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The Persinger line has white european, native American and African American blood behind it. As far as I know the only documented native American, meaning his name appears on the rolls of a Federally Recognized tribe, is Joseph Sparrowhawk. It is well documented that light skinned and some not so light skinned individuals were able to have their race recorded as white even if earlier census records listed them as mulatto. Mulatto in Virginia could mean black mulatto as would be the case with Ruth Persinger's mother or Indian mulatto as was the case with Gabriel Persinger. There is no logic to The Virginia census records on race because Gabriel and his wife were both listed as mulatto but their daughter Anna(ie)was listed as white.

Here are some of the connections that I have been able to sort out. I have posted some others under the Persinger forum.
The woman referred to as sis in the journal is Martha Persinger. She was born to a free mulatto woman on March 8 1957 in Botetourt County VA and died in 1918-19? from the Spanish flu. She was the sister of Mary Margaret.
The author of the journal is Mary Margaret Persinger born on June 4 1858 in Botetourt County VA and died in 1918-19 ? from the Spanish flu. Both sisters died within a week of each other.
Their Father was Peter Persinger born in Botetourt County Va. Peterís parents were Gabriel Persinger and Rebecca Isabella Ailstock?
Gabrielís parents were Joseph Sparrowhawk and Sarah ĎSallyĒ Persinger
Mary Margaretís children were
1. Adam Persinger was born February 8 1877 in Botetourt County and died at 3 months of age, he was the son of her cousin Bernard Persinger.
2.James was born in 1879 - Father unknown. He married Sissy and their children were
Linda (Father unknown) she was born before 1891.
Amos - died in Texas

3. David Persinger- David left Virginia and lived the rest of his life as a white man.
4. Mary
5. Sara
6. Tom
Edward Hood married Sarah Persinger in 1850. He began life as a mulatto in Maryland but by 1850 was passing as white. They had no children together.
Floyd ďdockseeĒ Persinger is the son of Peter Persinger so he was Mary Margaretís half brother.
William Persinger is the son of Peter Persinger so was he Mary Margaretís half brother.
Some of Mary Margaretís brothers married into the Pinn family mentioned in the journal.

Ahtseelah Persinger is the daughter of Peter Persinger so she was Mary Margaretís half sister. It appears that she died at a young age. Her name as written seems to be a misspelling of the Cherokee word for fire.

Gabriel and his family were listed in early census records as mulatto but in later census records they were listed as black due to changes in Virginia law regarding race.His grandson David was listed in the census as mulatto but was light enough that once he left the state he was able to pass as white. He married the daughter of an Italian immigrant and moved north but nothing else is known about him.

Joseph Sparrowhawk was an enrolled member of the Cherokee nation and is buried in Oklahoma. Her great aunt Mary is also buried there. Mary is the only one of Sarah's children to go out west during the Indian removal.Troops attempted to capture her son Gabriel but he was able to elude them.

Mary Margaretís grandmotherís nickname was Dove which was also the name of one of Mary Margaretís nieces.

The second journal mentions only one Jane living in the Rich Patch area of Alleghany County Virginia but it is unclear if this Jane is the daughter of Sarah Persinger. There has been some speculation that Sarah's daughter Jane went west with Mary during the removal but as of yet there is no evidence to support that idea.