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I am a 15 year old grandchild of a grandfather named Terry Smith. He was in the vietnam war from 1967 to 1968 and I could never, ever imagine being where he has been in that year. He has seen and experienced things that I will never see or experience in any movie in a movie theater or at home. His mind is always going to remember those days of his life. He is not a bad person for defendding his country but he will never tell his next generations the story of those days. He gave me a few details like him being a POW but he slipped up when he said that much. He hides his class "A" and class "B" uniform so I can't see his medals. He hides every memory of that day. My Grandmother has passed on so I have no knowledge through her as of what happened. I have tried to ask him the storied for reports but no luck what so ever. He just hangs up the phone. He cries and still can't sleep and he's almost 60 years of age. I have come to the realization that if he won't tell me the answers, then I have to go get them myself. He was a First Sergeant in some engineer command unit in the vietnam war from 1967-1968. His name is Terry Alan Smith. He is now retired and I am looking for anyone with any information to this message so that I can follow up on information. PlEASE post back or email me at If it is just a feeling that you remember or know him, even if it isn't correct, i would like to know about any leads. Thank you all. God Bless you!!