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I am posting this information in the hope of clearing up some of the confusion regarding the Tabitha who married William Hunt and had a daughter Mary Hunt who married Robert Minge, William Allen and Field Jefferson.

Most researchers list the Tabitha who married William Hunt as either an Edloe or an Underwood. Those who list her as an Enloe state she is the the daughter of Matthew Enloe and Tabitha who first married an Underwood.

There were two Tabitha’s, mother and daughter. Old Tabitha whose maiden name is unknown married first an Underwood. She had a child by Underwood named Tabitha. Young Tabitha was born about 1648. Mr. Underwood must have died early in the marriage because old Tabitha then married Matthew Enloe and had at least one son, John. Sources vary as to when John was born but probably about 1655-1660. John was still a minor after young Tabitha married Thomas Bowler/Boulware. Court held at James City the afternoon of 21 March 1675, Thomas Bowler, Esq. in right of his wife (Tabitha Underwood) complaining that he ought to have the guardianship of John Edloe, orphan. The courts are of the opinion that he ought not to be the guardian, for by that law of England the next heir is not to be guardian to the orphan. And the said Thomas Bowler, Esq. HIS WIFE HALF SISTER TO THE SAID ORPHAN. The said Thomas Bowler, Esq., if the orphan die, is heir to the personal estate and ye first right to Escheat.
After the death of Matthew Edloe old Tabitha had married a Sumers. The will is for Tabitha Sumers.

Minutes of the Council and General Court of Colonial Virginia, 1622-1633, 1670-1676. Shows At a General Courth held at James City on the fourth day of April 1671. The last will and testament of Mrs. Tabitha Sumers (who married John Sumers after the death of Matthew Edloe) was proven in court by the oaths of Mr. John Stevenson, Hubbard Ferrell and Thos. Winter and a probat granted to MRS. TABITHA UNDERWOOD HER DAUGHTER in the said will nominated Exec.. Note: Mrs. in these times does not always mean she married it was a term of respect for young ladies of standing.

Young Tabitha was definitely not the daughter of Matthew Enloe.

..."Therefore, that court ruling having definitely established that Tabitha was only half sister to John Edloe; and the other records showing with almost equal definiteness that both children were born of the same mother; and further circumstances surrounding Tabitha the daughter as nee Tabitha Underwood, - all seem to determine very conclusively that the maiden name of Tabitha Bowler was Underwood, and not Edloe...
This information is from: Edloe-Underwood-Bowler, by Minnie G.
Cook, from 2nd series, V. 16, (1934)p. 469-473 of Genealaogies
of Virginia families" from the William and Mary College Quarterly
Historical Magazine. Family Tree Maker's Family Archives, Family History: Virginia Genealogies #2
1600-1800 from Genealogical Publishing co. CD #186

Young Tabitha married Thomas Bowler/Boulware after April 1671 since she was not married when old Tabitha’s will was probated. Those who list the Tabitha who married William Hunt as an Underwood seem to believe that after Thomas Bowler died (will proved July 1679) she married William Hunt. A bit of simple math makes this highly unlikely. If young Tabitha was of age (21) in 1671 when she was granted probate of old Tabitha’s will. This means she had to be born no later that 1650. By 1694 when a Tabitha ???? married William Hunt young Tabitha would not have been young. She would have been at least age forty four. Not impossible to have a child but unlikely. Also there were other children who appear to have been born after 1894.
On 20 Apr 1714 he (William Hunt) and his wife Tabitha sold land in Surry Co. He made his will on 1 May 1714, naming children John, George and Mary. His estate was inventoried in 1715, but not returned and recorded until 1725. The will has been lost, but is referred to in records in Charles City Co and Surry Co. William Hunt m Tabitha Minge.
(from Virginia Connections:

Note the above source says William Hunt married Tabitha Minge. Just a mistake??
At least one source on the web states William Hunt married Tabitha Edloe 9 Sep 1694 in Charles City, Virginia . An exact date such as this seems to imply either a family Bible record or an official marriage record from the courthouse. It is possible that the Tabitha who married William Hunt was an Enloe. Just not the daughter of Matthew. Does anyone know anything about any other Enloe families?
To add to the confusion there were two William Hunts who lived in the Charles City area. Based on his will the second William Hunt married a Sarah and had several more children than our William.
Mary Hunt appears to have been an unusual person. She married Robert Minge and had three (I think) children by him, After he died she married William Allen and had probably seven children by him. Note there are more than seven children in William Allen’s will but some are from his prior marriage. She was again widowed and then married Field Jefferson, uncle of Thomas Jefferson. However before she married Jefferson she had him sign a pre nuptial agreement, almost unheard of in those days.
Any help on the maiden name of the Tabitha who married William Hunt much appreciated and will share all the information I have.

Any correction also appreciated.