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Subject:Proving you served...?
Post Date:November 30, 2010 at 14:07:19
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In order to get any form of help for exposure to Agent Orange, you have to prove you were any place where it was used. Except, after two years the military (used to) purge their records. This is the case with my father. He was stationed in TuPao where it WAS used. Pictures of him in TuPao, on duty or working, letters home with him using an address in TuPao, is not accepted by the government as proof of being there and therefore he cannot get any form of help for anything connected to Agent Orange.

Not sure, really, how to help him prove he was there. If the government says you need your paperwork...but never issued any when you left the service, and they purged their records, but you can't use pictures or letters, it's hard to do anything. The VFW is trying to help...but you know the government. It took all this time to even admit to using Agent Orange...and Dad worked in the parachute shop, drag lines from the large planes, so those chutes got dragged through the clear cut/AO dropped fields. They had to go out and get those chutes, hang them to dry, then fold them back up/repair them/etc...he said the stuff that fell out of those...monkeys, stray dogs, HUGE spiders...

But the government doesn't consider him having ever been there. =/

Anyone know how to help?