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Re: Guptill's from Vermont
Posted by: H. Richard Guptill (ID *****4024) Date: July 26, 2004 at 23:32:13
In Reply to: Re: Guptill's in Maine - Illinois by elizabeth mcintyre of 107

Elizabeth, Thank you for your response.. I do think it very likely could be that we are connected because Henry was born in Vermont... There is a Henry that was born in Waterbury, Vt. I do not know if that is our Henry or not.. I also found this piece of information on the message board and you will see the response I put toward the email address for that message... ..

In the year 1854, an act to change a name was passed in the state of Maine as follows:
Subject: Gardiner, Abbie A. from Abbie A. Guptill
Description: An Act to change the names of certain persons
Year: 1854
Type: PS Ch 99
Access# 293-99

Also listed under the same act were the following Guptills, changing their names to Gardiner:
Abbie Inez Guptill, Annie H. Guptill, Charles William Guptill, David L. Guptill, Frederick A.C. Guptill, George Henry Guptill,George W. Guptill, Henry Winslow Guptill and John Guptill.

Does anyone know why these Guptills changed their surnames to Gardiner? I would greatly appreciate any information, based on fact, fiction, opinion,suggestion or otherwise. Sincerely, Leslie N. Taliaferro leswil@voltage.netv

We are looking for the parents of Henry M. Guptill who was born in VT June 5, 1824, died April 13, 1896 in Hawkeye, IA. He was my husband, H. Richard's great great grandfather. He married Adeline A Beebe (born August 28, 1829) Married Apil 8, 1850 in Erie County, NY and she died January 10, 1911 in IA. We find them in the Erie County, NY 1850 census, and again in 1860 census in NY... Then in 1870 in Iowa.We run into a brick wall--have not been able to find Henry M. Guptill's parents or a way to connect Henry M. Guptill to the rest of the Guptills. We understand that there were some of the Maine Guptills that went to Vermont, then to NY.... Please help us if you can to find the Beebe family and Guptills to hook us all together..... The dates above are from the obituaries of both of them but it did not list either of there parents. Now, The interesting thing about this is... in looking at what you have posted.... Please note below the names of the children that Henry M. and Adeline Guptill had: George born 1853, Eva Estelle (Augustine) born 1855, Willie Carl born 1858, Frank E. born 1862, and Addie Leona and Annie J. (twin girls) born November 1867..

Could it be???????? That the reason we cannot find the Guptill's that would connect us to the rest of the group is that Henry M. Guptill's clan changed their name????????? Did you find out anything else about why they changed their names? I find the reaccurance of the names like George, William, Addie and Annie just quite a coincidence. Or is it only that.. If you have any further information or can help us find the parents of Henry M. we would greatly appreciate it..
Thank you...

The story that H. Richard's grandparents wrote while they were still alive (about 1969) goes like so and as you can see supposedly there must have been a previous Henry to our Henry as the one Harrison talks about was born in 1809 and Henry M. in 1824 and that we have from his obituary:

The Story of the Guptill Family

As written from memory in 1969 by

Archie Harrison Guptill (his wife called him Harrison)

(Son of William Carl (Willie Carl) Guptill who was the son of Henry M. Guptilló

For the story of the Guptill family we will start with a boy by the name of Henry, nine years old about the year 1810. His parents came from England as young people to New York State where they raised a family of 4 or 5 boys. At that time the name was French, De Guptill. The De was dropped some time later.

Mr. Guptill, Henryís father, was of French and English decent, but Mrs. Guptill, Henryís mother was a full-blooded French lady. I do not know what her name was before she married Mr. Guptill.

When the youngest boy, Henry, was about eight years old, his father died. This made too heavy a burden for the widow to feed and clothe all the boys, so Henry was "bound-out" taken by another to work for his keep.

They were hard drivers in those days, too. At one time the man became angry at the boy and struck him with a log chain and broke his leg. Henry was learning to work by this time.

At about the age of sixteen we find him riding a horse on the Erie Canal, a towboat job. Henry was my grandfather.

Sometime later Mother Guptill married again, to a man by the name of Beckwith, a stove manufacturer.

From that time on she was known as Mother Beckwith. Of course, by now the boys were grown up and on their own. Some went to Chicago; some to Maine and some came to California in the Gold Rush days of 1849.

So much of the early family history that I can remember. The next we see of Henry he learns the carpenter trade. Then the next grand event: Henry meets a Scotch lassy of the Beebe family and they are married. To this union, Evie, George, Willie Carl, and Frank were born. Willie Carl was my father.

About 1865 the Henry Guptillís were living in Buffalo, New York. They decided to go west across Lake Erie by boat. After a time they took a homestead in Northern Iowa. My father was seven years old when they came to Iowa. Grandfather Guptill was busy at his trade, so the family did the farming.

The next great even was the arrival of a pair of twin girls, Annie and Addie. As Grandmother was a busy mortal, Willie was detailed to take care of one of the twins. Addie, and of course, she was always his favorite.

In those days celebrations, picnics and dances were the entertainment, so my father belonged to the band to furnish the music.

In those days, the same as today there was style and fad for the women, small waists and hoop skirts, and the menís dress boots were tight; couldnít get the hell down in a pair of new boots for weeks.

George died at the age of twenty. So that made Willie Carl the plowman on the farm.

In those days the sythe was the mower, and the grain was cut by the cradle and bound by hand. That would be a lost art in these days of modern machinery.

The oldest daughter, Evie, was a school teacher. But in the course of time she married a man by the name of Bert Ostrander and she gave birth to a pair of twin boys. So Grandmother Guptill took one baby to raise.

Frank was the youngest son, so in a few years Willie Carl had a helper on the farm.

But when Frank grew up he did not want to stay on the farm. So in time he married a girl by the name of Jessie Hultz. They had three children, two boys and a girl. Finally they moved to New York State.

Then Willie Carl got acquainted with a schoolteacher by correspondence who lived in Wisconsin. He married Christina Winter in the year of 1880. Teachers were scarce in those days so she taught school for three years.

This brings us to the beginning of Willie Carl Guptillís family. On November 6, 1884, the first baby boy arrived. They named him Willie Earl. He had red curley hair. His first baby picture was taken at the age of four and he had his first hair cut. Then twenty-four curls were place around the picture in a frame.

December 24, 1888, the second boy, Archie Harrison was born with brown hair. Both boys were subject to freckles.

In about the year 1891 the farm was sold and a place was bought near Fennimore, Wisconsin.

January 27, 1892 Howard Clint was born. He had plenty of black hair. But when the baby hair disappeared the color was gone also, so Clint was a blond for sure. When he was about three years old, they had his picture taken with his long blond hair. We still have that picture.

In a couple of years Fatherís health broke, so they had to leave the farm for awhile. But father kept most of his livestock. Then with a team of nice bay mares Father took the stage line from West Union to Calmer, Iowa. It took Father about two years to regain his health.

Then another another year on a farm near Hawkeye, Iowa. But the winters were long and cold, so the folks moved south to Ringgold county on a rented place for three years. Then an eighty acres farm was bought near Shanon City where we prospered till about the year 1904.

Mother became ill and in March 1905 she passed away. Then it was really hard to get along without a mother.

Earl went to Colorado for his health. In about two years Father married again, but that was not so good. Earl came home for awhile, then he took Clint with him and went to South Dakota where they put in a year with a RR construction gang in the Black Hills and from there they went to Colorado, but I stayed with Father and the farm. At this time we could not get along too well with the stepmother. At such a time there were many details that would make a book too large to hang on the Family Tree. So finally the farm was sold in order to settle with the stepmother and they dissolved partnership and father shipped with two freight cars loaded with stock machinery and household goods and we moved to Wheatland, Wyoming. We landed there the first of February, 1908, on a farm southwest of Wheatland. Father and we three boys carried on as a unit for two years.

On May 8, 1910, Archie Harrison Guptill and Florence Ida Gregg were married at Wheatland, Wyoming and established their home on a farm on the Wyoming-Nebraska state line at Horse Creek. Caldwell, Nebraska was the post office where we got our mail, about what is now Lyman, Nebraska.

Now the remainder of this family history is finished by Florence Guptill.

In February 1910, Harrison had come over here and rented a farm. The owners said they would build a house. So we had to live for a few months in the old sod school house. They got the house finished so we could move by the time school started and we boarded the school teacher and my invalid mother came to live with us. The spring of 1911 Harrison rented a farm north of Merrill, Nebraska, and June 8, 1911 Myrtle Jewel was born. My brother Carl and my sister, Edna and family were on their way to Pittsburg, Kansas with a team and covered wagon so they stayed at our house for about a week.

In 1912 Father Guptill and Earl sold out at a public auction and Earl took an engineering Course and began operating draglines in Scottsbluff County, Nebraska, where they were putting in the big irrigation system in Western Nebraska.

The fall of 1912 we took up a homestead on Owl Creek, south of Mitchell, Nebraska. The spring of 1913 we got a "leave of absence" from our homestead and worked for a farmer in the Mitchell Valley. July 21, 1913 Albert Harrison was born.

Some time in 1914 my sister and family came from Pittsburg, Kansas and took a homestead a few miles west of our homestead. We were building a new house on our homestead and we had a housefull: my mother, my blind Uncle Frank, my sister and her husband and four children, and my brother Carl were all at our place. So we all worked together and soon had our four roomed house finished so we could live in it. On May 25, 1915, Christina May was born in a very bad rain storm. My sister and family were at our home for some time till they could get a house built on their homestead.

On October 3, 1917 Florence Esther was born. We had wonderful neighbors and we all belonged to the Seventh-Day Adventist Church and held our Sabbath School and other meetings in the Wells home. Elder Charles Miller was pastor of the Scottsbluff and Gering Churches and would come to Owl Creek as often as he could. Myrtle and Albert and Paul Miller were about the same ages. When Myrtle was old enough to go to school, Sister Magee taught her three girls and Myrtle in their home as there was no school near.

Then about the year 1919 we sold our homestead and moved back to Wyoming so we could be near Father Guptill.

Early in 1920 Earl Guptill married a widow woman by the name of Bessie Campbell. She had four or five children nearly grown. They lived at Mitchell, Nebraska and Earl was janitor of the school there for several years.

The first part of April, 1920 we had a terrible blizzard in Wyoming and lost several of our horses and cattle. Then the 26th of April we went with team and spring wagon to Morrill, Nebraska. The roads were terrible with mud and snow slush. We traveled all day from 9:00 am to 9:30 pm to where my cousin lived and Ida Delphene was born early the morning of April 28, 1920.

Clint Guptill had served in the US army in World War I and came home, then took a homestead in Wyoming and January 1, 1921 Clint married Bernice Ritenour. Then some time in 1922 all three of the Guptill brothers were together at our home. Later Clint and family moved to Bremerten, Washington where Clint and Earl worked in the shipyards. Clint and Bernice had a family of three daughters.

In about 1924 we sold our place in Wyoming and moved to a farm south of Torrington, Wyoming where Harold Benjamin was born on January 24, 1925. From there we moved to Henry, Nebraska. Blind Uncle Dave Ramsey was living with us at this time, and bought a place at Ava, Missouri and in the fall of 1926 we moved to Ava, Missouri. What a time we had going down to Missouri! Willis Baughman drove the Ford with Uncle Dave, Albert, Myrtle, Roy and Izora Baughman, and Harrison drove the big car. Abbot Detroit, I believe was the name of it. We had built a room behind the front seat where we put Motherís bed and chair. She would not have to be lifted out and in and could sleep in her bed or sit in her chair. So my mother, Christina, Esther, Ida, Harold and myself rode in that car. At fist we had too much of a load so had to adjust and send some more things by freight. So there was a round dozen of us on our way to Missouri.

It took us three or four weeks to make that trip. We got stranded and had to work awhile and send for more money. But we made it. The folks there at Ava gave us a hearty welcome. We had many interesting experiences there.

That was just the beginning of the Depresson and we just could not make ends meet. Harrison worked at whatever he could find to do: cut wood and hauled it to town. But we had gone there especially for the church school and we were determined to stay. We all kept well and got along with very little money.

August 15, 1927, Willis Daniel was born. We had no doctor. Sister Armstrong and Sister Witchey brough him into the world.

Then that fall Harrison went back to Nebraska to work. He took Albert and Christina, Roy and Izora Baughman with him.. Hazel Baughman taught the school there at Ava. We had quite a hard time there in Missouri, but everyone kept busy.

Then I sold the place there and in the fall of 1930 Albert came with an Overland Car with side curtains. He made a four-wheel trailer and we moved back to Nebraska. That was a nightmare of a trip but we made it.

Albert was just 17 years old and oh how many times he had to lift my poor mother in and out of that car.

October 19, 1931 Eunice Irene was born at Cozad, Nebraska.

The 19th of December, 1931, my dear old mother passed away and we buried her there at Cozad, Nebraska. During 1930 and í31 Myrtle, Albert, Christine, Hazel, Roy and Izora Baughman all attended church school and academy at Rulison, Colorado and the next year we moved to Rulison where where Christina, Esther, and Ida attended church school. Myrtle was in Lincoln, Nebraska at this time. The spring of 1933 we moved to Grand Valley and rented Brother Studtsí farm and lived in half of the big house.

September 28, 1933, Nina Ruth was born at Grand Valley and we moved to another farm at Una, Colorado and lived there two years.

June 4, 1934 Myrtle Jewell and Paul J Miller were married at Grand Junction Colorado.

Albert was hauling hay with a big truck and came home on night very sick. We thought it was just a bad cold, so heated water and gave him a good bath, then a steam bath and put him to bed. The next morning he was terribly broke out with the measles and he was a very sick boy for a few days. Then soon as he was well what a measley time we had with six down with the measles in the very coldest part of the winter.

March 14, 1935 Charles Paul Miller was born at Grand Valley, Colorado, March 31, 1936 Albert Guptill and Florence Moyer were married at Glenwood Springs, Colorado, April 11, 1937 Clinton Wayne Guptill was born at Craig Colorado to Albertís and November 19, 1936 Betty Lou Miller was born at Palisade, Colorado to Myrtle and Paul. June 17th, 1937 Dorothy Marie Guptill was born at DeBeque, Colorado to Us making our tenth child and third grandchild.

The fall of 1937, we moved to Palisade, Colorado. That was where Eunice start to church school the early part of November. Esther Hart was the teacher. August 5, 1939 Ida Delphene and James Pannell were married. Christina May had gone to Tennessee to attend college and there she met Lewis Judson and the 28th of September they were married in the Palisade church on Nina Ruthís 6th birthday. Harrison was working away from home most of the time.

Brother Earlís wife Bessie passed away January 4, 1941 at Mitchell, Nebraska. We moved to a farm in 1942 at Fruita, Colorado and the children attended the church school there.

July 6, 1942 Florence Esther and Lowell Jackson Vancil were married and made their home at Palisade, Colorado.

In 1943 Father Guptill passed away at Mitchell, Nebraska. (That would be Willie Carl)

Harold and Willis served their time as sailors in WWII and both got home safely.

May 12, 1945, Harold Benjamin and Kathleen Van Horn were married then left for California for Harold was still in the service.

In December 1947 we wanted to have a family reunion as Harold and Willis were both home from the service but Christina could not be home.

July 28, 1948, Willis Daniel and Ida Mae Slaight were married. Nina Ruth and Bobbie Ray Carden were married August 4 1951 and Dorothy Marie and Virgil Frank Houle were married November 10, 1951. Eunice Irene was teaching school in southeast Kansas and November 13, 1952 Eunice Irene and Gerry Elroy Thompson were married in the Palisade church. Elder Don Rees officiated and after they married Eunice finished teaching her school while Gerry was still in the service and stationed in Virginia. When Euniceís school was out Gerry came and took her with him to Virginia.

The next year Eunice and another young lady, wife of a service man, taught a school in Virginia.

So after all of our dear children were married and on their own, we decided to come to California to live.

In December, 1953 we landed at Corona and worked in the little sanitorium for Mrs. Pearl Davenport.

In 1958 we moved to Auberry and July 19, 1958 Ida Delphene and Don Reavis were married at Bandon, Oregon.

In 1960 we all gathered a Salida, Colorado at Dorothy and Virgilís home for a family reunion and the celebration of our 50th year of married life. All of our dear children and most of their families were present for this occasion and the 3rd, 4th, 5th of July totaling 58 in all.

Many pictures were taken and we all had a very happy time together.

On November 14, 1962 our beloved daughter Dorothy Marie passed away leaving her husband and four dear children. The first break in our lovely family. August 19, 1964 Virgil Frank Houle and Joyce were married at Salida, Colorado. We were so happy for this for Virgil really needed a good wife and mother to help him care for his dear children.

January 13, 1966 Nina Ruth and Ray Robbs were married and moved to Washington.

In 1968 we had the happy privilege of visiting every one of our dear children in their homes.

We first went to Oregon and Washinton. By this time Myrtle and Paul and Nina Ruth and Ray were living in Washington. We left home the 19th of February by bus to Roseburg, Oregon where our granddaughter Sandra and husband Robert Bryant were living. Myrtle and Paul had come to visit Ida and family at Bandon, Washington. Then they took us to Nina Ruthís home at Redmond. While with Nina Ruth she took us to Brmerton where Brother Clint Guptill and family lived and Brother Earl was visitng there at that time unbeknown to us. So all three of the Guptill brothers were together for a few days. The first time they had been together since 1922. Nina Ruth and Ray took us to Bandon, Oregon where Ida and family lived and we visited with them a few days and Ida took us over to Roseburg and we took the bus again for home. We got home the first part of April then prepared to go east to visit the rest of the family. Our destination this time was Lincoln, Nebraska to be there for Euniceís graduation from Union College. We left home by bus the 14th of May. Our first stop was Price Utah with Harold and family. There we received word that Brother Earl had passed away the 14th or 15th of May at Mitchell, Nebraska.

Then on to Palisade with Esther and family and Grand Junction with Albert and Florence. Their son Clinton and children were there. Then to Craig, Colorado to visit with Willis and family. Willis took us to Longmont to our granddaugther Clara Belle and family. Then on the bus to Lincoln. We arrived there the day before graduation. How happy we were to be able to attend Euniceís graduation and be with them for a few days. On our way home we stopped at Salida to visit with our dear Virgil and Joyce Houle and all of the grandchildren. Then back to Grand Junction and visited again with Albert and Florence and Esther and Jack and family and Willis and Family came down from Craig to see us again.. Then to Haroldís again at Price Utah for a few days. They took us to Salt Lake City and put us on the bus for home, and we arrived the 6th of July.

The 3rd of July 1969 Brother Clint Guptill passed away at Bremerton, Washington. In October, 1969 Myrtle and Paul and Ester were at our home for a few days. They cleaned and painted our house inside and when Myrtle and Paul left they wanted to take their father home with them for awhile. Esther stayed a few days longer, then left for home on the plane.

While Harrison was at Myrtleís he had a nice time and they took him to Nina Ruthís. He also got to visit with Bernice and her daughters. Harrison came home alone on the bus. Bernice had not been well for some time and passed away that winter.

Harrisonís health was failing and he didnít feel very good all winter. The 8th of May was our 60th anniversary and some of the children sent lovely bouquets for both our anniversary and Motherís day. And our oldest grandson, Charles, and his lovely family came with a large anniversary cake and helped us celebrate. He took a picture of us by the poinsetta, the last picture we had taken together.

Then the last of May Harrison fell, so I sent word for Nina Ruth to come if possible, they were near Barstow at the time working and the job was about finished. So Nina Ruth and Ray and little David came. They were here for a few days but could not stay and we could not handle Harrison alone, so we had to place him in a convalescent home for awhile. Nina Ruth and Ray sent an airplane ticket to Christina in Missouri. Willis and family came the same day Christina got here on the plane. Then Nina and Ray had to leave. Then Ida came and was here about a week. We went twice every day to see him while he was in the convalescent home. While Ida was here we made arrangements to bring him home. We got a hospital bed and wheel chair. Then Ida had to leave. We had many visitors and he knew everyone to the very last.

He passed away the evening of the 30th of June 1970. We buried him in the Fresno Memorial Gardens July 6, 1970. All nine of our dear children were present for this sad occasion and we all miss him very much.

But we have that "blessed hope" that when Jesus comes in the clouds of heaven with all His hold angels on that great resurrection morning may we all have the happy privilege of meeting again with Jesus our Redeemer and all of our loved ones never to part again. What a grand reunion that will be if we all make it to that heavenly home!

Thank you for any information you may have for our puzzle. Charlotte (Mrs. H. Richard Guptill)
Charlotte-Richard Guptill
790 Legion Street
Craig, Colorado 81625

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