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If you are not familiar with the Cherokee People, and their History, now might be a good time to learn.
Rather than throwing out some "myth-information" that you've read on the Internet, try looking at FACTUAL information.
The Cherokee People have a long, and very well documented history, from the 1700's onwards, such was their interaction with the Colonial and Federal governments.

Whilst there are numerous groups calling themselves Cherokee this and Cherokee that, there are only 3(three) legitimate/legal Federally Recognized Tribes/Nations.

They are :
The Cherokee Nation (Oklahoma)
The United Keetoowah (Oklahoma)
The Eastern Band of the Cherokee (NC)

*They all said they were "white" It was not legal to be Indian except on a reservation.*

Clearly, another piece of "myth-information".
And, not substantiated by facts.
As there are hundreds of families listed as Indian residing in the general population, from 1790 onwards, I can only assume my family, along with thousands of others, were just lying ?
Gosh, were they really "white" and "hiding their ancestry" ??? Pretending to be Indian ?
Where were these "reservations ???

Not sure which country you live in, so it's understandable you may not know anything of American Indian/Virginia history, or just history in general.
It's possible, the country you reside in does not have the word segregation in it's vocabulary/dictionary.
And you'd be forgiven for not understanding anything about about the miserable plight/ongoing struggle of non- white persons in the the US.

Until you have some grasp on any of the above, it might be an idea NOT to post this type of inaccurate, misleading, and downright offensive "myth-information".

Kathy Roberts
Virginia Indian