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My father was in the 191st tank bn. he was a sgt. for Co. A. I have been putting a scrap book together and have a lot of info. and pictures from Ft. Meade to France My father was wounded for the second time in Germany and recieved the purple heart. I also have a book from the 191st. Their motto was "Treat 'Em Rough." They were National Gaurds from New York, Massachsettts, Virginia,& Conn. My father was from N.Y. They all went to Fort Meade, Maryland and trained traveling through the U.S. I also have so many pictures, I might have one of your uncle. Only some of the pictures have names of the guys on them. Do you know what Company he was with? Was he one of the Nat. Gaurds? At one point they were part of the 745th Tank Bn. According to this book, they were shipped overseas from Ft. Dix to Africa. It says they didn't see combat there. There was more training near the Cork Forest. The battle of Tunisia ended and they moved to Bizerte. That was the Sicilian Campaign. It says they moved out the staging area, then they were ordered back to fight off German air raids. on Sept. 1st they loaded, most of the battalion were on the LST's scheduled for landing shortly after "H" hour. They were briefed on the boats. They went to the Gulf of Salerno near Paestum, Italy. Italy had just surrendered But when they got close almost every ship was hit with by artillery. One Able Co. tank caught fire and had to be pushed off the LCT. The Stars and Stripes headlined that one shortly afterward.
There was the battle on the Gulf of Salerno. This book says the first day was hell and the beginning for the 191st. After heavy fighting on the beach the troops pushed inland and by 1500, on Sept 9,1943, they were completely unloaded and pushing toward a bridge on Highway 18 to cross the Sele River. The bridge was blown up just before they approached it. On Sept. 11, tanks made an attack against stiff resistance on some tobacco barns, near Persano, Baker Co. lost 5 tanks; the co. comander and several men were captured. The action went on and on. Working with other troops they helped take Albonella, Altaville,Eboli, Olivetto and St. Angelo. they were fighting with the support of the 45th Infantry. They were with them all the way to Piedmonte, were they pulled support with the 34th infantry toward Alife up to Volturno to Capriatti. The rugged mountains kept them from being able to use their tanks effectively and the went into position near Roccavindola until December of 1943. Could that have been you uncle that was one of the men captured? This book does not say anything about any other captures durning that time. This book that I have my father had gotten at the end of the war from the 191st tank bn. It has maps and names of the battles. My father was also the weapons mach. My father did not talk about all the battles or the killing. He taught my brother and I mostly about the weapons including the tanks. I do know that there was fighting in Tunis my father's army knife says Tunis 1943 and it has slash marks on the side which are kills. From Roccavindola they went to Anzio. I have many many pictures of the 191st in Anzio through France also. The name of the campaign Sept. 9, 1943 to December 24, 1943 was Naples Foggia Campaign. I hope I have been a help to you.
Donna Rosko-Huppert