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I found this online. The "columns" did not come through in my copy and paste but it should be easy to identify.

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The Census Enumeration Districts of Halifax County, VA 1880
Written by Mark Womack

Many family researchers have had the opportunity to search for their ancestors in the original census schedules. It is always a thrill to find the person you've been looking for, and to get the snapshot of their life and family at the time the census was taken. There is much information that can be gleaned from the original census schedules, but this article will focus on the information about the physical area to which the census taker was assigned, or as it is called the 'enumeration district'.

At the top of each sheet of the census schedules is an enumeration district number, district name, county name, and state in which the census was taken. This is usually enough to give a rough idea of where an ancestor lived. However, few people realize that the recent censuses, 1880 through 1920, have very exact descriptions of the enumeration district boundaries. This information can be used to better pinpoint the location of an ancestor and could be useful when sorting through county deeds and court orders.

Prior to 1880, all that was recorded by the census office was the name of the census taker (enumerator) and the district he recorded (enumerated). For Halifax County, this is fairly boring information since there were just two districts, the Northern and Southern Districts. The author is not sure of the exact boundary between these districts, but believes it ran close to the Banister and Dan Rivers (see Avenues for further research below).

Starting in 1880, not only were the names of the enumerators recorded, but the boundaries of the district to which they were assigned was also recorded. These descriptions become more precise with each census after 1880. The post office address for the district is also recorded.

Enumeration Districts

The enumeration districts for the 1880 and 1900 censuses are listed below. You will notice that the boundaries are described using county landmarks such as creeks, rivers, towns, roads, and railroad tracks. Knowledge of the locations of these landmarks is needed to create the proper context . It helps to have a fairly detailed map of the county.

If you happen to have a copy of the census schedule sheet that your ancestor is recorded on, then find the enumeration district number and name of the enumerator at the top of sheet and match it with the information in the following tables.


1880 Census
Names of Persons employed as Enumerators for the several Enumeration Districts of the Second Supervisor's District of Virginia with description of their subdivisions (Halifax County Only):

No. of Enumeration District Description of Enumeration District Name of Enumerator Post-Office Address

Banister (Magisterial Dist.). All east of this line: Start at Bridge at South Boston. up Main St and Court House road to fork of Danville road near R. N. Owens. up Danville road to Mountain Grubby road along the Grubby road to mountain road. up mountain road to Hughes Store. along Meadesville road to Pole Cat Creek.
W. P. Howerton (Enumerator)
Halifax C. H. (Post Office)

Banister (Mag. Dist.) All west of the above line.
R. Hunter Beazley
South Boston Depot

Birch Creek (Mag. Dist.) All north of Birch Creek.
James D. Hankins
News Ferry

Birch Creek (Mag. Dist.) All south of Birch Creek.
Wm. M. Barksdale
News Ferry

Black Walnut (Mag. Dist.) All east of this line: beginning at Medley's Ferry on Dan River, thence by the road to Black Walnut, thence along the Roxboro road to the North Carolina line.
T. A. Owen
Black Walnut

Black Walnut (Mag. Dist.) All west of the above line.
Gratton H. Armistead
Wolf Trap Depot

Meadsville (Mag. Dist.)
C. S. Lacy

Mount Carmel (Mag. Dist.)
Wm. E. Richardson

Red Bank (Mag. Dist.) All north of this line: from Mecklenburg Co. line along the Royster road to Hyco River at Griffin's Bridge, thence up Hyco River to Black Walnut Dist. line.
J. H. Howerton

Red Bank (Mag. Dist.) All south of same line.
James E. Torian

Roanoke (Mag. Dist.) All north of Clark's Ferry Rd.
J. M. Carrington
Mt. Laurel

Roanoke (Mag. Dist.) All between the Clark's Ferry road and the Richmond & Danville R. R.
Samuel Skipworth
Clays Mills

Roanoke (Mag. Dist.) All south of the Richmond & Danville R. R.
E. M. Howerton
Clover Depot

Staunton (Mag. Dist.) All that part north and east of Republican Grove, and east of the road which leads from the fork east of Republican Grove below Fisher's Shop across Creek to Collins Ferry.
James N. Guthrie

Staunton (Mag. Dist.) All that part south and west of said line.
John Wimbish
Green Hill, Campbell Co.

Source: National Archives, Census T1224, Roll 6. Transcribed by Mark Womack, March 1999.