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Subject:Re: 2 Johns, 2 Susannas, Anne, Hester, Thomas Wright (Write)
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Tosca, I've recently had someone absolutely insist to me:

FIRST: that John WRIGHT, SR, the blacksmith, NEVER married anyone but Susannah [aka] Anne WALKER... daughter of a Benjamin WALKER... the same "Anne WALKER" who married (2) to Thomas ASBURY. In other words, they now say John WRIGHT, SR never married Susannah WILLIAMS, daughter of Rice WILLIAMS, as this Susannah WILLIAMS, married ANOTHER John WRIGHT.... however, this is not really my main interest.

My main interest is my 'Anne' Nancy WALKER who married (2) in 1716, to Thomas ASBURY, bc: 1685, and Anne who wasn't even born until 1690/92, and could NOT have possibly been the mother of the older children of John WRIGHT, SR, the blacksmith. IF, as they insist, my/or another 'Anne' was the ONLY spouse of John, the blacksmith, then my Thomas ASBURY, SR, married a lady about fifteen years [15 years] OLDER than he... and I don't think so. Also, that my Anne WALKER's father was named Benjamin and NOT Thomas WALKER, JR and his Mary JEFFRIES.

SECOND: That the son of John WRIGHT, SR... John WRIGHT, JR, who married Jane, was BORN in 1700... now, this is also my interest. If John, JR was indeed born in 1700, then he CANNOT be my Anne's son... not at 8 to 10 years of age.

Do you know if there are any documents proving John Wright, JR was born as early as 1700? Perhaps, maybe his marriage date to Jane... this person who insists on the birth year as 1700 is writing a book, coming out next year... is rigid in their beliefs regarding one spouse and the birth year of 1700 for JR, citing as references, four personally owned volumns by Charles HOPPINS in his writings on the WRIGHT families.

Your thoughts on these two items would be greatfully appreciated, or anyone else with an interest. Annie