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Subject:Invs. Chris. & Ellenor Rob*son, Amelia C VA 1748
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Fellow VA Robertson/Robinson Researchers

The following mercifully short (though their heirs probably wished they were longer) inventories of Christopher and Ellenor Robertson/Robinson I transcribed from a hard-to-read negative image microfilm of Amelia County Will Book 1. ???? indicates illegible. I'm still a neophyte at this. Both of them died intestate. Their estates were combined in 1750, and the estate sale was not completed until ten years later. I haven't looked for their settlement records. Feel free to use the inventories at will.

Ellenor's surname is not known, and Christopher's descent from the earlier Prince George Co Robertsons can only be speculated because of the loss of early records.

My descent from this couple is through son Henry whose daughter Susannah married Vincent Shelton, son of Crispen & Letitia Shelton. One of Henry's other daughters, Chloe, married Vincent's older brother Abraham. These couples and pretty much every other Shelton, and some of the Robertsons in Amelia Co moved to Pittsylvania Co (Lunenberg, Halifax, etc.) in the mid-1700s. I posted Henry Robertson's will earlier, and it is also in the Amelia Co UsGenweb archives as well --

Please let me know if you see anything that doesn't look right.

FYI, for those of you who do research or might research at the DAR Library in Washington DC, in the basement among their miscellaneous state records is what appears to be a complete set of Amelia Co Will Book microfilms until at least near the end of the 1800s. They are very poorly indexed, however.

Best Wishes for a Wonderful Holiday Season!
Janet (Baugh) Hunter

Inventories are from Will Book 1 on pages as noted.

***Inventory and appraisement of the Estate of Christopher Robertson Deceased returned 19th of May 1749 (Page 53)

(Note: Value in pounds/shillings/pence -- Values were in text or column in the inventory and separated by a combination of dashes, slashes and/or periods. I have made them all separated by slashes for easier reading.)

1 parcel of Hoggs 1/12/0
1 horse bridle and Saddle 2/0/0
1 bead beadstead and furniture 3/5/0
1 small bead and furniture 2/0/0
1 loome and gear 0/12/6
a parcell of old puter 0/15/6
1 old table 2/6 a parcell of Wooden ware 7/6 0/10/0
1 Earthen Plate .6 a parcell old Iron 3/ 0/3/6
Bells and Collar 0/4/00
1 Parcell of knives and Forks 1/2/6
1 Iron pott 1 frying Pann & 1 Kettle 9/9/0
1 Pair pott hooks and Rack 1/1/6
1 Old Spinning Wheale and Cards 1/4/6
1 Old Chest -1/1 1 Old Sifter 0/4/7
Cash 3/9/2

Total 15/19/10

Ellenar Robertson Exr.

John Smith
Thos Tanner
Lawrence Brown (B his mark)

At a Court held for Amelia County the x/x day of May 1749 This Inventory of the Estate of Christopher Robertson decd was entered by Elenor Robertson Relict of the decd Christopher and ordered to be be recorded

Saml Cobbs (Clerk)


***The Inventory of the Estate of Ellennor Robertson Deceas'd (Page 66)

To a Horse bridle and Saddle ?????? 1/15/0
To a???and P?gg?? 0/15/0
To one Bed bedstead and f5urniture 2/10/0
To one Small Ditto 2/2/0
To two Small ??? 0/7/0
To a parcell of old Pewter 0/10/0
To one Loom and Gear 0/12/6
To a parcel of old Lumber 0/8/0
To one Chest and Spinning Wheal 0/8/0
To Some old Iron 2/6/0 & Some Ironware 0/9/0 0/11/6
To one Small Bell 0/2/0 & ?? Table 0/2/6 0/4/6
To one Small Cask 0/1/6 One boule 0/0/3 0/1/9
To one parcell of Corn 0/15/0
To one parcell of Bacon 1/0/0
To one old Drawing knife and a Boule 0/1/6
To one old Hammer 0/0/7 1/2
To Cash 4/15/6 .

Total 16/17/10 1/2

??? Executed

???? Inventory of the above

Edward Robertson Admr

Thomas Tanner
Robt Moody
John Smith

At a Court held for Amelia County the 15th Day of May 1750 the above Inventory of the Estate of5 Elenor Robertson Deceased was entered by Edward Robertson Administrator and ordered to be Recorded

Samuel Cobbs (Clerk)


***Amelia Co Order Book 2 (From Abstract)

Court Held December 16, 1748 (Christopher)
-- Ellinor Robertson, widow and relict of Christopher Robertson, granted administration of her husband's estate. Edward Robertson & Matthew Cabiness security.
-- Ordered John Smith, Thomas Tanner, James Oliver, Lawrence Browne or any three to appraise estate of Christopher Robertson, make return.

Court Held April 20,1750 (Ellenore)
-- Edward Robertson granted admin of estate of Eleanor Robertson. Matthew Cabanis, security
-- Thomas Tanner, John Smith, Robert Moody and Lawrence Browne, or any three to appraise estate of Elonar Robertson and Make Return

***May 22 1760 -- Joint Sale of Both Estates -- Note it is ten years later.

Will Book 1, page 167 -- (From Abstract Book)

Robertson, Christopher and Ellenor. Est. settlement ordered April 16, 1759, ret. May 22, 1760. Appr. Charles Irby & Winn. Admin Edw Robertson.
Sales of both estates 19/14/5 1/2. Names Mentioned -- Alexander ERSKINE, Colo COBBS, Thomas