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Subject:Re: BATTLE of Wounded Knee?????
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Hey, I'd shoot at soldiers riding into my camp at daybreak as well. There is no way you can excuse the actions of those who killed children and babies. That "nits grow into lice" reasoning makes me burn. The Ghost Dance was merely a dance of devotion to the Creator. It was not a war dance or a "prelude to war dance." The real reason the soldiers killed the indigenous people: greed, plain and simple. The US wanted the land - every darn bit of it and didn't want to deal with the original inhabitants. Or haven't you heard of the righteous term "Manifest Destiny" otherwise known as the belief that "God" intended the white man to own and occupy all of North America. Remember, the same president who freed the slaves also presided over the largest mass execution of people (Lakota) in this country. Whether you believe it or not, our country has (currently) at least one political prisoner: Leonard Peltier. The FBI railroaded him but they cannot change the facts, the most basic of all. The bullets which killed those FBI agents did not match Leonard's rifle.