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Subject:Re: Van Curen are we being flim flamd
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Forum URL: are saying that your family name has always been spelled, EXACTLY - VAN HUREN.

Since I know what the name means, and I know how it was spelled in Dutch, just defeated your own argument. Care to make a large wager about whether I can dig up records from your EXACT family line that have different spellings? I have searched millions of records, and have never ran across a family whose records were always limited to one spelling. "Exact Spelling" is the claim of someone who is not knowledgeable of genealogy research.

Just for the sake of argument, let's consider the Exact spelling issue. The exact spelling of Maria's maiden on page 1 of the Notary's certification of the Bible entries is VAN SICKLIN, not VAN SICLEN. Lot B29, Murray, Ontario was originally deeded to Cornelius VAN SICKLIN(name on the cemetery is VAN SICKLEN), spelled exactly, he was the father of Maria who was born at Fishkill, Sep 15, 1801, exactly. Maria VS Eastling, by certified Bible entry, was born Sep 15, 1801, exactly. There is your proof, using proven dates, and the exact spelling of the Notary's certificate.

Yes, Ferdinand used ONLY Van 82 year old man working from a 60 year old memory. Doesn't prove he knew it for a fact. Clearly, his sister wasn't sure, so I contend he wasn't either. If you believe that the entries in the bible were made by Maria herself, then the VAN SICLEN exact spelling argument fails. Refer again to the Notary's spelling of the entries. Maria is NEVER referred to as a VAN SICLEN in the certified Bible records.

The fact that you would prefer a very weak exact spelling argument which has no basis in fact over conclusive original source documents clearly illustrates your lack of knowledge and experience in the field of genealogy. Perhaps after you have devoted the thousands of hours to research that I have, you will begin to see the light.