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Subject:Re: Adams & Pigg families of Pittsylvania County, VA, plus Clark County, KY
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Here is more information to consider. The claim that John Adams, Sr. (d. 1815) of Pittsylvania County, VA was born ca. 1730 in Fairfax County, VA is also unsubstantiated. It does, however, appear in a number of places, but without proof based on actual documents and not just something found in a secondary source based on speculation. For instance, as of today, there are around 200 "public trees" posted to for John Adams, Sr. (d. 1815) and another 50 or so "private trees."

A quick review of those shows the following places for the "birth" of John Adams, Sr. (d. 1815) of Pittsylvnia County, VA: "USA" plus at least these 4 counties in Virginia: Charlotte County, Albermarle County, Fairfax County, and Prince William County.

Further, his birth year on these "public trees" varies: 1720, abt 1723, 1723, abt 1730, 1730, 1732. Also his death is usually given as 1815, but many have it as 19 Jan 1815, when he wrote his will.

Further, for Elizabeth, the wife of John Adams, Sr. (d. 1815), I found the following listed for her maiden surname: Jones and Cain, plus some listed her as "Elizabeth John Adams" and one as "Elizabeth John Pigg." Most "public trees," fortunately, entered no such speculation.

Also, a look at information posted for the wife of William Adams, son of John Adams, Sr. (d. 1815) will bring up several choices along with different birth and death years.

One group sheet listed John Adams, Sr. (d. 1815) with 2 sons named William and 3 sons named Nathan. Curious! (I'm guessing that this maybe happened due to merging other people's information and then just accepting it without even re-reading the results??) I can only wonder.

My point? That there is an enormous amount of information on the Internet that appears to be just posted without much regard to accuracy or sources. Indeed, from having researched the Pittsylvania County, VA Adamses for many years, I am aware of where and how some of the speculation came about. And now seeing prior speculation accepted unquestionably as "true" -- and then spread further as "true" -- is, to say the least, very unfortunate.

Note: This message is NOT an indictment of everything on the Internet, but a plea for all researchers NOT to just accept everything someone else posts as true without verification. See if they provide real sources that state what they claim, and if not, look for real sources! I know from my own earlier research how easy it is to accept information from other researchers or from secondary sources as "true," only to later find out that it wasn't. So I, too, have learned the hard way not to do this.

Thanks for listening and again, good luck with your research.