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Subject:Re: Finding burial info for War of 1812 POW
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The Brits showed no respect towards POWs, dead or alive. The dead were buried in unmarked, massed graves, or thrown into the river.

192 dead American POWs at Halifax were buried in a mass grave along with French POWs during the War of 1812.

I am interested in Messenger only in the fact that he stayed in Canada for so long. Most of the Ohio militia was released and sent to Cleveland, Ohio. The sick remained at Cleveland for over a year.

It appears that Messenger was wounded in one of the skirmishes along the Detroit River, captured, and sent to a hospital in Montreal. The U.S. regular army soldiers captured at the fall of Fort Detroit were sent to either Quebec or Montreal. Messenger was in this group of POWs.

If we could find the Montreal POW ledger, it would give only his name, rank, unit, when captured and when released. It would give his death date but not what happened to his body.

Heritage Books is publishing my book on the Quebec POWs. Messenger's name in not in this ledger.

Eric E. Johnson
General Society of the War of 1812