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Post Date:June 14, 2004 at 20:34:37
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Hello, my name is Traci Morton and I know none of you know me. I'm looking for my birth family. I was born in St. Louis Mo Septemeber 7 1968, at the Luthern Hospital, it was a private adoption my aunt who is deceased now helped arrange it a friend of hers new my birthmother, her name was Betty Marie Vivian, my given name was Dawn Marie Vivian she was unwed at the time so I have been told and she had two other children ages 5 and 3 both boys. I am a 35 year old single parent of two, I have a wonderful support group and have been in a relationship for 5 years now. I had wonderful parents and a wonderful life but there is something missing in who I am plus my youngest son has seizures and I have health issues of my own and medical history would be very helpful. I'm not looking to upset anyones life I would like to know where I came from and would really like to know who my brothers are if they even know of me, I'm not looking for a family I would just like to have some question answered thats all, I'm registered with all agency and apparently she's not I'm not even sure if she cares and thats not important. I am in need of some health questions and some closure on who I am I know who I am and who my family is but there is always the feeling of something missing. The adoption took place in Jefferson county, Hillsboro Mo the attorney was Joseph E. Furtow and it was finalized on Sept 11 1973 the social workers was Nicholas G. Gasaway or Darline Whiteside, I hold no hard feelings please just contact me with any information you may have it would be greatly appreciated. I thank my birthmother for caring enough about me to put me up for adoption and giving me a wonderful life and parents. Sincerely yours, Traci Morton