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No I don't have them. My Grandparents lived on a large farm and when he passed in 93 it was just my grandmother there until she finally moved closer to town in 2003. When she moved she lost space and too be honest I have no idea what she did with half of her stuff! Then their only daughter, who is my mom died in 09 which made eleanor decide to move to an assisted living center and again no clue what she did with any of her stuff, but i do know for an absolute fact she did not have posession of any of my grandpas military records by this year. My mother was adopted by them at 4 days old and i'm looking for her birthparents so earlier this year I went and searched like a mad person through every single file and paperwork she still had in her little apt and I saw nothing o my grandpa regarding his service. A really long time ago when my grandpa was still alive we had our tak room on the farm broken into and had several things stolen including a large trunk. Most importantly inside the trunk were literally hundreds of the most beautiful love letters you'd ever read that my grandpa had written to my grandmother while he was overseas. My grandparents actually never physically dated, they dated through letters and when he came home on a 2 wk leave she went to visit him and he proposed. She rode the train all night back to her parents home that night and told her parents she'd be getting married in 7 days! LOL if you knew my grandma you'd never believe that! Anyways I'm betting that that trunk also held all of his military records etc. because growing up I cant remember ever seeing anything related to it.