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Subject:Re: 2 Johns, 2 Susannas, Anne, Hester, Thomas Wright (Write)
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I wholeheartedly agree with your statements about your Anne Walker. John's daughter Hester has to be old enough to have a child born by 1707 or earlier, as that is when grandfather John deeded land to grandson John (possibly second male child of Hester and Thomas Blundell if laws of primogeniture were followed.) His new wife Anne (Walker)Wright, in 1708, released her dower right to land in Richmond County when John sold a parcel to Worsdell. At this point John Sr. was already close to 63 and he probably married a young 18 year old to help him raise his son John Jr. since his first wife Susanna had died. Then Anne gets pregnant and John dies. She is still a very viable young lady, so goes on to marry Thomas Asbury and has 5 or more children. Makes sense to me!

I am not aware of a Benjamin Walker so dont know if he had a daughter Anne.

There were three other John Wrights in Westmoreland Co around the 1670-1710 period, but one was referred to as "gentleman", one an overseer, and the other as "planter."
Susanna Williams is the wife of the Overseer. That was a mistake on our part, early in our research of the Blundells.

I do, however, admit the possibility that John Wright, Jr was born earlier, to Susanna, (Susanna and Anne are not the same person!) and was probably quite small when John Sr married Anne Walker. I've been trying to ascertain if Susanna was a Sorrell, due to the bequest to the Sorrell girl. I believe daughters Hester and Susanna were born in the 1670s or early 1680s. Ann Walker does not leave anything to a son John in her will if I remember correctly, only a granddaughter, who is perhaps Thomas Wright's child? And something just clicked with me: he might have married a Blundell girl. I'll have to check this out.

I would love to get into a discussion of this with you at a later date. My mother just suffered a stroke and I am/will be in and out of town for the next couple of months.

When we get to that discussion, I know another party who will also share with us in trying to solve this puzzle, for as they say "three heads are better than one!" We have worked on it for at least 5 years

I will most gladly share what we have documented, and our conclusions.