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Some Southampton County, Virginia, family notes compiled by Henry
W. Gould (b. 1928):

Mordecai Bradshaw, died about 1865?
- - - - - - - - -
He had a son Mordecai H. Bradshaw who married Amy Barham.

Amy was a sister of Sally Henry Barham (c.1816-1885) who married James Gould (1834-1902) . . . date of marriage not recorded but
believed to be around 1855-60. Sally was living with this Mordecai
Bradshaw family when James met her. James later married Martha
Ann Norsworthy in 1885, and they were my grandparents. Martha , born 1862, died at our house in Portsmouth, Virginia, in March of 1934. I remember her quite well and we still have her old bed.
Sally was said to have been born in Warren County, N.C. and some say
the family was from Petersburg, Va. I have found a record of a Sally
Barham who was born in N.C. in 1816 and whose family moved around in
N.C. and Virginia, but I need more information.

James Gould bought and/or sold land to Mordecai H. Branch in 1866 and 1875. (Southampton County court records)

Amy and Sally (Sarah) had a brother named William Henry Barham, of whom I know very little. We have always been told that their mother
was named Elizabeth (last name unknown).

Mordecai and Amy Bradshaw had the following children that I know of:
1. Matty, who married Octavius (Tavy) Wells;
2. Sarah, who married John Harris;
3. Susan (Sue) S., who married Alec Branch (see account below );
4. Hawk, who is said to have disappeared. My grandfather James Gould
thought a great deal of Hawk Bradshaw; Hawk and
5. David, who married Ella Branch (see separate account below);
6. William Henry, who married Sally Howell.
- - - - - - - - -
William Henry and Sally had two children:
1. Annie Mae;
2. Myrtle.
- - - - - - - - -
David Bradshaw married Ella Branch and their children were named after the months in which they were born:
1. Christmas Belle, who was born on Christmas Day;
2. August;
3. April Clay;
4. Bonnie May;
5. September Day;
6. October Day;
7. December Dilla.
- - - - - - - - -
Alec Branch and Sue had eight children:
1. Mattie;
2. Sally;
3. Annie;
4. Bernice;
5. Amy;
6. Willy, whose full name I believe was William Mordecai Branch (see obit.) He was the oldst son.
7. Bobby;
8. Gurney, the youngest son.

A family legend says that Alec drank a lot. He finally had an accident
where he was thrown into a ditch in a couple of feet of water and his
horse fell in on top. He drowned. Later when his body was laid out to
be dressed for burial, the needed cuff links and my grandfather James
Gould took his off and gave them for the purpose.

- - - - - - - - -

December Dilla Bradshaw married Fenton Beale.
They had a daughter Catherine Beale who married Mills E. Godwin.
Mills Godwin became Governor of Virginia. He was inaugurated on
Saturday 15 Jan. 1966.

Catherine Beale was a bit younger than my first cousin Ogie Lee Crumpler who was born in 1915.

- - - - - - - - - -

Benjamin Watkins Lee Gould (1833-1916, a brother of my grandfather
James Gould, married Eliza A. Bradshaw (b. 1833, died 1860). They
were married in Nansemond County, where he was a farmer. He had
served in the Confederate Arny during the war. I have a marvelous old
tintype of hin with an enormous long beard.
We know that Eliza A. Bradshaw was a cousin of some sort to Mordecai
Bradshaw. She was a daughter of Rudie and Martha Bradshaw.

- - - - - - - - -
My father Robert Edward Lee Gould (1890-1974) and his sister
Genella Dulane Gould Crumpler (1886-1973) went to school at the old
Cottage Hill School in Southampton County with Mordecai Hawkins Lowe, who must have been related in these families also. This was
prior to about 1905.

- - - - - - - - -
From family notes collected since about 1964.
I have many other notes and records on many of these people.
Henry W. Gould, 25 January 2001.