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I'm looking to verify some info that I have come across in the past 3 years.

John Compton who married (1)Lydia Carhart (2)Margaret Raemer
had Jeremiah Horn Compton who ended up in Sevier Co. TN.

He also had a son named John who married Eleanor McGuire.
Am I correct in this assumption?

Then John and Eleanor had a son John who married Polly Walls in Tazewell Co. Va.

I've seen people try to say that this woman's name was Rebecca Wallace but I don't know what to believe on that line. IS IT WALLS OR WALLACE?

As far as my immediate compton line.

I descend from Jeremiah Compton Sr. of Thompson Creek, Russell County VA.

Jeremiah was on the 1810 tax list. I have a firm belief that Jeremiah was the brother to Abraham Compton JR.

THAT MEANS: John Compton (1730-1778) was their UNCLE. Jeremiah Horn Compton would be their first cousin.

Abraham Jr. moved to Scott County VA after he married Lucy Berry. Abraham lived on Weavers Creek in Russell County before he moved which is very close to Thompson Creek.

Abraham and Jeremiah's mother Mary Carhart Compton remarried to John Brickey and they moved to Thompson Creek as well.

Jeremiah's family farm was sold to David Snadder in 1851 by Jeremiah Jr.

Jeremiah was married twice. First to an unkown person who had 9 children for him. His first wife died bet.1835-1845

He had 4 boys. 3 of whom I can positively identify:

1. RICHARD J. (md. Martha Ferrell)
2. BART (md. Catherine Stilton)
3. JEREMIAH W. COMPTON JR. (md. Martha J. McGee) *my line

He had AT LEAST 5 Daughters whom I cannot identify positively. I suspect for obvious reasons that

Priscilla Compton was a girl (cuz of her kids names)
Melvina Compton was a girl (she lived with Bart in 1870)age 56 at the time.

The other 3 remain a mystery.

IN the 1880 BUCHANAN COUNTY census they asked Jeremiah Jr. the birthplaces of his parents and he said:

Jeremiah Sr. was born in North Carolina
His 1st wife was born in Tennessee

That really shakes up the soda right there cuz I'm stumped.

There are many people who believe that Courtney DEEL Yates is the mother of Jeremiah's kids, however common sense and logic disputes that.

Courtney Yates' husband was John Yates Sr. who died in 1832.

Courtney was married to Jeremiah Compton Sr. by 1848 when he deeded the farm to Jeremiah Jr.

HOWEVER NEITHER COURTNEY NOR JEREMIAH IS IN THE SWVA Census records for any counties I've seen in 1850.

They just disappeared. Until Courtney appears in 1860 living with her son John in Buchanan County. She died in 1862 at the age of 100 (more likely 85 or 90) but who knows.

There's so many frustrating things with this line. I'm about to move away from home and go GOD knows where and I don't know when I'll be able to dedicate time to this after I graduate college.

I tend to believe the story that the First Marriage book of Russell County which covers the years (1786-1852) was stolen by some big wheels for selfish reasons. I don't believe it burned in a courthouse fire and never will. I just know how this county

Getting information (LET ALONE PHOTOS) of people in this line are like trying to make lawyers and politicians tell the truth and be honest.

If anyone can help me out on any of this and straighten out any question marks please let me know. I've always believe that the SCOTT,BUCHANAN,TAZEWELL CO. Comptons were related but I haven't been able to prove it.

I am aware that James Compton and Frances Herndon from NC. had several kids including DAVID who married POLLY ELMORE.

Their kids as far as I know included: Peyton Compton Sr.,Starling Compton,James "Henderson" Compton.

There was a James Compton who married Emily (from Bedford) but I don't know who's son he was for sure.

Thomas Compton was also still living in Russell County in 1850. I know even less about his family than I do Jeremiah's. I do know that he lived in Russell Co. for at least 40 years.

How many kids Thomas had I don't know but he was married to a much younger woman by 1850. She was from KY.

Thomas, David, and Jeremiah were on the 1810 Tax lists. They acquired taxable personal property between 1803-1810.

That's about all I have. :(