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Thank you so much. If you find any other items I should order, please do let me know.

Long story... will try to make this brief (however complex as it is tis tough to briefen). I have recently learned that Benjamin Franklin Cage (1814-1887) my 3rd great grandfather's parentage is in question and the DAR has red flagged/frozen all new applicants due to the parentage issue. History books have been incorrectly written it appears and other DAR prior approved applicants apparently assumed that Capt John Cage & Thankful Morgan of TN had a son named Benjamin Franklin Cage (when newly found Wills indicate that they only had one son named Benjamin and his name was Benjamin Morgan Cage (1823-1848). I had this Benjamin in my tree as younger brother of my Benjamin Franklin Cage prior to this new finding. I have spent the last couple months researching this and have reason to believe that Benjamin Franklin Cage (1814-1887) may have been a son of Jesse Cage (later the husband of Ann Davis) and the mother being Rebecca Eliza Winchester being before Jesse married Ann Davis. Rebecca Eliza Winchester likely did not marry whom was likely an unwed mother at the time of his birth - Birthname was Trophonious James Cage Winchester and in Nov 1819 she went through Sumner county, TN courts and changed his name to Benjamin Franklin Cage in Nov 1819 of which I ordered certified copy of that record already (so, only 1/2 of this parentage is proven - as I have also confirmed his mother in newspaper archives (and ordered copies of these land transactions from Kerr Co Tx records) regarding land transactions where she and sons of her Beck marriage swore to Rebecca Eliza Winchester-Beck to be the biological mother of my Benjamin Franklin Cage - Eliza married an Abraham Beck when my Benjamin was abt 1 yr old and I have found this family and know from 1820 census that my Benjamin was not listed in the Beck household in 1820 (it only included Jesse, Ann (wife), and two sons which match the age of their two sons born between the day they married and the date of the 1820 cesus - no entry that would indicate my Benjamin Franklin Cage lived with them), so I am currently assuming that he was living with his unknown CAGE biological father and at this time Jesse Cage, son of Benjamin Cage is my most likely candidate as being potentially the biological father).

Now I highly suspect that Jesse Cage (son of Benjmain Cage and unknown mother) is the most likely to have been the father of my Benjamin Franklin Cage.

I found some info on the Charlotte co, VA archives website which I have ordered copy of 1) Jesse Cage and Ann Davis marriage which indexes show two different marriage years with same marriage month day but two different years 1804 and 1814 (I think the August 23, 1814 is likely correct versus 1804) - My Benjamin Franklin Cage was born in June 1814 (so this would be before Jesse married Ann Davis and Benjamin Franklin Cage would have been only 2 months old, so if this is Jesse's father which I highly expect to be - then he had a son with Rebecca Winchester on 08 June 1814 and she married Beck in May 1815 and if Jesses Cage is the biological father than he married Ann Davis in August 1814 and the two of them may have raised my Benjamin Franklin Cage along with their later natural born children to Jesse's marraige with Ann Davis). I believe that Jesse and Ann had likely at least 6 children in their marriage and then my Benjamin Franklin Cage)

Anyway, here's what my research and some research notes I received from another researcher in the past week:

BENJAMIN CAGE (assumed father of Jesse Cage) - also I have strong belief that this Benjamin Cage was quite likely a son of William Cage (assumed died ca 1838) and Margaret Wilson (assumed died ca 1846 )of Maryland so I assume if Benjamin was their son he would likley have been born ca 1720-1730 likely in Maryland, serving in Militia at age 28-38, marrying around 1740-1750 and dying at age 61-71 before Nov 1791(bet 1781-1791) in Charlotte Co, VA.

Benjamin Cage (assumed father of Jesse Cage) arrived in Charlotte VA ca 1758 and died there before Nov 1791. Would love to find out where he was buried and whom he was married to and when she died. One item I just ordered from the website index was Benjamin Cage probate/Will in Charlotte Co, VA ca Nov 1791 filed in index in 1792. I do not know who this Benjamin Cage's wife was nor when she died, but I believe they had at least 5 and more likely at least 6 children (including a son: Jesse Cage, whom I think may have had a son prior to marrying Ann Davis, being my Benjamin Franklin Cage). IF my proposed assumptions are correct... this would make Benjamin Franklin Cage the eldest son in Jesse & Ann Davis' household but have been unable to evaluate or find 1820 and later census to show that due to not even being sure all who were all of the children born to Jesse & Ann after they married in 1814 in Charlotte Co, VA.

10/13/1760: Bejamin Cage supposedly petitioned for pay, asserting that he was sent out in 1758 to the frontier and served 108 days, but his name was omitted by mistake from the Company Roll. (would like to get copy of this reference in the Journals of the House of Burgesses of Va 1758-1761, HR Macliwaine, ed., Richmond, VA p 192).

3/16/1761: Same p 192 reference as above... Benjamin Cage was 5.8.0 for service in Prince Williams Militia.

3/6/1780: Benjamin Cage appears on a Charlotte Co VA list of Soldiers serving in the Great Britain/France War, stating that he served until the end of the war, was discharged, and never received or claimed a land bounty. He served in Captain Daggets, regiment of VA as a private.
(This from another researchers notes of which I do not have a source reference - but would love to find copy of it)

1782: Benjamin Cages appears on a Charlotte Co, VA Census listed as Head of Household of 8. (I do not have copy of this census, but would love to get a copy of it and not sure if there is breakdown on ages/race/etc on this household of 8 which could mean 6 children but I only have found reference to 5 children in later Charlotte Co records that may be his children with unknown wife).

1787: Benjamin Cage appears supposedly in a 1787 Charlotte Co Tax List. Do not know if he owned land in Charlotte county, VA or not, but likely did.

12/13/1788: Benjamin Cage's (born ca 1720-1730 assumed to have died before Nov 1791) daughter MARGARET CAGE married an Edmund Turner in Charlotte Co, VA (I don't know if court house has actual copy of the marriage contract or do they just have an index to whom married who, not sure).

1792: Benjamin Cage estate inventory is recorded in the Charlotte county, VA index and supposedly found in Will Book #2, page 22 - I ordered copy of this but do not have it yet and supposedly this indicates he had clearly died by Nov 1891 and supposedly indicates that he had at least 6 children, 5 of whom we assume to have remained in Charlotte Co VA after Benjamin's death via other records I found in indexes.

Assumed children of Benjamin Cage & unknown wife:
1) Margaret Cage of Charlotte VA who married Edumun Turner on 12/13/1788. Margaret may have been the youngest known born to Benjamin Cage & unknown wife.

2) Fielder Cage (likely named for John Fielder Cage an early ancestor to this Cage family) who married Susannah Jones on 4/15/95 in Charolotte County, VA and had at least 5 children that I have recently tracked. His line appears to be fairly well documented except as to who his father was, etc. and ended up in Halifax, VA

3) John Cage of Charlotte VA who married (Mrs Peggy Barnes)on 05 Jan 1803 in Charlotte Co, VA. I think maiden name Margaret "Peggy" Cardwell Wood/Woods who was widow of Henry Barnes, Jr when she married John Cage. I think she likely died before 1850 and John died after 1850 and I think they had at least two daughters born of John & Peggy's marriage but do not know names. John last appears in the 1850 census that I can find and likely in Charlotte County, VA.

4) Jesse Cage of Charlotte VA who appears to have been in 1800, 1810 census and then married Ann Davis which I believe in August 1814 by a Rev Dobbs. Would like to get copy of the actual court recording to validate the date/year of this marriage.

5) Elizabeth Cage who married John Barnes on Jan 2 1814 by a Rev Richard Dobbs. I found a record yesterday that indicates when Benjamin died that Elizabeth's gaurdian as orphaned daughter of Benjamin Cage was assigned as John Barnes as guardian (Charlotte Order Book 11, 1797-1799) and then on Jan 2, 1797 (p. 1, 2, 3)and then they married on Jan 2, 1796 and then the courts cancelled the guardianship as they had since intermarried. So, it appears Elizabeth married her guardian John Barnes in 1796 (who was abt 20 years her senior age).

If there was a 6th child born to Benjamin Cage as census records suggest, perhaps the child died before Benjamin died.

The Barnes connection to Benjamin's family is a strong indicator that the above 5 (of 6?) children father was most likely Benjamin Cage. Starting with John Cage... in 1800 he shows having 6 horse and 3 slaves in 1800. He married Peggy Barnes (likely Margaret Cardwell Wood maiden name), widow of Henry Barnes Jr, on 4/20/1782 in Charlotte co, VA. Henry Barnes served as bondsmanfor his sister Elizabeth Barnes when she married William Fuqua on 5/20/1797 (bond filed 5/13). Sarah Barnes is, on the same record, listed as Elizabeth's mother. Sarah Barnes is listed as the mother of the bride in teh following record as well: Cleary Barnes, Daughte rof Henry Barnes & Sarah Barnes who maried William Stowe (bondsman Gabriel Barnes) on 11/15/1787.

Also notable:
1)Gabriel Barnes himself married a Lucy Ann Stowe (daughter of Joel & Susannah Stowe in late 1788, marriage bond filed 12/16/1788

2) Sarah Barnes married Lemuel Stowe on 4/6/1801 (Gabriel Barnes, Bondsman)

3) Margaret Cage (daughter of Benjamin Cage) married Edmund Turner abt 12/31/1788 (Bondsman Gabriel Barnes)

4) Nancy Barnes married George Thompson abt Jan 24, 1810 (Garbriel Barnes Bondsman 1/22/1810)

5) Jesse Cage Married Ann Davis daughter of Joseph Davis (and who was the mother???, mother likely deceased when Jesse married Ann Davis) married Aug 23, 1814 (Garbireld Barnes bondsman 8/21/1814)

So, above appears that Cage/Davis/Stowe/Barnes were tightly connected and likely all direct kin.

Also, Henry Barnes SR and wife appears to have at least the following children:
1) Henry Barnes Jr who married Margaret "Peggy" Cardwell Wood on 4/20/1782(then she later married her guardian John Cage on 1/6/1803) after Henry Barnes Jr died.

2) Cleary Barnes married William Stow 21 Nov 1787
3) Gabriel Barnes married Lucy Ann Stowe 11 Dec 1788
4) John Barnes married Elizabeth Cage on 02 Jan 1796
5) Elizabeth Barnes married William Fuqua on 20 May 1797

I have also traced some on Jesse Cage and Ann Davis who appeared to leave the Charlotte area (not found on census. I have not found any death index for Ann Davis-Cage, nor have I found her mother's name even. I cannot find Jesse Cage in census records after his marriage to Ann in 1814 (perhaps he went up to the Sumner Co, TN area where the Cage's resided or who knows??). But, I did find that there is a Will for a Jesse Cage in Sumter Co. Alabama dated March 26, 145 an dprobated Oct 13, 1845 which I have ordered a copy of this document from Sumter Co, AL. Supposedly he left $1 to each of 5 children and the bulk of his estate to a MARTIN PICKETT - I have not yet found what relation or where Mrtin Pickett comes into the picture yet). It appears Jesse had at least the following children, 3 or more who is believed to migrated to Texas:

Benjamin Cage (assumed to be my Benjamin Franklin Cage, child of Rebecca Eliza Winchester and maybe JESSE CAGE before Jesse married Ann Davis in 1814) and moved to Texas ca 1831/1832;
Joseph (found in Wharton Co, Tx near Benjamin),
John (who might be John M Cage who served in TX Aug-Oct 1832 in Militia and TX Infantry, found in early Wharton Co Census),
and James (also found in early Texas census records).
Susan Cage
Martha Cage

Not sure about the two sisters Susan and Martha, but do believe the 3 sons migrated to Texas. Benjamin is found in Wharton where he married 1st wife Mary Ann Cayce-Baker (widow of D Davis D Baker)and later Dewitt and then Blanco county where he died in 1887 in Blanco county, Texas.

I think that Jesse Cage and Ann Davis likely spent time in Sumner or Wilson Co, TN but not sure. As from 1814 marriage in Charlotte County to Jesse's death in 1845 in Sumter County, AL I have not been able to locate them.

Any records you find that I might be able to order from Charlotte (I will be ordering ones you have in your post giving me the page#s etc. - MANY THANKS!) I will also do some searches on LUNENBURG (thanks for that tip too) as I am trying to find more about Jesse Cage and Ann Davis between 1814-1845 and find out more about assumed father of Jesse, Benjamin Cage (and who his wife was, etc.? and where he may be buried?), etc.

Many thanks for the info you posted. It will help me with some of the puzzle (which as you can see from above gets very complex for me to follow).

So, I think the above were children of Jesse Cage and some migrated to Texas early. But Jesse Cage and Ann Davis disappearance from VA records after they married in 1814 could indicate they may have been Sumner county, VA where Jesse's cousin William Cage was a prominant cititzen and that is where Benjamin Franklin Cage was born in 1814 also - another reason I think that Benjamin was raised by his CAGE family versus his biological mother's family (WINCHESTER). It is hard to try to track early census in Sumner Co, TN because there were other Jesse Cage's that make it difficult (Sumner Co & Wilson co TN hard to track if Jesse and Ann ended up there for some portion of the time between 1814-1845 when I find the Will of Jesses in Sumter, Alabama)