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Subject:the secret of our blood is kept in our surname
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Hi everybody!

"the secret of our blood is kept in our surname. Who is able to decode our surname will understand the secret"

Well, I have some news to share with you about the Vidal familyīs history. Itīs turth that we have a wonderful origen!

Vidal comes from the old latin Vitalis which means virtue, from here, was formed in catalān,from Vita means Life, and Vidal (in plural) means abudant life. This is a very typical and popular surname in the countries of parlā catalā (catalan speaking countries):

-Catalonia North (currently the department of the Eastern Pyrenees in France)
-Andorra, a principality between France and Spain
-Catalonia (Generalitat de Catalunya, Spain -mainly Barcelona and Tarragona)
-Balearic Islands and Valencia (in Spain too)
-Algher, in Italy.

All Vidal members from France, Spain and Italy can find their roots in this areas. From this countries many Vidal emigrates to other european countries, USA, Canadā and Latin American. Today is possible to find Vidal in Belgium,England, Germany and even northren europe.

The surname Vidal was formed for jews who were obligated to convert to catholicism (do not to do so means death)during the Insition times, so this Family members decided to create a surname in catalā to hid the real origen (jewish)but do not losting their past: LIFE,is a very important concept in jewish tradition. With a surname in catalan they could be converted and some of them leave their orignal countries and save their lifes.

This surname was the opportunity to leave their european countries to America. It`s very interesting that in Central America (between Guatemala, Honduras and El Salvador) existis a community named Vidal funded and integrated for Vidal persons only (even merried between them to keept their blood in save and their customs) This family kept in secret they jewish origen,but they continue practicing some customs which in the begining of the 18th īn 19th centuries was unknown for the inhabitants of this zone (spanish, germans, frenchs), for instance, cinrcunsition, do not eat pig meat, to pray in secret to Yaveh, and so on. Today many of them are involved in Catholic religion and only a few have been able to decode the secret. Even in Barcelona it was a custom to establish a CALL (this is a hebrew word to name a community - communities of jews of course, during the inquisition existed many call in catalunya), this custom drive to european Vidal to establshed their Call (community) in Central America,but mantaining their european traditions.

We are european jews, catalan jews to be exact.

Vidal is great family! And itīs wonderful to be a Vidal!

Kisses and hugs for everybody,

Sergio VIDAL.
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