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Subject:Re: wounded knee, Good to see you Brian!
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You are so right. Since you wrote this we have met and you have showed us some wonderful sites including a beautiful Pow Wow and Ft Lincoln as well as the Mandan Villiage and Museum...I recommend him as a guide to ANYONE...I learned so much and have such strong ties to the Dakotas...
As my husband and I left we went to see Sitting Bulls grave site, and where my grgruncle lies...such humbleness I have never known...I too have prejudism right in my own family...I am deeply ashamed to say but then it is HER problem not my husband is related to Chief Keokuk I am a grandniece to John Grass Charging Bear. I read books that were recommended and found it very interesting why I have never heard much about him...It does not bother me simply because he was doing what he thought was right. Ya know, I have realized the difference now in all of us by reading these books....NOTHING...we all bleed the same red color..and breath the same air...
I went to a reunion shortly after our trip to the Dakotas..I came home and went right to work on our genealogy and found many black on my fathers side...why did I look...because of a feature I seen in one cousin...but I only looked to see just how many countries involved our family...I found too many to name...I was FASCINATED...but what it boils down too...we were not here first...and many don't want to talk about certain branches or lines in the family...HOW SAD...they really are missing much history we made...we are too busy "Looking Good" or "TRYING" to see we all can make such a difference...I am really looking forward to my next trip ... I felt right at home...I had a feeling of belonging..."Look into the eyes of the next person you speak too" you might find a wonderful soul...I believe the heart of a person is the true person...not how the outside looks...that is but a shell..