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Just a quick note about the Van Sicklin Cemetery in Brighton, Ontario. The plaque at the front gate reads as follows:

"Van Sicklin Families emigrated from Holland to America before New Amsterdam became New York City. In 1805, a branch of those families, Cornelius and his wife, Hannah Van Sicklin, together with their children Mary, Ferdinand, Sarah, and Elizabeth arrived in upper Canada from the United States and took up residence in the **LAWSON** Settlement. When death overtook this neighborhood, Ferdinand Van Sicklin contributed a half acre of land and established a community burying ground on this knoll, and it became known as the Van Sicklin Cemetery."

Cornelius, whose date of death matches the Eastling bible entry(Mar, 1850), is buried here under the exact spelling "CORNELIUS VAN SICLEN", thus satisfying Ed Gusman's insistence that his name be spelled "exactly" that way. Wife Hannah is also buried as a "VAN SICLEN".

The children listed are the first four born of Cornelius and Hannah. Sarah(Sally) b. New Hackensack, NY, Dec 13, 1795, Ferdinand b. New Hackensack Jun 26, 1798, Elizabeth, b. Dec 17, 1804, Prince Edward, Ontario, and Mary(Maria), who was baptised at Fishkill, NY, and born Sep 15, exact match to the date found in the Eastling bible for Mary(Maria) wife of Luther Calvin Eastling. Now. I realize that Ed is having a real hard time letting go of Violet Voorhees DAR application, so let's put the matter in research perspective:

Documented evidenced proving the claims of the DAR application and the affadavits of Fanny and Ferdinand Eastling:

0- There is no supporting evidence of any kind.

Documented evidence proving the true lineage of Maria Van Siclen Eastling:

1. The Eastling Bible records her father's death as March, 1850. The Van Sicklin cemetery records the death of Cornelius Van Siclen of Brighton as March 19, 1850.

2. The Eastling Bible records Maria's birth as Sept 15, 1801. The baptism at Fishkill records Maria's birth as Sept 15, 1801. Ed will be quick to note that the baptism offers slightly different spellings for the names of the parents, however, land records establish that Cornelius and Hannah of the Fishkill/New Hackensack area are the same couple to settle in Brighton. They travelled with other family...descendants of William Lassing, aka William Lasson, aka William Lassen, aka William Lawson...who was Hannah's grandfather. After selling William's estate, they all departed for Canada, to claim the land bounties offered by England for descendants of former Rebels.

3. Ferdinand Eastling was one of the deponents in Violet's DAR file. I wonder how Maria came up with that name for her son? Considering that Maria of Brighton had a brother and a grandfather named seems pretty obvious.

4. Luther Eastling picked his Crown Land Grant(service in the war of 1812) at lot 26C, Murray, Brighton Township. Cornelius lived on lot 29B, Murray, Brighton Twp. Ed will claim that it was simply a coincidence that Luther picked a piece of land so close to the "wrong" Cornelius Van Siclen, but I believe he chose that land, so that Maria could be close to her parents.

5. There is no record of any Cornelius Van Siclen in Quebec claimed in the DAR application...who could be Maria's father. Moreover, the place named in the DAR application has never existed. Conclusion: 2 elderly people were trying to recreate family history from faded memory. This is why their affadavits contain errors. Memories are not reliable, especially when they called upon more than half a century after the fact.

As to the name "Catharine Johnson" as mother of Maria VS Eastling: the deponents clearly got that name from Violet Voorhees research error. Maria's connection to the Cornelius who married Catharine Johnson - he was her great grandfather, and, oddly, Violet Voorhees legitimate claim to the DAR...had she researched thoroughly. Catharine Johnson was his 2nd no blood connection between Catharine and Maria.

That is the Van Siclen Eastling connection in a nutshell, and is based upon facts and records. The claims of the DAR application and deponents, Fanny and Ferdinand, are clearly in error, and are not supported by any factual/documented evidence. Prior to Violet's DAR application, and it's contents, no family record or family correspondence ever referred to Maria's mother by the name "Catharine", let alone specifically "Catharine Johnson". I would be happy to provide references to any/all documents referred to.