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Subject:BURLINGTON ALUMNI:1892,1894,1895,1896 &1897
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The ALUMNI listed are from a book,"Burlington Schools Report of the Board of the Burlington Union District," (1898)
1. Edna M. Ball, (Mrs. Geo.Stetson), Teacher Home Chicago, Ill.
2. Mabel H. Bartholf,(Mrs. R. Fitch),Elkorn,Wis.
3. Ida B. Brooke, Grad. Northwestern Univ., School of Oratory,Home. Burlington,Wis.
4. Ida M. Bushnell, B.S. Madison Univ. Home. Burlington,Wis.
5. Jessie E. Colby, (Mrs. Fred Hockings),Florence,Wis.
6. Michael H. Fallen, Teacher, Burlington,Wis.
7. Marquerite E. Gallagher, Teacher in Chicago.Home. Silver Lake,Wis.
8. William F. Jacobs., M.D. Rush Medical College, Assistant; St. Elizabeth Hospital, Chicago, Ill.
9. Martha E. Montgomery, (Mrs.Bert Hayes), Teacher, Home, Montello,Wis.
10. Roy W. Moore,Madison University. Home Burlington,Wis.
11. Hesperus V. Richards, Teacher. Burlington,Wis.
12. Emma C.F. Wehmhoff, B.S., Madiosn Univ.Teacher in Burlington Schools, Home. Burlington,Wis.
13. George I. Wilkes, Madison University,Home. Chicago, Ill.
14. Nettie M. Graham, Burlington,Wis.
15. Stella G. Moe, Teacher, Union Grove, Wis.
16. Florence M. Patterson,Northwestern Univ. Home, Burlington,Wis.
17. Fred R. Patterson, Merchant, Worthington, Minn.
18. Herbert C. Vaughan, Farmer, Spring Prairie,Wis.
1. Effie M. Colby, (Mrs. Clarence Hockings),Burlington,Wis
2. Lulu B.Fiske,Madison University, Home, Burlington,Wis.
3. Mary E. Haight, Burlington,Wis.
4. Mary A. Newbury,(Mrs. C.E. Bartolf), Teacher,Home Union Grove, Wis.
5.Emily M. Norton, Madison Univ., Illinois Training School for Nurses, Chicago,Ill.
6. Alice M. Rush, Milwaukee Normal. Home, Waterford,Wis
7. Nellie Riel,(Mrs. Ernest Sward), Madison Univ. Home, Oakland,Neb
8. Robert E. Richardson,Madison University, Home, Burlington,Wis.
9. Elizabeth E. Wilson, Beliot College. Home. Burlington,Wis.
1. Grace E. Aldrich, Kindergarten Department, Milwukee Normal, Home. Burlington,Wis.
2. Mary L. Wilson, Madison University. Home Burlington,Wis.
3. Hester C.Wheeler, Teacher, Burlington,Wis.
4. J. Ernest Brooke, Cashier Antioh Bank. Home, Burlington,Wis.
5. Cora P. Choak,(Mrs. Alvin Noble), Burlington.Wis
6. Rebecca S. Fraser,Madison Univ. Home. Lake Beulah,Wis.
7. Margaret M. Hoyt,Teacher, Home, Rochester, Wis.
1. Emma Borst, Accountant, Milwaukee,Wis.
2. Edna L. Vaughan,Spring Prairie,Wis.
3. Millie C. Wortman,Spring Prairie,Wis.
4. Stella Leach, Teacher,Burlington,Wis.
5. Lewis A. Vantine, Teacher, Burlington,Wis.
6. Isabel Bradshaw, Saleslady,Burlington,Wis.
7. Ada C. Lewis, Mgr. Wis. Tel.,Co.,Burlington,Wis.
8. Arvilla E. Buttles, Teacher, Burlington,Wis.
9. Alice Sheldon, Osage, Iowa
10. Paul C. Foster, Teacher in Burlington Schools, Home Silver Lake,Wis.
1 Belle R. Callender,Teacher. Burlington,Wis
2. Pearl G. Owen, Burlington,Wis.
3. Louise E. Kurzrok, Burlington,Wis.
This is all of the list that I have. Hope researchers find family ties here. Regards, Ann