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Subject:Martin Templeton, b.1767, Pittsylvania Co.
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Back in 2002, Tom Spencer & 2 others posted informative info on a John, Robert, and Martin Templeton, all related, and having been in Pittslvania and adjacent VA counties in 1770s. Martin lived his whole life on Straightstone Creek. In 1789 he received his 100 acres there from Robert). Robert is the man we know least about, though he could have been the grandfather of Martin and his brother Thomas Clayton, and the father of John.
Martin, John, and Thomas Clayton have a 99% probability of a common ancestor within 1-2 generations from them based on DNA tests of 11 Templetons from 4 "clans" -one from John's descendants in the Rocky Creek area of Iredell Co, NC, one clan from one of Martin's descendants, one clan from Thos' decendants in Scott C0, VA & one clan from an unknown area of Iredell Co.
Robert is a possible candidate for being the common ancestor of all 4 clans but all we know about him is (1) in 1763 he had 155a on Louse Cr. in neighboring Charlotte Co before(2) getting 100a on Straitstone Cr. in 1779 & (3) he & wife sold/gifted it to Martin in 1789.
We are 98% certain there is a family connection between Robert on Straightstone Creek, Martin on the same land after him,John & Thos.. But we don't yet have documentation on the relationships.
Hope someone can help in Robt family info. Willing to share what we have.