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Subject:Richard Thompson Jessie possible Hackney descendant
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Can someone help me find the parents of Richard Thompson Jessie and who was his wife Ellen? I don’t have her maiden name. Thanks in advance!

Jane McClanahan b. May 1880 Poplar Creek, Buchanan County, VA. Died 02 Mar 1954 Paw Paw, Pike County, KY. She married 03 Aug 1893 Buchanan Co, VA to Richard Thompson Jessie. Richard's parents were Jefferson Jessie & Ellen unk.

Jane was born and raised at the head of Poplar Creek, Buchanan County, Virginia. Near Grundy, Va.

Jane McClanahan was a d/o William David McClanahan b. Mar 1860 Buchanan Co, VA. & Mary (Ramey)? b. May 1866 Pike Co, KY.

Thomps died when a tree fell on him crushing him. He worked for a logging company.
Source: Lillian Jackson daughter of Jane and Tom Jackson.

1900 Buchanan County VA census said marriage date was 1887 and they'd been married 13 years.
He lived: United States Census, 1900 Kentucky Pike
0086 Magisterial District 7, Burning Fork, Meathouse Precincts

1900 Meathouse Pike KY
Jessie Richard Head W M August 1868 31 M 13 yrs Farmer VA VA VA
Jane Wife W F May 1880 20 M 13 yrs mother of 3, 3 living Farmer KY KY KY
Marion G. Son W M Mar 1886 14 Farm Laborer KY VA KY
James H Son W M April 1896 4 KY VA KY
Benjamin Son W M April 1896 4 KY VA KY
William Son W M August 1898 1 KY VA KY

1900 Pike Co KY
Richard Jessie 31
Jane Jessie 20
Marion G Jessie 14 [Marion was Richard Thompson Jesssie’s son by his 1st wife Frances Alta Shillings]
James Henry Jessie 4 [My paternal Grandfather]
Benjamin Jessie 4 [Henry’s twin Benjamin [Harrison Jessie whom my father was named aft]
William Jessie 1 [William McKinley]

Richard and Jane had a daughter named Roxie Jessie she Abt. 1896 Majestic, Pike County, Kentucky. She married Sanford Blankenship and they had Irene Merrell Blankenship b. Abt. 1925 Majestic, Pike County, Kentucky.

       Susan Jurban - Oct 2, 2010
       Pamela, Thanks for the additional information for Jane McClanahan. The R. T. Hackney that married Jane & Richard Thompson Jessie was Richard Thompson Hackney - wonder if there was a relationship between the two of them? R. T. Hackney had a sister named Ellender, often called Ellen, wonder if she could have been Richard Thompson Jessie's mother? Ellender Hackney m. ca. 1851 to Joseph W. Anderson, and they divorced in 1867:
Russell County, VA Early Divorces:
--1867, 31 Sep: Joseph W. Anderson vs Ellender Anderson... Ellender guilty of adultery... [RCV COB 1:394]

Ellender is listed in the 1880 Buchanan County, VA Census in the household of her brother, Alexander.
1880 Buchanan Co VA Census, pg. 31: #224 Hackney, Alexander 33 m farm VA VA VA; Mary 25 m w VA VA VA; Rena 5 d VA; Andy 6/12 Nov s VA; Elender 52 wd sister VA; Thompson 16 s nep VA

I have not been able to learn anything about her son, Thompson b. ca. 1864 - do you think that he might have actually been Richard Thompson Jessie???
Susan Jurban - Oct 2, 2010
       Pamela, The age for Thompson in the 1880 Census could be wrong. I would like to see what else I can find out about Ellender's divorce from Joseph Anderson. Maybe the divorce records would indicate who she was guilty of adultery with. My best guess for a father for Richard Thompson would be Jefferson Jessee. There were three of them in Russell County, VA - Jefferson Jessee b. ca. 1802; d. 1866; his son, Jefferson B. Jessee b. 1842; d. 1863 (Gettysburg) and Jefferson Jessee b. ca. 1842, s/o James & Catherine Fuller Jessee, who lived in Wise Co VA.

       Susan Jurban - Dec 3, 2012
       Hi Pamela, Thanks so much for confirming that Dewey's parents were Freelin & Ida Stiltner McClanahan!!

As for your Richard Thompson Jessie - I don't think J. H. Jessee & Ellen Frayley were his parents. I found them in the 1870 Census with a daughter named Minnie and J. H. is listed as John H., not Jefferson. In 1880, John H. & Ellen were in TX:

1870: Gladeville, Wise, Virginia: #105
John H Jessee 22 farmer 1000 233 VA
Ellen F Jessee 27 keeping house VA
Minnie B Jessee 1 VA

1880: Precinct 5, Montague, Texas Dist 123: 8-8
John H. Jesse 31 m farmer VA VA VA
Ellen F. Jesse 40 w m keeping house VA VA VA
Minnie B. Jesse 11 d s VA VA VA
Carrie Jesse 9 d s VA VA VA
Barbay W. Jesse 1 d s VA VA VA

I think I asked you before if you think Richard Thompson Jessie might have been the s/o Ellender Hackney who m. Joseph Anderson. Ellender & Joseph divorced in 1867, and Ellender was found guilty of adultery. In the 1880 Census, Ellender and her son, Thompson Hackney, age 16 (b. ca. 1864) were living with her brother, Alexander Hackney. Ellender had a brother named Richard Thompson Hackney and I believe her son probably was also named Richard Thompson. I have not found any record of a Richard or Thompson Hackney b. ca. 1864 after the 1880 Census, and wonder if he might have changed his surname.                

       Pamela Marlene Estep - Dec 4, 2012
       Susan you asked me before if I knew where Richard Thompson Jessie died and was buried. I'm sure it was either in Pike Co, KY or Buchanan Co, VA. And he's possibly buried somewhere at Paw Paw, Pike Co, KY. There's a family cem behind my Aunt Ruby Jessie Ramey's home over at Paw Paw and I've never walked up to it but I've been to her home many times over the years. It is a short distance from their yard maybe 50 feet or so. My grandfather Henry Jessie is buried there. And I believe that my Great Grandmother Jane McClanahan Jessie Jackson is buried at Stiltner Cemetery, Bethlehem Old Regular Baptist Church, Poplar Creek, Rt 2, Grundy, Buchanan County, Virginia.

       Pamela Marlene Estep - Dec 4, 2012
       Richard Thompson Hackney died at Paw Paw, KY. where I grew up. you may be onto something.

The more I read the notes about Ellender Hackney and other's I think you have hit the nail on the head. I'm starting to believe she was Richard Thompson Jessie's mother. I have heard some of my family talking about us being kin to the Hackney's but I never did know how.

But still there's the question of Richard Thompson Jessie's birthdate being Aug 1868.. Ellender and Joseph divorced 1867. Was the last part of 67? She would have gotten pregnant with Richard in Dec 1867.. that's if she carried him the full term.                

       Susan Jurban - Dec 5, 2012
       Pamela, I don't have the actual divorce record for Ellender & Joseph, just what I found on the Russell Co VA Genweb site, which indicates they divorced 31 Sept 1867. The actual record might state who Ellender was guilty of adultery with. I have not been able to locate Ellender in the 1870 Census. According to the 1900 Census, she was the mother of 6, 3 living. In 1910, Ellender was listed as Ellen Anderson, mother of 6, 1 living.

Russell County, VA Early Divorces:
--1867, 31 Sep: Joseph W. Anderson vs Ellender Anderson... Ellender guilty of adultery... [RCV COB 1:394]
Susan Jurban - Dec 5, 2012
       I doubt that divorce records would be online, the Russell Co VA Genweb has a listing of early divorces at:

I've seen some early Hackney divorce records, and they include testimony from witnesses. I think it would be interesting to try to obtain the original divorce record and see if the man that Ellender was guilty of adultery with is mentioned. If it turns out to be Jefferson Jessee, I think that would help to prove that Richard Thompson Jessie was their son!!