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Subject:Thomas Jones ~ dau Susannah Jones Griffith
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Howdeee Cousin, I descend from Susannah's sister, Jemima Jones. Years ago I found the marriage record in Henry Co, VA of Jemima Jones to William Standefer 30 Mar 1757, her father was listed as Thomas Jones.

In Bledsoe Co, TN in 1824 Mary Jones gave a slave to her daughter "Jermina" wife of William Standefer. I dropped Thomas and Mary Jones, so common, and never worked on them until a trip to the FHL this past April. First I found a little "booklet" of about 25 pages covering 3 prominent Jones families in Anderson and Roane Co, TN. Only slightly more then one page on a Thomas Jones, but fourth line caught my attention. Thomas bought land that was proven in court by Wm Standefer. This page went on to give names of children of Thomas (no mention of wife Mary), plus names of the men some of his daughters married. Two of his daughters married men named Peak. Children of Thomas were listed in the Peak Family Bible (didn't say which Peak family) and among them was Jemima Jones born 1761. This matches information I already had on Jemima born 15 Aug 1761, from a Standefer Bible.

Author Snyder E. Roberts born 1904, died 1994 (SDDI) last residence Anderson Co, TN. So, can't contact him, but guess that's why he was an expert on Anderson Co, TN people.

"Thomas Jones lived at the head of Gamble Valley (present day Oak Ridge) and had for neighbors: William Griffith (his son-in-law), Douglas Oliver Sr., Jacob Peak (son-in-law), Collin Roberts, William Standefer, and Jacob Butler."
"Thomas Jones was old enough to have sons-in-law who fought in the Rev. War. [is son-in-law Wm Standefer fought in the Rev War] His daughter, Savannah[sic] Jones (1765-1843) married (1782) William Griffith in Franklin County, VA, and the Griffith records state that both he and Thomas Jones fought in the Rev. War. [Following sentence typed as shown, starts off as if he was going to say more about Thomas and Rev War] However, Thomas Jones' daughter Mary Jones (1769-1846) married Jacob Peak (1769-1853) and Thomas' daughter Lydia Jones (1776--) married (1784) Abel Peak (1756-1833) in Scott Co, TN.) No Jones Bible has been found but at least part of Thomas Jones children were listed in the Peak family Bible. The ones listed are: Joseph Jones (b.1756) probably never came to Tenn., Jemima Jones (1761), Susannah Jones (1765), Sarah Jones (1767), Mary Jones (1769), Thomas Jones, Jr. (1771) moved to Bledsoe Co, TN in 1814 where he associated with Amos Griffith and the Standifers[sic], Fanny Jones (1773) and Lydia Jones (1776)."
The author goes on to say the above children listed in Peak family Bible but did not say that Thomas Jones was their father. He also seemed to think James Jones Sr, b 1788 VA, should have been included as a son of Thomas, but I don't see any proof. He goes on with information on James Jones Sr, who md Nancy Butler. Since Butler was one of the neighbors of Thomas Jones, maybe that is why he thinks James belonged to the Thomas Jones family. But, I think birth year for James is too late to be child of Thomas.

Of course I found information just before we had to fly home, so I have a long list of things to check on my next trip to SLC. I notice you have full date of marriage for Wm Griffith and Susannah Jones, was that also in Henry Co, VA? Note the booklet said Franklin Co, VA. But, Franklin wasn't formed until 1785.

I now have six direct lines in Henry Co, VA at about the same time. Frederick Hutchins, George Poor (Daddy's side of my family) and from Momma's -- Thomas Jones, William Standefer, and just found Daniel Rice (wife Judy / Judith) and Joseph Shores Price and wife Charity (Bagby ?). When I include names that married into these families I feel like I know half of the people in the county. LOL

Glad to share, feel like I'm on a roll now, and I plan on working on this line some more. My next trip to SLC will be in January.

Happy Hunting (^_^)