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Subject:Re: "The" Longhunter?????
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Hi, Burma! You are absolutely correct that there were many longhunters. I think Elisha "Longhunter" has been designated that in the Wallen family to distinguish him from his father b. 1708, and at least one nephew b. 1760. Both of these Elishas overlapped with the one b. 1732 we call "longhunter." Additonally, this may have crept into our family usage from Theodore Roosevelt's referring to him as leader of the longhunters in his "Winning of the West," whether this is accurate or not!.
There are lots of books with longhunter in the title, but the nickname for Elisha was in use, at least by my family, prior to the 1990 book of the name I think you are referring to. There is an absolutely wonderful mailing list you will love on rootsweb. It is the "Longhunters." You will find it indexed in the Rootsweb mailing list. It covers many of our families that hunted together. You won't believe the info in their archives. The Wallens, Bledsoes, and Boone's also seem to have connections in addition to marriages. I am just now following some of these clues!. I also would be interested in why you think Thomas Bledsoe may have been killed my Indians as there are at least 2 Wallen episodes yet to be explained. One being the death of Elisha b. 1708 who may have d. 1783-85 around Henry Co., VA; and another massacre abt 1792/3 around Harlan Co. Any thoughts? Many thanks,
Bettylee wallin davis