of Hy, where he converted the Northern Picts to Christianity. Then the Dalriadic Scots (from Antrim) invaded and three brothers, Fergus, Loarn, and Angus, began to set into place modern Scotland because they and their sons started dividing everything up amonst themselves. They adopted the clannish tradition, and fused Druidic religion with Christianity.

II So, this seems to be the most plausible explanation for the origins of McCachren’s. We trace to the Clan Donald.

The CLAN Donald (Mac Donald):
The Clan Donald (MacDonald) was founded by Somerlad, son of Gillebride. Somerlad defeated the Norwegians, who controlled large parts of Scotland, early in the 12th century. He became military ruler of a significant segment of the Scottish Highlands. In 1135 Somerlad married Raguhildis, daughter of Olave the Red, the Norwegian King of the Isles.

Somerlad and Raguhildis’ had two sons (at least): Dugal and Reginald.
       Dugal founded the Dugal’s of Argyll, and his offspring became known as MacDougall’s.

       Reginald (Renald) had two sons. Donald and Roderick.
              Donald’s offspring became known as the MacDonalds (in Islay)

              Roderick founded the Clan Ruari (Gaelic, for Roderick)
                     His offspring became known as the MacRories of MacDonald. Roderick’s second son was name Eachann (which is Gaelic for Hector), so the sons of Eachann (Hector) were MacEachan (MacHector, which means Sons of the Horselord). So, all of this eventually produces the following:

              CLAN Donald (MacDonald)
                     Sept MacEachran
                     Sept MacEachern of Killellan

              CLAN Ranald of Clan MacDonald
                     Sept MacEachan
                     Sept MacEachin

Note the spellings: this is relevant because Hoyt McCachren (from North Carolina) has identified about 30 variations of McCachren in the US (not to mention all the variations of MacEachren).

A manuscript dated in 1450 contains a geneology of the MacEacherns, which has been a long standing Islay name. A family name inquiry by Beth Keller on a recent trip to Ireland produced the following information about the MacEacherns. Some MacEacherns, on moving from the Scottish Highlands to the lowlands, adopted the name Cochrane to conceal their origins. However, there is no evidence to indicate that Cochrane was derived from an old spelling of MacEachern (MacKauchern). In fact, Cochrane likely has Norman-French origins (Coueran),. William of Courenan in 1296 is known to have witnessed a charter given to Dugal, son of Syfyn (MacSwein).]. The Library of Congress does not have a geneology for McCachren, but it does have one for McEathron (McEachron, McEachran, McEachern).

Possible variations of McCachren in the U.S.: McCachran, McCacheran, McCochran, McCaehran (taken from census records of 1790, 1800, and 1810 in Pennsylvania (Lancaster County, Chester County, Fayette County, and Bucks County). Because of errors in the recording of the census in early history, geneologists warn against depending exclusively on census records. Handwriting varied greatly, and microfische records often are difficult to read. As an example, a copy of James McCachren’s deed (land sold to him by Joseph and Magadaleni Hershey for $2,130 on March, 25, 1840), contains two different spellings of McCachren on the same document.

Therefore, this chronology includes all reasonable variations of McCachren, and will continue to do so until the complete story of the origins of McCachren is told.

It seems clear, however, that the name McCachren did not exist in Scotland, and that it is an American version of MacEachren (which is pronounced McCachren—just listen to the NHL broadcasts of the Montreal Canadians hockety games because they have a hockey played named MacEachren).

There appear to be at least two different pronunciations of McCachren in the U.S, and two principle sites where these folks were found (although they are spread all around now). In Pennsylvania (where they seem to have originated from initial imigations), the McCa has a “K” kind of sound. This most likely reflects the fact that southeastern Pennsylvania at that time was very German (the Pennsylvania Dutch), especially in Lancaster and Chester Counties where lots of McCachrens resided. If one looks at the microfisch census records of the 1790- on period (as I have done–poor eyes), it is very clear that the census takers wrote in “high English” and the E for Eachren had a very distinct C appeanance. Because many of the immigrants of the day were not literate in English, the census taker most likely interpreted the “K” sound to MacEachren as a C and “germanized” it to McCachren.

It seems pretty clear that sometime around the late 1700's, some of the McCachren’s moved south and settled in North Carolina. There the name took on a different pronunciation so that it would seem to be written as McCathern (that is a softer “th” rather than “ch”.


1. In the Directory of Scots Banished to the American Plantations 1650-1775, there are no McCachren’s listed.

2. Scots in the Carolinas 1680-1830 does not list the name McCachren. It does list

3. Registers of Ships 1625-1850; Immigration of Scots and Irish. No McCachren or McCachran’s listed.
However, there are lots of MacEachren, McEachun, McEachen, McEachron, many of whom seem to have landed at Prince Edward Island, then moved on to Colorado or New York.

4. Departures from London for the American Plantations from 1600 to 1700. No McCachren’s listed.

5. D. Dobson (1986). Directory of Scottish Settlers in North America: 1625-1825. All documents pertaining to N.A. recorded in Edenburgh Registry of Deeds between 1750 & 1825: No McCachren’s, MacEacherns, or MacDonalds listed.

6. Additional Sources for above information:

       J. McClune. Hitory of the Presbyterian Church. Chester County.
       History of Cumberland and Adams County.
       Publication of the Geneological Society (Vol. 11).

No one I know of has delved more deeply into the geneology of the Clan McCachren than Hoyt McCachren in North Carolina. For a number of years, he and I tried to piece this all together, he has continued and I have not of late. Here is some of what we found:

III. Geneological Search and Notes: Origins of McCachren in the United States
these are names I found in the census records where the names were clearly McCachren. When I was looking through these records, I skipped over all the MacEachren’s because I thought they were different folks. Only later did we link the two names together and I have not had an opportunity to visit the state library in Harrisburg PA since.

       James McCachren. A landowner in West Nantmeal township, Chester County, Penna.

       Jacob McCachran         Juniata County, PA
       James McCachran        Juniata County, PA

Peter Roland McCachren ( Eachern) (1796-1852); On Sept. 15 1837 Peter married Melina White. In a revised version of “We have identified thousands. Enough!” A compliation of White and Allied Families by Adelaide M. & Eugenia W. Lore, 1967), we learn that in the first edition of this volume, Peter Roland McCachren is referred to as Peter Roland McEachern. (1796-4/17/1852). In the second edition of the same book, Peter Roland McEachren becomes Peter Roland McCachren (same birthdate, deathdate, same wife etc.). This is the most clear evidence that McCachren derives from McEachern.

       James McCachren, Chester County, PA
       John McCachren, Chester County, PA
       Patrick McCachren, Chester County, PA
       Robert McCachren, Chester County, PA

       James McCachan, Chester County, PA
       Nathaniel McCachan, Chester County, PA
       Robert McCachan, Chester County, PA.
       William McCacheran, Chester County, PA
              Archibald McCahern: in Fayette County, Penna.

1823               (Mar. 4). Mary McCachren married John Metlin. Minister, John Hutchinson at the Presbyterian church in Mifflintown and Lost Creek, Juniata County, PA.

1827       Hector McCachren deeded family plot to Rocky River Presbyterian Church in Concord N.C.

1835              (Sept. 17) Henry McCachren married Sophia Stewart. Minister, John Hutchinson at the Presbyterian church in Mifflintown and Lost Creek, Juniata County, PA.
1839               (Sept. 26). Nancy McCachren married George Bowers. Minister, John Hutchinson at the Presbyterian church in Mifflintown and Lost Creek, Juniata County, PA.

       James McCachern (11 people in this household)
       males < 5 years of age 1       females < 5 years of age 1
              5-10 1                     5-10 2
              15-20 2                     15-20 1        
              20-30 1                     20-30 1
              30-40 1

Information from sources other than the U.S. Census. Sources typically are histories of local areas or lists of names related to immigration.

James McCachren (d. 1876, his wife Hannah died in 1879) lived in Buyerstown (near Gap), Lancaster County, Pennsylvania in the 1800's. Currently, we know only that he died in 1875. James operated a wheelwright shop for 50 years. His wagons were noted for their superior finish and lightness of draught. His shop was convered into a cigar factory by J. M. Hershey after 1875). It also in not known whether he is the James McCachern referred to above, or the James McCachan referred to in the 1810 census.

1850       A census source book on Lancaster County, PA notes the names McCachren, and McCaehran (see McCochran). (The census records for 1850 to have not yet been searched for identies of these people).

A listing of residents of Chester County, PA produced the following (again, at this time it is not possible to determine whether the names in print were actually the spellings used by the individuals involved. Note especially, the McCachren and McCachran variations within Juniata County).

                     Elmira McCachran (no date listed)
       1765       Isabella McCachran (born in Abington, PA, b. 1-8-1765; d. 1-8-1851).
       1797       James McCachran (b. 1-1-1797; d. 11-25-1885)
       1807       Isabella McCachran (b. 4-29-1807; d. 11-5-1891).
       1798       Rev. Robert McCachran (b. 9-24-1798; d. 2-25-1885).
                     [m. 11-11-1834) Jane (Laughlin) McCachran (b. ?; d. 11-27-1871)
       1823       Rachel (nee ?) McCachran (3-3-1823; d. 8-22-1885)
                     Married to James McCachran (but we don’t know which James)
       1801       Robert McCachran (b. 11-28-1801; d. 11-29-1881)
                     Son of Robert and Martha McCachren (no information on the parents)
                     William C. McCachran (b. 3-1-1890; d. 8-11-1890).

III.       The Pennsylvania Branch
(This group is designated “B” since the North Carolina Branch had the first geneology and used “A” as its designation.)

Charles Sumner McCachren Family History

B. Elias McCachren 1834 -1907 (m. Harriet ? 1846-1904) born in Connelsville, PA
       B1 Francis McCachren 1866-1911
       B2 John N. McCachren 1869-1943 (m. Clara Deisinger) 1874-1961
       B3 Albert H. McCachren 1872-1893
       B4 Charles Sumner McCachren 1875-1934 (m. Mary Clark - 1902)
              B41 Albert Taylor McCachren 1903-1977 (m. Katherine Brodecker, 1925)
                     B411 Charles T. McCachren 1928- (m. CharlotteWatson)
                            B4111 Deborah McCachren 1955- (m. Thomas Isley)
                            B4112 Laura McCachren 1958 (m. James Walsh)
                                   B41121 Anna McCachren Walsh 1992-
                                   B41122 Emily Irene Walsh 1996-
                            B4113 Suzanne McCachren 1964- (m. Jed ALexander)
                     B412 Robert McCachren 1932- (m. Martha Hill, div)
                            B4121 Vicki L. McCachren 1960 (m. David Borer)
                            B4122 Robert McCachren Jr. 1963- (m. Gail Conner)
                                   B41221 Robert J. McCachren III (1994-
                     B413 Barbara McCachren 1936- (m. Don Ignasiak)
                            B4131 Deanna Lyn Ignasiak 1959- (m. Ken Oakes)
                                   B41311 Nicole Ann Oakes 1982-
                            B4132 Bonnie Lee Ignasiak 1962- (m. Rafael Delgado)
                     B414 Helen McCachren 1938- (married Ron Kross, deceased 1971)
                            B4141 David Kross 1960- (m. Hollis Heidt)
                                   B41411 Anne Michele Kross 1987-
                                   B41412 Michael David Kross 1988-
                                   B41413 Jeremy Robert Kross 1991-
                                   B41414 Brian Joseph Kross 1992-
                            B4142 Kevin Kross 1962- (m. Kim ? 1995)
                                   B41421 Reed Kross (1998-
                            B4143 Robert Kross 1966- (M. Andrea Wagner 5-2-2000)       
              B42 Clark McCachren 1904-1990 (m. Elizabeth (Betty) McAldon dec. 2000)
                     B421 Mary Anne McCachren 1932- (m. Dean Howard Keller)
                            B4211 Beth Deanne Keller 1957- (m. ? Clavel, div.)
                            B4212 Michael Clark Keller 1963- (m. Janel Drueding)
                            B4213 Barbara Diane Keller 1964- (m. Joe div. ) (m. Matt Raasch, 1997)
                                    B42131 Tara Raasch 2/8/98       
                     B422 Margot Maitland McCachren 1935- (m.William Monroe Sloyer)
                            B4221 Robert Monroe Sloyer 1959-
                            B4222 Mark William Sloyer 1961 (m. Denise Herrold)
                                   B42221 Curtis Sloyer 1983-
                                   B42222 Kristin Sloyer 1988-
                            B4223 John Stephen Sloyer 1966-
                            B4224 Andrew Clark Sloyer 1968 (m. Kristina Ehleiter)
                     B423 Michael Clark McCachren 1951 (m. Janet Sefton)
                            B4231 Megan Elizabeth McCachren 1978-
                            B4232 Jeffrey Clark McCachren 1982-
              B43 Esther Catherine McCachren 9/6/06-9/3//86 (m. Harry Edwin Fitzgerald, d. 1983)
                     B431 Harry Edwin Fitzgerald, Jr. 1937- (m. Betty Sload)
                            B4311 David Fitzgerald 1965-
                            B4312 Brian Clark Fitzgerald 1970- (m. Jennifer Denise Smith 8-26-95, div. 1996)
                     B432 Hiram Earl Fitzgerald 1940- (m. Dolores Catherine Končar)
                            B4321 Steven Scott Fitzgerald 1964 (m. Diana Bruttell, 1986)
                                   B43211 Sean Patrick Fitzgerald 1991-
                                   B43212 Ryan Joseph Fitzgerald 1995-
                            B4322 Stephane Kay Fitzgerald 1968- (m. Eric Douglas Haynie, 1993)
                                   B43221 Mara Catherine Haynie 1996-
                                   B43222 Mallory Kay Haynie 1999-
                            B4323 Katherine Končar Fitzgerald 1972- (m. Bradley S. Stevenson 1998)
                                   B43231 Georgia Fitzgerald Stevenson 2001-
                     B433 Mary Esther Fitzgerald 1944-1995
                     B434 Esther Kay Fitzgerald 1947-1950
              B44 Hagar Marie McCachren 1908- (m. Harold N. Risser, d. 1978)
              B45 Elizabeth Zahn McCachren 1910-19-- (m. Leslie E. Baker Jr. d 1973)
                     B451 Leslie E. Baker III 1935-
                            B4511 Leslie E. Baker IV 1960 (from 1st marriage)
                            B4512 Janice Baker 1959 (from 1st marriage)
                            B4513 Phillip W. Baker 1975 (from 2nd marriage)
                     B452 Sarah Elizabeth (Sally) Baker 1941 (m. Lonnie Sowers, 19? )
                            B4521 Christopher Lee Sowers 1967-1973
                            B4522 Gregory Lee Sowers 1970-
                            B4523 Lawrence Steven Sowers 1975-
              B46 Anna Freda McCachren 1913- (m. David R. Simpson, d. 1994)
              B47 Charles Philip McCachren 1915-2001 (m. Jeanne M. Newcomer, dec. 2002)
              B48 Clara Ruth McCachren 1919-1963 (m. Frederick H. Smedley)
                     B481 Annette Smedley 1947- (m. Rob Coffman)
                            B4811 Jennifer Coffman 1971- (m. David DeWitt, 8-8-98)
                            B4812 Robert Coffman, Jr. 1973-
                            B4813 Stephanie Coffman 1975- (m. Brian Esek 7/3/99)
                     B482 Suzanne Smedley 1947- (m. Bob Yeingst, div. 1980. m. David Henninger, 8-21/96)
                            B4821 Kristin (Kristi) Yeingst 1969- (m. John Murray, 1995)
                                   B48211 Grace Murray 11/15/98
                            B4822 Karyn (Kari) Yeingst 1970- (m. Paul Riti, 1999)
                                   B48221 Jacob Yeingst 2-29-00.              
                     B483 Frederick H. Smedley, Jr. 1956- (m. Janet Kelley, div., m. Kelly ? )
                            B4831 Lauren Smedley 1987-
                            B4832 Benjamine Smedley 1998-
              B49 Mary Jane McCachren 1922-1975 (m. Robert E. Snyder, d 1973)
                     B491 Marijane Snyder 1945- (m. Ronald Miller Stokes)
                            B4911 Sarah Tomlinson Stokes 1979-
                            B4912 Jonathan Alexander Stokes 1981-
                     B492 Cynthia Ann Snyder 1947- (m. Scott Carper)
                            B4921 Garrett Wayne Carper 1974-
                            B4922 Jill Alana Carper 1976-
                            B4923 Joyce Leah Carper 1976-
                     B493 Kim Snyder 1960- (m. David Pitts)
                            B4931 Amanda Marie Pitts 1989
       B5 E. Marie McCachren 1893- (m. ? Klinesmith)

(This is way out of date now).

IV. The North Carolina Branch

A. Peter Roland McCachren (McEachern) 1796-1852) (m. Melina White, Sept 15, 1837).
A1 Zimri Monroe McCachren 1840-died in Confederate States of America, Chancellorsville.
A2 Daniel Edward McCachren 1842-dies in Confederate States of America
A3 Elizabeth Jane McCachren 1844-?
A4 William Horace McCachren 1846 - 1913 (m Narcissa Louise Mitchell)
       A41 Ida Elizabeth McCachren 1867 - 1902 (m Sebron Hagler)
              A411 Luther Frederick Hagler 1889-1890
              A412 Simeon M. Hagler 1891- 1964 (m. Maud Croker, 1911).
                     A4121 James Walton Hagler 1913-1994 (m. Mable Irene Putnam, 1936)
                            A41211 Shelby Jean Hagler 1938- (m. John Calvin Kee)
                                   A412111 Wanda Jean Kee 1959-
                                   A412112 Pamela Kay Kee 1963-
                            A41212 Barbara Ann Hagler 1939- (m. Reggie Mitchem, 1959; d. 1988)
                                   A412121 Steven Legrand Mitchem 1963-
              A413 Annie Lou Hagler 1893-1969.
              A414 Hattie Mack Hagler 1894-1953 (m. William Daniel McLaughlin Sloop, 1883-1959)
                     A4141 Hattie Elizabeth Sloop (m. Onie C. Towell, Jr. 1946)
                     A4142 Lura Marie Sloop 1927-1928.
                     A4143 Ellen Frances Sloop 1924- (m. Hubert E. Thomas, 1943)
                            A41431 Karen Frances Thomas 1945- (m. Jimmie Howard Lowder Jr. 1963)                                   A414311 Jimmie Howard Lowder III 1964-
                            A41432 Gwendolyn Jean Thomas 1947- (m. Clyde C. Hartsell Jr. 1963
                                   A414321 Sheri Rene Hartsell 1964-
                     A4144 Dorothy King Sloop 1930- (m. Paul Quniton Haris, 1952)
                            A41441 Paul Quniton Harris, Jr. 1953-
                            A41442 Rodney Dale Harris 1955-
                     A4145 Iris Ann Sloop 1932- (m. Lewis Mayyer 1952; m. Bobby Ditter, 1955)
                            A51451 Bobby Gene Ditter 1963
                     A4146 Daniel Swann Sloop 1935- (m. Jean Knight )
                            A41461 Kelly Jean Sloop 1957-
                            A41462 Lisa Danette Sloop 1959-
                            A41463 Amie King Sloop 1961-
              A415 Estalena Hagler (1896-1899)
              A416 Raymond Peter Hagler (1898-?) (m. Gould Gilbreth Yerton, 1918)
                     A4161 Mary Virginia Hagler 1920- (m. David D. Alexander, Jr. 1940)
                            A41611 David D. Alexander, III 1941- (m. Patricia Orinoff)
                                   A416111 Debbie Alexander 1960-
                                   A416112 Liza Alexander 1964-
                     A4162 William Horace Hagler 1922- (m. Evelyn Marie Thompson, 1946)
                     A4163 Annie Laura Hagler 1924- (m. Paul Weddington Lady, Jr., 1942)
                     A4164 Joan Carolyn Hagler 1932- (m. Carol Cameron Kizer, 1952)
                            A41641 Monica Gwyn Kizer 1953-
       A42 Florence McCachren 1870 - 1938 (m William Wesley Gibbons1902) 1872-1944
              A421 Richard Hobson McCachren
              A422 Roscoe Huntington Gibbons 1903-1938 (m. Daisy Irene Queen)
                     A4221 William Edward Gibbons 1923- (m. Laura Lewis, 1941)
                            A42211 Willie Laura Gibbons 1945-
                     A4222 Mildred Irene Gibbons 1924- (m. Waymen Dudley, 1964)
              A423 Wilford Blondee Gibbons 1906- (m. Gladys Marlow, 1925)
                     A4231 Clifford McClary Gibbons 1928-
              A424 Brock Britton Gibbons 1909- (m. Ruth Ellen Moon, 1910)
                     A4241 Max Ray Gibbons 1936- (m. Hilda Montgomery, 1959)
                     A4242 Roy Lee Gibbons 1938- (m. Mary Ruth McMasters, 1965)
                     A4243 Hugh Brown Gibbons 1941- (m. Peggy Juanita Palmer, 1964)
              A425 Unnamed infant. 1912-1912.
       A43 Roland Peter (Roll) McCachren 1872-1920 (m. Jonathan Ann Downs,1898) 1881-1954
              A431 Nancy Lenora McCachren 1899 -1957 (m. George Pritchard Sherrill, 1920)
                     A4311 George Pritchard Sherrill, Jr. 1921-
                     A4312 Jean Nelson Sherrill 1923- (m. Duward Langford, 1946)
                            A43121 Nancy Langford 1948-
                            A43122 Joy Langford 1949-
                            A43123 Duward Langford, Jr. 1951-
                            A43124 George Henry Langford 1960-
                     A4313 Henry Roland Sherrill 1925-1945 (m. Peggy Thomas, 1943)
                            A43131 Nancy Louise Sherrill 1944 (m. Gary Alexander, 1965)
              A432 Agnes Uelah McCachren 1900-1981 (m. Clifford Wesley Pyron, 1925)
                     A4321 John Roland Pyron 1926- (m. Suzanne Reagan, 1955)
                            A43211 John Roland Pyron, Jr. 1956- (m. Mary Faust,)
                                   A432111 Emma Jane Pyron
                            A43212 Clifford Reagon Pyron 1958- (m. Karen Eckert)
                                   A432121 Clifford Reagon Pyron, Jr. 1986-
                                   A432122 Hannah McCachren Pryon 1989-
                            A43213 William Carroll Pyron 1960 (m. Susan Eicholtz)
                                   A432131 Paul Wesley Pyron 1989-
                                   A432132 Samuel John Pyron 1992-
                            A43214 Judson McCachren Pyron 1963 (m. Debra Roche)
                                   A432131 Claire Catherine Pyron 1990-
                                   A432132 Emily Reagan Pyron 1993-
                     A4322 Johnsie Elaine Pyron 1927-1965 (m. Neal Coleman Floyd)
                            A43221 Neal Coleman Floyd Jr. 1954 (m. Beth Elizabeth Albright)
                                   A432211 Abra Elaine Floyd 1993-
                            A43222 Jimijon Wesley Floyd 1957-
                            A3223 Ralph David Floyd 1958- (m. ?)
                     A4323 James Clifford Pron 1932- (m. Miriam Ward, 1958).
                            A43231 Jame Ward Pyron 1961- (m. ?)
                            A43232 Christopher Wesley Pyron 1964-
              A433 Infant son. 1902.              
              A434 Jonathan Edward McCachren 1903 - (m. India Geneva Jones, 1944)
              A435 Mary Ophelia McCachren 1906-1991(m. Jernie Lee Sides, 1947).
              A436 Lorene Alexandria McCachren 1907-1974 (m. Floyd Wilkins Elliott, 1926)
                     A4361 Agnes Ann Elliott 1927- (m. James Gayther Goodman, 1950)
                            A43611 Gayanne Lorene Goodman 1959-
                     A4362 Nancy Joycelynn Elliott 1931- (m. Winifred Joseph Potter, 1951).
                            A43621 Floyd Joseph Potter 1957-
                            A43622 Nancy Theresa Potter 1959-
                            A43623 Lynda Lorene Potter 1962-
                     A4363 Floyd Wilkins Elliott, Jr. 1934- (m. Martha Clark, 1962).
                            A43631 Melissa Dale Elliott 1966- (m. Rex Glazner)
                                   A436311 ?
                            A43632 Adrienne Lynn Elliott
                            A43633 David Clark Elliott
                     A4364 Mary Alexandria Elliott 1937 (m. Gerald Minor McIntosh,
                     A4365 Lynda Downs Elliott 1939- (m. Daniel Martin Smith, 1955).
                            A43651 Deborah Ann Smith 1956- (m. David Samonds)
                                   A436511 Cassidy Ann Samonds. 1978-
                                   A436512 Jessica Erin Samonds 1980-
                                   A436513 David Nathanael Samonds 1982-
                                   A436514 Caitlin Lee Samonds 1985-
                                   A436515 Alise Alexandria Samonds 1987-
                            A43652 Daniel Martin Smith 1958-
              A437 Winnie Banks McCachren 1908-1992
              A438 David Downs McCachren 1910- (m. Myrtle Whittle, 1951)
                     A4371 Teressa Downs McCachren 1952- (m Sam Watlington)
              A439 James Roland McCachren 1911- (m. Polly Patrick, 1943).
                     A4391 James Roland McCachren, Jr. 1944- (m. Wesley Ann Brooks)
                            A4381 Michael Brooks McCachren 1964-
                            A4382 David Jonathan McCachren 1967-
                            A4383 James Roland McCachren 1969-
              A43(10) Elizabeth Blair McCachren 1913- (m James Archie Huey, 1940)
                     A43(10)1 Elizabeth Jane Huey 1945- (m. Brian F. Kernaghan)
                            A43(10)11 Charles Archibald Kernaghan 1976-
                     A43(10)2 Johnsie Ann Huey 1947-1960.
              A43(11) William Henry McCachren 1915- (m. Edna Earle Williams, 1949).
                     A43(11)1 Jonathan Marcus McCachren 1952- (m. Mary Susan Campbell)
                            A43(11)11 Jonathan Ross McCachren 1986-
                     A43(11)2 William Henry McCachren, Jr. 1955- (m. Merry Corinne Anderson, 1980)
                            A43(11)21 James Patrick McCachren 1982-
                            A43(11)12 Elizabeth Ashley McCachren 1987-
                            A43(11)13 William Thomas McCachren 1989-
              A43(12) Alice Woodrow McCachren 1917- 1990 (m. Anthony Emanuel Piscitelli, 1947)
                     A43(12)1 Laura Anne Piscitelli 1948 (m. Joseph Gifford Weaver III, 1972)
                     A43(12)2 Philip Anthony Piscitelli 1980- (m. Susan Elizaveth Weaver, 1976)
                            A43(12)21 Jonathan Roland Piscitelli 1980-
                            A43(12)22 Matthew Phillip Piscitelli 1983-
                            A43(12)23 Emily Elizabeth Piscitelli 1986-
                            A43(12)24 Patrick Anthony Piscitelli 1990-
              A43(13) George Ennis McCachren 1919- (m. Sara Ann Hulick, 1952)
                     [side bar: George was captain of the UNC Basketball team 1943; Bill was captain in 1939; Jim was captain in 1936; David was captain in 1934; John, however, did not play for UNC.
       A44 William McCleary McCachren 1874 - 1960
       A45 Dixon Blair McCachren 1878-1946 (m. Mary Celeste Clanton, 1906)
              A451 John Grier McCachren 1907-1982 (m. Mildred Lineberger) 1906-1980
                     A4511 Betsy Jane McCachren 1937- (m. Frederick Randolph Vaughan, 1959)
                            A45111 Joseph Eric Vaughan 1963- (m. Michelle Rose Laudermilk, 1987)
                                   A451111 Alec Joseph Vaughan 1992-
                            A45112 Allison Elaine Vaughan 1964-
                     A4512 John Grier McCachren, Jr. 1942- (m. Harriet Jean Rozzelle, 1965).
                            A45121 Monica Leigh McCachren 1967-
                            A45122 Brian Christopher McCachren 1969
              A452 Yates Miller McCachren 1908-1992 (m. Sadie Mildred Stafford, 1934)
                     A4521 Patricia Ann McCachren 1938-1940
                     A4522 Rebecca Sue McCachren 1940- (m. Joseph Van Foster, 1958)
                                          (m. Joe Douglas Howell, 1983)
                            A45221 Joseph Keith Foster 1959- (m. Deborah Davis)
                                   A452211 Edward Brian Foster 1977-
                                   A452212 Tonya Ann Foster 1979-
                                   A452213 Jason Keith Foster 1982-
                            A45222 David Keven Foster 1982-
                     A4523 Yates Miller McCachren, Jr. 1942- (m. Linda Josephine Threatt,1966)
                            A45231 Deborah Anne McCachren 1971-
                            A45232 Michael Craig McCachren 1975-
                            A45233 Scott Jeffery McCachren 1980-
                     A4524 Gary Stafford McCachren 1945- (m. Bettie Jo Sanders)
                            A45241 Regina Jo McCachren 1972- (m. Brian Horner)
                            A45242 Teri Lyn McCachren 1975-
              A453 William Mitchell McCachren 1909-1918
              A454 Dixon Blair McCachren, Jr. 1911-1973 (m. Carrie B. Cline, 1930)
                     A4541 Dixon Blair McCachren III 1932- (m. Peggie Cole, 1954)
                            A45411 Norman Cline McCachren 1960- (m. Paula Kennedy, 1982)
                                   A454111 Bryan Christopher McCachren 1988-
                                   A454112 Zackery Ray McCachren 1991-
                            A45412 Amy Blair McCachren 1963- (m. Dean Frederick Hill)
                                   A454121 William Brooks Hill 1992-
                                   A454122 Garret Dixon Hill 1993-
                     A4542 Mary Helen McCachren 1933- (m Floyd Cleatus Hartsell, 1955)
                                   A45421 Helen Marie Hartsell 1957- (m. Charles David Sigler, 1986)
                                    A454211 Jacob David Sigler 1993-
                                    A454212 Stephen Michael Sigler 1995-
                                   A45422 Catherine Louise Hartsell, 1959- (m. Jeffrey Lee Eudy, 1981)
                                    A454221 Brandon Lee Eudy 1984-
                                    A454222 Amanda Marie Eudy 1987-              
                     A4543 Herman Bernard McCachren 1939-
              A455 Mary Florance McCachren 1914-1992 (m James Hugh Houston, 1940)
                     A4551 James Hugh Houston, Jr. 1952- (m. Beverly Jean Harrill, 1974)
                            A45511 Joseph Heath Houston 1977-
              A456 Parks Clanton McCachren 1916- (m. Lucia Rita Lacassagne, 1946)
                     A4561 Maria Ritz McCachren 1947- (m Willard F. Hemsing, 1968)
                            A45611 Karen Rita Hemsing 1976-
                            A45612 Erik Willard Hemsing 1979-
                            A45613 David Kerry Hemsing 1982-
                            A45614 James Richard Hemsing 1984-
                            A45615 Renee Marie Celeste Hemsing 1988-
                            A45616 Thomas William Hemsing 1991-
                     A4562 Michael Parks McCachren 1948-
                     A4563 Joseph Bernard McCachren 1951- (m. Catherine Maxine LeFebre, 1974)
                            A45631 Joseph Allen McCachren 1974-
                     A4564 Marie Celeste McCachren 1956- (m. Theodore Herrera, 1974)
                                           (m. Michael Andrews, 1985)       
                            A45641 Angela Michelle Herrera 1976-
                            A45642 Theresa Maria Herrera 1978-
                            A45643 Amanda Lynn Andrews 1985-
                            A45644 John Michael Andrews 1991-
                     A4565 Patrick Clanton McCachren 1957- (m. Frances Geralyn Hoffman
                            A45651 Benadette Ceralyn Therese McCachren 1990-
                     A45656 Paul Richard McCachren 1961-
               A457 Helen DeEtta McCachren 1918-1921
              A458 Ida Walker McCachren 1920- (m. Luther Benjamin Barrier, 1940). 1907-1988.
       A46 Clifford Otto (Mott) McCachren 1881-1920 (m. Ethel Eugenia King, 1905) 1886-1920
              A461 Hoyt McKee McCachren 1906-1983) (m. Thelma Bernice Nash, 1927) 1907-1984
                     A4611 Hoyt McKee McCachren, Jr. 1932- (m. Minnie Lodina Alexander, 1954)
       `                     A46111 Jo Renee McCachren 1955-
                            A46112 Jon Hoyt McCachren 1956- (m. Myra Jane Steele, 1992)
                                   A461121 Kristen Lee McCachren 1983- (adopted by Jon)
                                   A461122 Cari Michelle McCachren 1983- (adopted by Jon)
                                   A461123 Mary Alexander McCachren 1994-
                            A46113 Amelia Leigh McCachren 1960-
                            A46114 Scott Alexander McCachren 1962 - (m. Linda Sue Chatfield, 1987)
                                    A461141 Emily Rose McCachren 1993-
                     A4612 Clifford Mitchell McCachren 1934- (m. Dorothy McBride, 1957)
                            A46121 Shane Mitchell McCachren 1968- (m. Robin Marie Raker, 1994)
                     A4613 William Nash McCachren 1936- (m. Nancy Swanson, 1959)
                            A46131 William Nash McCachren Jr. 1962- (m. Susan Llewellyn, 1993)
                            A46132 Steven Swanson McCachren 1963- (m. Christine Werner, 1991)
                            A46133 Kimberly Annette McCachren 1965- (m. Trent Sellers, 1992)
                            A46134 James Swanson McCachren 1967- (m. Marcella Lane, 1995)
                     A4614 Elizabeth Eugenia McCachren 1943- (m. Harold Wayne Holste, 1964)
                            A46141 Elizabeth Alane Holste 1967-
                            A46142 Gregory Alan Holste 1968- (m. Virgina Lynn Rogers, 1994)
                            A46143 Brent Eliot Holste 1970-
                            A46144 Ronald Eugene Holste 1975-
                            A46145 Randall Wayne Holste 1975-
              A462 Mary Louise McCachren 1908- (m. Raymond Franklin Colbert, 1927)
                                          (m. Charles Frederick Robertson, 1945)
                                          (m. Joseph Martin Muller, 1962)
                     A4621 Rae Louise Colbert 1927- (m. Curtis Leigh Harris, 1943)
                            A46211 Elizabeth Louise Harris 1944- (m. Russell Jacob LoBue, 1964)
                                   A462111 Russell James loBue 1966-
                                   A462112 Sheryl Elizabeth LoBue 1970-
                            A46212 Curtis Charles Harris 1947- (m. Donna Chapman, 1965)
                                          (m. Carolyn Southerland, 1972)
                                          (m. Debbie Shea, 1989)
                                   A462121 Agenla Yvonne Harris 1965-
                                   A462122 Dawn Louise Harris 1967- (m. Vincent Fernandes, 1989)
                                    A4621221Chirslyn Marie Fernandes 1990-                                                                       A462123 Melissa Anne Harris 1973-
                            A46213 Diane Joyce Harris 1960- (m. Keneth Charles Kennington, 1975)
                                          (m. Jimmy Alton Dunn, 1986)
                                   A462131 Jennifer Lynn Kennington 1975-
                                   A462132 Kristopher Charles Kennington 1979-
                                   A462133 Selena Marie Dunn 1989-
                                   A462124 Joshua Aaron Dunn 1990-              
                     A4622 Frank Louis Colbert 1930- (m. Ruth I. Jones, 1951)
                                          (m. Hazel Bettie Thomas, 1956)
                                          (m. Jean Barrett, 1991)
                            A46221 Judy Diane Colbert 1952- (m. William Patrick Myers, 1970)
                                    A462211 Melissa Diane Myers 1971-
                            A46222 Terry Colbert 1956- (m. Elizabeth Badnich, 1978)
                                   A462221 Jeromy Colbert 1980-
                            A46223 Deborah Leigh Colbert 1957- (m. Everett Wisby, 1974)
                                   A462231 Christopher Everett Wisby 1975-
                            A46224 Marilyn Dianne colbert 1959- (m. Richard Allen Hillengris, 1985)
                            A46225 Mary Louise Colbert 1960- (m. John Tyler, 1980)
                                   A462251 Davin Tyler 1981-
                                   A462252 Danniall Tyler 1984-
                            A46226 Teresa Dawn Colbert 1962- (m. Robert Deim, 1980)
                                   A462261 Shannon Marie Deim 1980-
                                   A462262 Bobbie Louis Deim 1981-
                                   A462263 Johathan Michael Deim 1987-
                     A4623 Joe Clifford Colbert 1932- (m. Sharon Collie, 1953)
                            A46231 Linda Diane Colbert 1954 (m. Paul Crisafulli, 1985)
                                   A462311 Timmy Colbert 1972-
                                   A462312 Richard Colbert 1974-
                                   A462313 Tina Colbert 1977-
                            A46232 Debra Jean Colbert 1960-
                            A46233 Joe Clifford Colbert Jr. 1962- (m. Sandi ? 1987)
                                   A462331 Benjamin Colbert 1988-
                            A46234 Brenda Lee Colbert
                                   A462341 Christopher Colbert 1983-
                                   A462342 Amber Colbert 1987-
                     A4624 Darlene Ruth Colbert 1933-1989 (m. Albert Merl Erlenbusch, 1953)
                            A46241 Albert Merl Erlenbusch Jr. 1954- (m. Lynne Aurelia Hoffman, 1979)
                                   A462411 Allison Lynne Erlenbusch 1987-
                            A46242 Althea Louise Ann Erlenbusch 1956- (m. Richard Anthony Sciarra, 1978)
                                   A462421 Richard Angelo Sciarra 1982-
                                   A462422 Robert albet Sciarra 1985-       
                     A4625 William Russell Colbert 1935- (m. Carol Ann Spensor Sharpe, 1955)
                                          (m. Winifred Vaughan Tuten, 1976)
                            A46251 Michael Anthony Sharpe Colbert (adopted, 1958) 1952- (m. Deborah Ann Hampton)                                    A462511 William Anthony Colbert 1972-
                            A46252 Brian Beith Colbert 1956-1990 (m. Brenda Kay Nichols Thompson, 1988)
                            A46253 Katherine Louise Colbert 1958- (m. Joseph Edward Cannon, 1989)
                            A46254 Robin Ann Colbert 1960- (M. Morgan Edward Overbay, 1981)
                                   A462541 Amanda Suzanne Overbay 1982-
                                   A462542 Jessica Morgan Overbay 1984-
                                   A462543 Russell Edward Overbay 1988-
                                   A462544 Benjamin Vattell Overbay 1990-
                            A46255 Michelle Renee Colbert 1963-
                                   A462551 Zachariah James Colbert 1989-
                     A4626 Robert Leigh Colbert 1943- (m. Sandra Kay Ingham, 1962)
                            A46261 Barry Grant Colbert 1963- (m. Paula Webb, 1985)
                                   A462611 Amber Nicole Colbert 1985-
                            A46262 June Crystal Colbert 1966- (m. Michael Barber,1991)
                                   A462621 Robert James Barber, 1991
              A463 Howard Eugene McCachren 1910-1911.
              A464 Louise Jennings McCachren Harrison 1911-1994 (m. Mildred Chandler, 1940)
                     A4641 Mary Elizabeth Harrison 1943- (m. Anthony Capitano, 1965)
                            A46411 Anthony Todd Capitano 1966-
                            A46412 John Harrison Capitano 1968- (m. Elizabeth Schreeder, 1993)
              A465 Julius Clifford McCachren Harrison 1914-1991 (m. Evelyn Finn, 1943)
                     A4651 Zandra Carolyn Harrison 1944- (m. James E. Spencer, 1965)
                            A46511 Christopher Lee Spencer 1973-1993
                     A4652 Janelle Christine Harrison 1946- (m. Ligon Lee Gillespie, 1964)
                            A46521 David Lee Gillespie 1965- (m. Mary Dickinson, 1989)
                                   A465211 Jennifer Paige Gillespie 1993-
                            A46522 Michael Scott Gillespie 1968-
                            A46523 Amy Lauren Gillespie 1983-
                     A4653 Michael Houston Harrison 1948- (m. Lee Dix, 1983)
              A466 Francis McCarrie McCachren Harrison 1917-1979 (m. Elizabeth Erwin, 1942) 1920-1990
                     A4661 Gayle Erwin Harrison 1944-1992 (m. Michael David mcGinnis, 1962)
                            A46611 David Ashly McGinnis 1963-
                            A46612 Frank harrison McGinnis 1965- (m. Alisa Horton)
                            A46613 Michael David McGinnis, Jr. 1972-
                     A4662 Bette Erwin Harrison 1954-
              A467 William King McCachren 1919- (m. Ruth Corzine cline, 1945)
                     A4671 William King McCachren Jr. 1949- (m.Pam Stafford, 1980)
                            A46711 Patrick Stephen McCachren 1988-
                            A46712 Lora Elizabeth McCachren 1990-
                     A4672 Sharon Ruth McCachren 1952- (m. Marshall Howell, 1976)
                                          (m. Robert Jackson Campbell, 1987)
                                          (m. Mike Twitty, 1993)
                            A46721 Mathew James Howell 1979-
                            A46722 Rebecca Ruth Howell 1982-       
       A47 Lawrence Mitchell (Lon) McCachren 1883-1961 (m. Carrie Jane Nash, 1909)       
              A471 Clegg Mitchell McCachren 1910-1976 (m. Ruth Bernice Knowls,1934)
                     A4711 Infant son 1939-1939
              A472 Wilton Alexander McCachren 1913-1986 (m. Mary Jane Phillips, 1934)
                     A4721 Betty Sue McCachren 1939- (m. Elmer Lee Stancil, 1960)
                            A47211 Christopher Lee Stancil 1962- (div.)
                                   A472111 Christopher Stancil, 1989-
                            A47212 David Scott Stancil 1969-
                            A47213 Jane Lee Stancil 1970 (div.)
                                   A472131 Alexandra Michell Henderson 1990
                     A4722 Nancy Philips McCachren 1945- (m. John Daniel Shoe, Jr., 1964)
                            A47221 Amy Dannette Shoe 1965- (m. Mickey Lynn Clark, 1989)
                                   A472211 Bailey Daniel Clark 1991
                            A47222 Carmen Beth Shoe 1969- (m. Christopher Nelson Furr, 1989)
                                   A472221 Zachary Nelson Furr 1991-       
              A473 Lawrence Mitchell McCachren Jr. 1915-1968 (m. Juanita Jean Safrit, 1948).
                     A4731 Cynthia Jane McCachren 1950- (m. Thomas Larry Horne, 1972)
                                          (m. Dennis Edwin Hackler, 1981)
                            A47311 Meredith Ann Horne 1975-       
              A474 Samuel Spence McCachren 1918-1994 (m. Lizzie Florence Autry, 1948)
                     A4741 Lawrence Mitchell McCachren III 1949-1949
                     A4742 Samuel Spence McCachren, Jr. 1952- (m. Elizabeth Toomey, 1986)
                            A47421 Smuel Spence McCachren III 1993-
                     A4743 Susan Tera MCCachren 1953- (m. Ross Neil Raymond, 1984)
                            A47431 Christopher Ross Reymond 1989-
                            A47432 Adam Samuel Raymond 1992-
              A475 Ruth Steele McCachren 1921- (m. Robert A. Sappenfield, Jr., 1941). 1919-1993.
              A476 Margaret O’Neal McCachren 1923- (m. Graydon Alvie Miller, Jr., 1952)
                     A4761 Lawrence Mitchell Miller 1956- (m. Rebecca Ashley Sloop, 1982)
                            A47611 Ashlyn O’Neil Miller 1991-
                            A46712 Mitchell Colin Miller 1993-
                     A4762 Graydon Alvice Miller, III 1959- (m. Linda Louise Moore, 1987)
                            A47621 Graydon Alvice Miller IV 1988-
                            A47622 Suzanne Louise Miller 1990-
              A477 William Barnett McCachren 1926- (m. Minnie Ruth Brooks, 1951)
                     A4771 Myra O’Neil McCachren 1953- (m. John Edmund Carrigan, 1980)
                            A47711 Roseann Marie Carrigan 1987-
                            A47712 Jennifer Carol Carrigan 1989-
                     A4772 William Barnett McCachren Jr. 1956-
                     A4773 Matthew Scott McCachren 1960-
       A48 Mary Sue McCachren 1885-1918 (m. William Daniel McLaughlin Sloop, 1909)
              A481 William Louis Sloop 1911 (m. Willa Lea Mauldin, 1931)
                     A4811 Shirley Ann Sloop 1934- (m. Crawford Franklin James, Jr.)
                            A48111 Crawford Frnklin James III 1957-
                            A48112 William David James 1964-
              A482 Mary Narcissus Sloop 1913- (m. Zeb Vance Linker, 1940)
                     A4821 Rita Elaine Linker
              A483 Lynn Mitchell Sloop 1914- (m. Lucille Phillips, 1932)
                     A4831 Sarah Lynne Sloop 1935- (m. Everette J. Childers. 1955)
                            A48311 Randy Lynn Childers 1956-
                            A48312 Robby Joan Childers 1958-
                            A48313 Allen Ray Childers 1960-
                            A48324 Todd Mitchell Childers 1964-
                     A4832 Kenneth Mitchell Sloop 1937-
                     A4833 Mary Edna Sloop 1937 (m. L. E. Boyles 1960)
                            A48331 Dale Eugene Boyles 1961-
                            A48332 Michael Dwyne Boyles 1963       
                     A4834 Howard Wayne Sloop 19?? (m. Mary Frances Stallings)
                     A4835 Mildren Jean Sloop 1944- (m. J. E. McManus)
              A484 Sudie Mac Sloop 1918; (m. Johnnie Addison Chaney, Jr.)
                     A4841 Hilda Sue Chaney 1941- (m. William Franklin Troutman, 1959)
                            A48411 Karen Kay Troutman 1960-
                            A48412 Janice Lynn Troutman 1961-
                            A48413 William Franklin Troutman, Jr. 1963-
                            A48414 Robert Lee Troutman 1964
              A4842 Johnnie Addison Chaney, III 1943-
              A4843 Howard Milton Chaney 1947-
A5 Roland Ebenezar Barton McCachren 1850-1911 (m. Nancy Starnes, 1873)
       A51 Laura McCachren 1875-19?? (m. Jacob A. Barnhardt, 1913)
                                          (m. S. Roy Brown)       
       A52 Alice McCachren 18 (m. Charles Freeze)
       A53 Carrie McCachren 1880-19?? (m. Will Murr)
              A531 Della Murr 19??
              A532 Ethel Murr 19??
       A54 Beulah M. McCachren 1882-1921 (m. Herbert Honeycutt)
       A55 Eddie McCachren 1855-1858
       A56 James Gwyn McCachren 1887-? (m. Nettie Yates)
              A561 James Roland McCachren 1911- (m. Nancy Elizabeth McBride, 1946)
                     A5611 Janice Gwyn McCachren 1947-
                     A5612 James Roland McCachren Jr. 1950-
              A562 Frank Irwin McCachren 1912- (m. Onice Louise Kern, 1945)
                     A5621 Jean Patrice McCachren 1947-
                     A5622 Frank Irwin McCachren, Jr. 1951-
                     A5623 Denise Kern McCachren, 1953-
              A563 Nancy Elizabeth McCachren 1916 (m. John Snuggs Efird, 1934)
                                          (m. Ralph Edward Kennickel
                     A5631 John Snuggs Efird, Jr. 1939-
                     A5632 Nancy McCachren Efird, 1943-
              A564 William Yates McCachren 1918- (m. Vivianne Lee)
                     A5641 Elizabeth Ann McCachren 1941-
                     A5642 Carol Gwyn McCachren 1944-
                     A5643 William Yates McCachren, Jr. 1955-
              A565 Jack Gwyn McCachren 1928- (m. Betty Helms Sides, 1950)
                     A5651 Patricia Lee McCachren
                     A5652 David Gwynn McCachren
                     A5653 Mary Jeanette McCachren
                     A5654 Steven James McCachren
       A57 Clarence McCachren 1889-1954
       A58 Della McCachren 1893-? (m. Clyde H. Wilson, 1911)
       A59 George Lee McCachren 1896- (m. Grace Cook)
              A591 Connie McCachren

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