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Subject:Re: Van Siclen/Van Sicklen Controversy revisited”
Post Date:September 10, 2001 at 19:24:05
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Mr Gusman's post was very long...but, unfortunately, contained nothing of value. The rantings about the legal value of Oaths and affadavits are absolute nonsense. People lie under oath and give false affadavits every day. That is why courts sort out truth from fiction. The affadavits are little more than hearsay evidence, unsupported by ANY real evidence. The only place that an "Oath" guarantees truth is in Ed's Fantasy World...the same Fantasy World where 'HIS' ancestors lived. I stress the word 'HIS', because no Eastlings are descended from the marriage of a Cornelius Van Siclen and a Catharine Johnson. That is pure fiction, created by the research error committed by Violet Voorhees. To my knowledge, Ed Gusman is the only Eastling researcher that has not yet figured that out.

Eddy still stresses over the "EXACT SPELLING". To all knowledgeable and experienced genealogists, this irrational fixation illustrates his lack of credibility. And he scores it like a baseball game..."Van Siclen wins by a score of 8 to 2". Unfortunately, in the entire DAR package, of which the affadavits are a part, Van Siclen loses by a score of 18 to 9.

As to my evidence for Maria being the d.o. Cornelius VS and Hannah Lawson, it goes well beyond 1 Fishkill record. For anyone truly interested, all you need do is read back through the Van Sickle threads to pick up the references. I am not going to list them all again, as that has been well overdone. The evidence is overwhelming and conclusive. The 2 key pieces are 1. The Fishkill baptism, which provides an exact birth match to the Eastling Bible, and 2. the Cemtery record for Father(Cornelius) Van Siclen at Murray Ontario, which also provides an exact match to the Eastling Bible. And, yes, Cornelius was buried under Ed Gusman's preferred spelling "Van Siclen", further destroying his nonsensical "exact spelling" argument. Ed Gusman is a desparate man clinging to a piece of fiction that has no basis in fact. Like everyone else, I wish he would quit wasting our time with empty rhetoric. If he has source documents, he needs to provide references. The affadavits prove nothing other than that people can repeat the mistakes of others...under oath. Bluntly put...Ed Gusman has never done any research, he has no primary source documents in his possession relating to the parents of Maria VS Eastling, and he has no intentions of pursuing any. He simply waves the affadavits the around and expects everyone to accept them on faith alone, while blindly looking away from the real evidence. To anyone who has been taken in by the Gusman Fantasy, you have my sympathies.