Subject:1623-1666 -Baven in absts of VA Land Patents and Grants
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Source Book: Cavaliers and Pioneers: Abstracts of Virginia Land Patents and Grants 1623-1666, Vol. I., Virginia Land Office, Richmond, VA. by Nell Marion Nugent. Genealogical Publishing, Co., Inc., 1983 Looking: Bivens

Baven, Rich'd 194, 286
Bavin Mary 244
Beaver, Mathew 91
Beavis, Mathew, 563
Beven, Nicho 201
Bevis, Eliz 303
Bevlin, Wm. 370
Bivins, Margt 141

BAVEN, RICHARD 194 (Patent Book No. 2)
"Capt. John Flood, gent., 1100 acs. James City Co., 7 June 1650, p. 227
On S. side the river, bounded S. E. S. upon land of Capt. Henry Brown, N. W. by N. upon land of Mr. Charles Foord, and RICHARD BAVEN. Due by patent for 2100 acs. to sd. Flood, dated 12 May 1638, which is sureendered into the office and part of the rights maketh good this grant, whose names are mentioned under this patent: John Flood, an Ancient Planter, Marg. Flood, Jno Morgan Welch, Roger Harner, Richd Thornbury, Wm. Wood, John Gravelin, John Biby, John Abry, John Cooper, John Cole, Richd Bruce, Joseph Marsh, Barth Horton, John Wright, Eliza Browne, John Lawrence." END

BAVEN, RICHARD 286 (Patent Book No. 3)
"John Blackbourne, 151 acs. Surry Co., 11 May 1652, p. 248
Near Col. Flood's land, bet. Mr. Foards & the Sunken Marsh, etc., S. to the barren Neck Swamp, etc. Imcomplete. Mentions John Flood and RICHARD BAVEN. Trans. of e pers: Tho. Ackerman, Tho. Benleye." END

BEAVER, MATHEW, 91 (Patent Book No. 1-Part II)
"William Morgan, 600 acs. in Chichahominy Riv, within half a mile of the head of the second the second Cr. below the Gulfe upon the E. side of the river, this br. of the Cr. lying N. into the woods bearing from the Cr. N. W. into the woods with a little Indian field neare the Cr. side, 20 May 1638, p.572. Trans. of 12 pers: MATHEW BEAVER (or BEANER), Leonard clackett, isabell Sanders, margarett Wignoll, Melchesidec Lawrance, susan Hare, John Cane (or Cave), edward Langford, David Mack Williams, James taylor, Wm. Dorman, lazarus Thomas. Note: renewed 22 Oct. 1643 & 216 acs. added." END

BEAVIS, MATHEW 563 (Patent Book No. 5)
"Lt. Col. Wm. Hockady (Hockaday), 100 acs, New Kent Co., 31 Mar. 1664/5, p. 526, (644). N. side of mattapony Riv. & S. side of the maine sw. of Peanketank Riv., beg. at a cor. Red oak at the maine sw., being Jno Pig & Evan Davis their corner, running w. inclining Sly. &c. to Jno Exolls Br. &c Graned to Jno Roberts 28 Sept. 1661, by him deserted & granted sd. Hockaday upon petition by order of the Govr. &c., dated with these presents, & further due for trans. of 20 pers: Mary Wiseman, Hanah Boyce, Peter store, Jno Evans, Peter Evans, Wm. Gosling, Ed. Ivery, Jno Simons, Edward Jones, Mary Wms., Jno Simpson, Edw. Vaughan, Jno Townes, Martha Evans, Sarah Cooke, Tho. Ap Tho., MATHEW BEAVIS, Francis Deane, Jno Tray, Henry Godyer." End

BAVIN, MARY 244 (Patent Book No. 3)
"John Blackbourne, 100 acs. Surry Co., 11 Mar 1652, p. 34
Upon the head branches of the Suncken marsh bounded S. S. W. along the land of Mr. Arthur Jordan, W. N. W., then parallel to the first line N. N. E., thence along land of Mr. John Dibdal & his peers; Jon. Blackborne, MARY BAVIN (or BAVIN)

BEVEN, NICHO 201 (Patent Book No. 2)
"George Ludlow, Esqr.,1,000 acs. Northumberland Co., 18 Oct. 1650, p. 258
On S. Side of Potomeck Riv., lyeing S. &.S. W. upon Machotick Cr. Trans. of 20 pers: Symon Land, Jeles Hincastle, David Fleetwood, Joan Millington, Henry Rogers, Ralph Conte, Joan Evan, Hen. Hancklee, John Clarke, Edward Spragge, NICHO. BEVEN, Sam. Boswell, Eliza Boswell, Edward. Greene, John Forbush, Joseph Chipnell, Hugh Forbush, Wm. Callender, Mary Pickers, Robt. Tustall (Note: It is assumed this name should be Tunstall. END

ELIZABETH BEVIS 303 (Patent Book No. 3)
"Thomas Deynes, 500 acs. in Deep Cr., a branch of the S. branch of Eliz. River, 6 June 1654, p. 323. Trans. of 10 pers|: Mary Jackson, Edw. Dense, Robert Meal, Joan Porter, Thomas Porter, Edward Barnes, Humphry Haggist, Elizabeth Towers, ELIZABETH BEVIS, Elizabeth Mathy." END

WILLIAM BEVLIN 370 (Patent Book No. 4)
"Thomas Jones, 1000 acs. Rappa. Co., 5 Sept. 1658. p 187 (275). On Branches of Pascatticon SW. Trans. of 20 pers: Thomas Tipper, Tho. Reddinge, Katherine Browne, James Clerke, Eliz. Jones, Thomas Gill, Wm Boulin (or BEVLIN) Edwd Smith, Robert Abraham, Thomas Joines, Jno. Morgan, Wm Corman." END

MARGARET BIVINS 141 (Patent Book No. 1-Part II)
"Hugh Gwyn, gent., 1,700 acs. near the mouth of Pyankatanke River. 200 acs. of marsh, beg. at a sandy point upon Chisopeaiake Bay, extending up Milford have Bay, to the narrow, bounded by a great bay called stengrabay, being due E. from the mouth of said river, etc. paralletl to Rappahanocke ay, and Sly. Parrellel to Chisopeiake Bay. The following names appear: Christo Higginson, twice, William Parker, Francis Chambers, Rich. Bennett, Mrs. Ann Gwyn, Tho. Taylor, Jon Knight, twice, Rich. Ingram, James Haire, Jon Mills, Jon Bradly, Sarah Allison, Tony a Negroe, Nich. Reynolds, Antho.Carr, David Jenkin, Ashwell Bird, Arundell Parris, Allen Luddington, Nicho. Gibson, Richard Kirby, Wm. Lloyd, Hugh Gwyn, Tho. Dodd, Jon Averry, Hen. Thacker, Nath. Webster, Hen. Crosby, Howell Powell, William Deane, Eliza. Higgison, MARGARET BIVINS, Isabell Richerson, Tho. Hartley, Nicholas Jones alias Bonds. Jan 17, 1742, Page 865. END

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