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Subject:Re: Capt. Quigley's Co. honored in U.S. Congress
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I have to tell you all about the interesting email that I just received, in direct regard to all my msgs here.
It seems that the honorable Mr. Eric E. Johnson has had a change of heart, and so has emailed to me privately again (... this after him prior having told me to stop privately-emailing to him, his reasons being similar to what he states in his public response to my msg. here "Re: Ohio musters in 1812", copied below).
No apology included from him in his email to me, of course..... however he was kind enough to attach (in that new email) some of the sources to which I just referred in several of my messages both public here (and in other emails privately to him).
Although I cannot for the life of me figure out why he is sending me the very sources to which it should be very apparent that I already have had in my possession?! (After all, I have clearly previously indicated that I, myself, have already seen these very sources. )
But the comment which he makes to me, and which is worth repeating here is:
"P.S. A list of members of Quigley's temporary company
does exist. The full text
of HR 34 would have included the names of all of the men who participated in
this company."
Wow amazing, isnt it!?..I wonder where he learned of such a Congressional document?...especially because in one his his prior very recent msgs here, Mr. Eric E. Johnson writes:
"There would be no roster for the temporary company that Quigley and Barrett created during August of 1812."
[[repeat "There would be > no < roster for the temporary company that Quigley and Barrett created during August of 1812."]]
.......I wonder if Mr. Johnson's reversal of his "expert" opinion had anything to do with the headline of my very own msg. here yesterday??

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Are you capable of adult thinking! Please leave the research to the experts and find something else to do!

I am notifying the War of 1812 network of writers, historians and publishers about you. They need to know not to deal with you in any way.

I can't see how anybody can take you seriously!

Good bye,