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Subject:Student needs help from Vietnam Vets and family members
Post Date:January 11, 2005 at 13:51:32
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Hello. I am a theatre arts student at SSU and I am researching how the Vietnam War draft effected those involved for a theatrical peice that will be created by the advanced acting program. I need input from
(1)a woman who was in the armed forces during the Vietnam War,
(2)a person who was drafted and served, came back to the US, and left the armed forces,
(3)an eligable male who did not serve (resisted the draft, conscientious objectors, or lottery number was too high),
(4)a surviving family member of a person killed in the Vietnam War,
(5)a person who served a tour of duty in Vietnam, and stayed in the military for at least 20 years.

If anyone can help me with this it woukd be very much appreciated. I have listed the questions below and aswers can be sent to, and yes everything is confidential. Thanks again for allowing this intrusion on your board, and God bless.

Are you male or female?

What were you (or your family member) doing before you got drafted?

What years did you (or family member) serve?

What did you love about the military?

What did you hate about the military?

What was your experience in (or around) Vietnam?

What was your (or family member's) career after that?

What objects would you associate with the draft?

What objects do you associate with being in the military?

What objects would you associate with being in (or around) Vietnam

How did the selective service affect or alter the course of your life?

If you could do something different around military service what would it be?

What was it like the day you (or family member) got your lottery number, what did you do?

What was different when you (or family member) returned from Vietnam?

If there was a draft today what would you want people eligible for it to know?

If there was a draft today, what would you tell politicians?

If you had one thing about the draft that you could say to the world, what would it be?

Is there anything that you want me to know that I did not ask?

Is there anything you would like to ask me?