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Subject:Help with these Willis' of mine!
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Where do you really begin? lol

So bare with me as this is long. I'm hoping if I give details and tell why I want to find out this information, people can help out or will be willing to help out. : )

I'm looking for my GGGG Grandfather's Father. It's very possible he fought in the War of 1812, but not sure. I can't recall how long it went on for, but someone told me a few years for sure.

It's "thought" that my GGGG Grandfather, McKinzie Willis' father was William Willis. It's also thought that he was born in Virginia but that he and Mack's ( McKinzie I mean when I type Mack) Mom (thought to be Nancy Smith)made it to Kentucky and started their family.

Mack was born around Madison KY in about 1799. In 1820, his mom Nancy (Smith) Willis signed his Marriage certificate (because he was under 21 I assume) to marry Mary Polly Logsdon. Her father John Logsdon also had to sign the certificate because she was under 21. It's said that back then if a person was under 21, they needed their parent's signature to marry and it was not very common for the Mother to sign it.

I have DNA proof ( my dad's) that we are related to one of Mack's sons (we know we are, because my G grandfather's dad was Merrill Willis and we have proof), Merrill Willis, but until we find another of Merrill's brother's descendants to do a DNA test of 37 markers at least, we can't go further. We DO know Mack is Merrill's dad though through Census records and info passed down.

Anyway, whoever Mack's dad was, he must have lived in Virginia at one point, because with the DNA results (genealogy testing) it showed MY Willis line is very closely related to a line in Virginia that we had NO IDEA about!

That line is Abner Willis of Washington Co, Virginia. Three people matched very closely, one person was an exact match to us, 67/67 markers and 2 others were 66/67 markers. I asked a 3rd cousin 1x removed to have her father do the test on MY Willis tree and we are a perfect match so we KNOW Merrill is our relation (and she has 50 years of documents to prove it too lol), BUT we cannot for our life, find WHO connects us, we know it's probably Mack's father and her Abner. We cannot find more info on Mack's Dad and Abner of Washington Co, VA and his parents. There is only info up until 1840 on Abner.

So anyway, Mack's father was no longer in the picture between 1816ish and 1820 for sure, as we know Mack's father signed Rachel Willis' Marriage certificate (Rachel is Mack'
s sister).

A court document I have says he absconded the country ( county probably). What does abscond usually mean? Is it possible, if he left between 1816 and say 1819, he entered into the war of 1812, as it was still in progress? Or was there another war possibly? I can't think of one that was right after the war of 1812. The next one would be the civil war and if he was alive, he'd have been too old.

Does it mean he was in trouble with the law? Is abscond a very general word? I have thought of many things it could be of course, not all bad.

You have no idea what we've been through to find his dad. We're also trying to find Abner Willis (as are many) of Washington Co, VA's dad and momo and nothing is concrete.

So bottom line, when did the war of 1812 really end?

I appreciate all help.: )