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The surnames are, of course, very familiar, but how they fit in would require a good deal more information. I assume the names mentioned, along with the percentages, were for living people? There was a George Van Sicklin in Brighton, lived 1844 to 1928. He was a grandson of Cornelius of Murray(<8>George <7>John <6>Cornelius <5>Ferdinand <4>Cornelius). He is listed, though, as George "A", not George "V". There was a Theodorus Van Sicklen(<6>Theodorus, <5>Johannes, <4>Johannes), named for his grandfather, Theodorus Van Wyck, so probably a connection to the Theodorus mentioned. Ferdinand(<5>Ferdinand, <4>Cornelius) married Elisabeth Brouwer. Hannah Lawson who married Cornelius Van Sicklen was the granddaughter of William Pieterse Lassen(aka Lassing, Lossing), and Anna Van Sicklen, d.o. <4>Cornelius, was married to John Pieterse Lassen(aka Lawson, etc). You have a number of potential entry points for most of the surnames you mentioned, and in many cases, more than one. I know from Cornelius<4> will, he left land to sons Ferdinand, Hendrick, Cornelius, and Court....but I am unsure which sons got which land. Ferdinand appears to have stayed in the Rombout area, while Court moved back to Gravesend. Court may have inherited the land in question. Cornelius Jr(<5>Cornelius, <4>Cornelius) is an uncertain, other than his wife, Sarah Van Wyck, is buried at New Hamburgh.

I suspect that <5>Ferdinand and his descendants, including Cornelius of Murray and the Lawsons there, were not a part of the Gravesend claims, because of the 1806 will. <5>Anna, married to John P Lawson, may be the source of the Lawson claimants. There were other Van Sicklen-Brouwer connections in Dutchess other than the wife of <5>Ferdinand. There was a Court Johnson married to an Elinor Brower that also caught my eye. Harriet Brower to David Lawson. With these families intermarrying with regularity, it would be complicated to separate out who came from who. For myself, I simply haven't studied the complete family in enough detail to say with any certainty. My focus has been with those Van Sicklens who link to my primary line, Van Keuren. Hannah Lawson was d.o. Margriet Van Keuren, married to Simon Willemsz Lassen, which makes the Eastlings Van Keuren descendants. Hannah's sister-in-law, Maria Van Sicklen(<6>Maria, <5>Ferdinand, <4>Cornelius) married Matthew Van Keuren. Maria's sister Catharina married Jacobus(James) Van Keuren. This is the "why" of my particularly keen interest in this Van Sicklen line. When I first corresponded with Ed Gusman, I really knew very little of <4>Cornelius' family with 2nd wife, Catharine Johnson, but I did know enough that the scenario presented in Violet Voorhees DAR application was highly suspect. It didn't take a great deal of additional research to identify the errors.

To return to the original question....I think the 1806 Will(<4>Cornelius) is probably the key to "why" <5>Ferdinand's descent may not have had a part in this land case, which would leave out the Eastling line as well.