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Hello all, just found this page.
I served in the U.S. Army with the First Air Cavalry Division, 15 Medical Battalion, B company, in AN KAI, VietNam 1964-66.
While there I also volunteer to work in the kitchen since there was a shortage of manpower. Any soldier with more than 90 days finish their tour, was sent to VietNam.
It took us some time to get there with the troop carriers through the Panama Canal, then stopping in California to pick up more troops. It was a long trip.
Some of the soldiers had only a few weeks before they returned home.
I enjoyed helping to prepare the meals but did not like to get up at 4am. After work I helped to carry the wounded and the dead from arriving helicopters.
Loosing a few friends, which were in the same class in Basic Training and AIT to be a Combat Medic, was sad.
I totally lost contact with some of my comrades in New York, since I got Married and moved from the area.
Those of us who came home will carry the memory of those who died but the Memorials everywhere will have the memory of those gone even after we are all gone.
God bless you all and God bless America.