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Subject:Crew List 448th Bomb Group 713th Bomb Squadron
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I have crew lists 74-17 - 74-32. I will post them as I have time to type them. The copy I am using is not excellent but I will do the best I can to decipher the names correctly. The H and M on the typewriter did not provide a clear image as well as the o and e. Service #s are included and I will be glad to send those separately if you know any of these fine men.

Crew # 74-17
P - 2nd Lt James J Bell
CP - 2nd Lt David E Mellott or Hellot #0749286
N - 2nd Lt Hugh X Cullinan
B - 2nd Lt Marvin (N) Joseph
E - S/Sgt James R Bricker
R - S/Sgt William E Ruck Jr
AE - Sgt Kenneth L Mess or Hess #36068383
AR - Sgt Lloyd P Williams
G - S/Sgt Roger O Vance
AG - Sgt Daner E Anderson

1st Lt James L Furguson
2nd Lt George E Cono
1st Lt Raymond S McKeeby
M/Sgt Robert M McDowell Jr

Crew # 74-18
P - 2nd Lt Robert Kraus
CP - 2nd Lt Clive O Stephens
N - 2nd Lt Matthew L Szydlowski
B - 2nd Lt Harry A Kohn
E - S/Sgt Azizos F Erban
R - S/Sgt WIlliam H Bohle or Behle #37308259
AE - S/SGT Earl (N) Ellis Jr
AR - S/Sgt Junior W Klug
G - S/SGT Arnold H Radde
AG - S/SGT Leon (N) Hawkorsmith or Hawkersmith #34149089

S/SGT Richard G Pokorny
T/Sgt James F Doherty
S/Sgt Eurl A Eggleston
S/Sgt Max M Meyers

Crew # 74-19
P - 2nd Lt James P Sullivan
Co - 2nd Lt Evan J Evans
N - 2nd Lt Kenneth O Reed or Rood #0416197
B - 2nd Lt Michael A Piotruccioli
E - S/Sgt Lawrence H Vogtmann
R - S/Sgt William C Maxwell
AE - S/Sgt WIlliam G Sanville
AR - S/Sgt Cilfford W Harris
G - S/Sgt Michael J Fuller
AG - S/Sgt Geroge A Horopoulos

T/Sgt Alva B Hampton
Sgt Charles E Coyle
CPL Vincent E Lang
Cpl JameS J Kvoton

Crew # 74-20
P - 2nd Lt Thomas R Apple
CP - 2nd Lt Richard L Henderson
N - 2nd Lt Bruco B Winter
B - 2nd Lt Rooso C Loo or Reeso Lee # 0671457
E - T/Sgt James A Peghor
R - S/Sgt John F Docker
AE- T/Sgt Furnam A Powell
AR - S/Sgt George H Jopson or Jepson #12169971
G - S/Sgt Richard L Mazo or Hazo # 6940927
AG - Sgt James E Strickland

Major Hubert S Judy Jr
1st Lt John E D Grunov
1st Lt Arthur S Hunt
Capt William R Reid