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Subject:Conway,Dennis ,Christopher ,George, John /slaves and indentured people mentioned
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Hi ,Have you guys seen the book called " Records of Indentured Servants and Certificates for land" on google?

Tell me your thoughts or if you know of anything.


In it , it has an interesting tidbit.

Aug 16, 1700 Grace Grey , servant to Sam(Samuel?) Mahen , having sworn had a bastard child with Wm. Humphrey servant to Wm Coppage. She is to serve her master one more year for her default and another half a year for her fine. She was fined 500 pds of tobacco for her fine which her master assumed.

Aug 16, 1700 Dennis Conway , hath in court assumed the payment of the 500 pds of tobacco to the parish for his servant Grace Grey 's fine for having a bastard child

Aug. 16 1700 Grace Grey having sworn in court having a bastard child with Wm Humphrey's servant to Wm Coppage. It is ordered that Humphrey's after his time servered or his indentured time exspires , he shall be accountable for the maintaining of the said child.


1639 Timothy Harris servant to George Conway

11/15/1671 Certificate granted to Mr. Ambrose Fielding for 600 acres of land for tranportation of 12 persons which one was named Henry Conoway

10/22/1679 Certificate granted to Richard Cox to assembly for taking up a runaway servant of Mr. Wm. Wildey named John Conoway.

note Wm Wildey married a daughter of Henry Fleet if I remember right.

11/19/1690 Katherine Smyth(servant to Dennis Eyes) having sworn in court having a bastard child with John Magill. It is ordered said Magill forwith ? and pay fine

12/19/1688 John Ogen about 14 years old servant to Dennis Eyes

3/19/1700 Patrick Conner petioned court , he had served his full term for Dennis Eyes

and part for his wife since deceased. Yet Eyes refuses to pay him. Martha Eyes wife of said Dennis Eyes requested to wait to next court to addess the situation.

James Guttery (17 years old) servant to Dennis Conway

Samuel Cammell (age 12 )servant to Dennis Eyes

Alexander Cammell (age 16) servant to Thomas Hobson

( did not get any dates)

11/18/169? Wm. Steward (10 years old)servant to Thomas Maize

6/20/1711 Patrick Grady servant to Christopher Conaway brought to court for absenting himself from his master's serve and it appearing to the court that he adsented himself for 26 days and that his master expended himself 200 pds of tobacco for apprehending him as Mr. John Claughton affirmed to ye court. It is therefore ordered that said Grady serve his said master for his default and for said 200 pds of tobacco.

(My line)

7/17/1700 Jonie Whitten servant to Dennis Conway having a bastard child while in service by one Matthew Canniday , ordered to serve her master one more year.

4/19/1699 James Mulroany servant to Dennis Conway

7/16/1691 John Macdaniel and wife Mary servant to Dennis Eyes

6/18/1679 Thomas Hobson imported 24 persons and among them were listed;

Elizabeth Doggett

Henry Sanders

John Butler

Thomas Wares

Thomas Jeans

Elizabeth Salmon

Alice Argil

Mary Tapett

Thomas Hobson assigned the first 9 to Sam. Mahane and the next 6 to Peter Hack

4/16/1701 Hugh Miller (age 9 ) servant to Sam Mahen

2/ 22/ 1704 Edward Laurence servant to Henry Dawson deceased petion Katherine Dawson , Henry Dawson and John Conaway administrator of said deceased for his corne and clothes having served his time. They were ordered to come to the another court(5/17/1705) to show any cause why Edward Laurence should not be released. The administartor , John Conaway did not show up for court on that day so Edward Laurence was released and granted his corne and clothing.

10/16/1720 from the Will of Dennis Conway. Item , I give unto my loving wife Anne Conway a negro called Cupid to her and her heirs with a servant called Patrick Mackmouris(Mackmourn)

3/13/1747/48 Inventory of George Conway , one servant boy named Samuel Hope.

1/17/1747/48 James Guthrie servant to John Oldham ran away for 46 days and th the expense of his master who paid 1,900 hundred dollars and 5 pds of tobacco in getting him back. James Guthrie ordered to serve his master after his time is up for his default.

Now this is interesting because remember a James Guttery was made a servant to Dennis Conway. I wonder if this is the same James Guthrie mentioned above servant to John Oldham. If this is true then I would believe maybe James Guthrie was given to Ann (Conway) Oldham by Dennis Conway. It would make this proof that Ann Conway who married John Oldham the daughter of Dennis Conway. There are so many different files out that says Ann Conway was someone else's daughter. Any Thoughts?