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Subject:Re: Thomas Williamson 1800 ANTRIM, BELFAST to CUMBERLAND ENG.
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Hello Dawnie,
I am very sorry to hear that Janice has died, her and I used to get together and swap research notes and occasionally I leant her books. I knew she became sick and that she had to move but I didnít know that she had died Ė very sad.
In response to you queries:-
Have we ever found out the surname of Jane wife of Thomas born in Ireland?
I have never been able to locate the marriage of Jane & Thomas Williamson, and Iím not sure how to go about doing research in this part of the world (at least at the moment)
Have you researched their other two children Jane and James?
I havenít done much on the elder sister Jane and her son James Williamson, I have done a little on Johnís younger brother James who married Anne Fiddler.
I have possibly found a bit about them!
I would be very interested to hear what you know about them.
Our John died very young, with Liver and Kidney disease as did Alfred John I think, did Louisa remarry?
A far as I know she didnít remarry at least according to her death certificate. After she sells off all the property in 1878 Iím not sure where she goes although I know sheís still in Melbourne as she appears as a witness at her daughter Phoebeís marriage in 1890. Unfortunately she died before there was compulsory voting in Australia.
I can find no death for her in Vic!
I have a copy of her death certificate, I have transcribed it below for you
Died 6th August 1901 at19 Fleet Street, City of Fitzroy, County of Bourke.
Louisa Williamson, Widow, Old age pensioner.
Female 72 years 9 weeks 5 days
Died of Umbilical Hernia, uncontrollable vomiting and exhaustion of one week
Last seen by S Hewlett M.N. G.S on the 6th September 1901
Parents Thomas Walker, Tailor & Louisa Walker maiden name Gill
Informant: Leslie Albert McFarlance, Grandson, of Canterbery Rd. Tunstall (now known as Nunawading)
Signed by Registrar M. Lappin,7th September, 1901, registered in South Fitzroy.
Buried 7th September, St Kilda Cemetery. Undertaker - M.G. Apps
Name of Minister - Chas. Freelove, witness G.Gilder
Born London England, Lived 47 years in Victoria.
Married County Middlesex England at 25 years to John Williamson
Issue at time of death
Thomas 46
Rachel 44
Phebe 40
Moses 38
Lydia dead
Aaron dead

Addendum ot the information given (and included on the certificate)
For column 2 read 6th September for 6th August 21.121.1901 altered by informant. [There is a stamp attached with2/6 on it and half crown written on the bottom]

I wonder what took John to Middlesex from Cumberland.
Hmm, Iím a bit confused I donít have John going to Middlesex, how do you have in Middlesex? Iíve just noticed that they were married in Middlesex, they were married by Banns maybe the Banns would tells us something that the marriage certificate doesn't?

The Williamson family had a lot of land around what was once called Tunstall, now called Vermont. I am not sure however if this included Thomas!
There is another Williamson family who owned a lot land in Tunstall but I donít think their connected to our Williamsons although I would be interested to hear your thoughts on the matter.