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Hi Howard.
The following is from Accomack County, VA Court Order Abstracts, 1663-1666, Vol.1, by JoAnn Riley McKey. I'll type as long as I have time.

p.1- "Capt. George Parker" listed as a Commissioner at the 4/21/1663 session.

p.3- 5/22/1663 session, ordered that Capt. G.P. bring his list of tithables which ran "from Mr. Bowman's to Mr. Hodgkins including Bay Side and Sea Side." Afterwards, he took his seat of the bench.

p.4- (same day) 2 of G.P.'s servants ages judged. Thomas Britian (13) & Robert Weste (11).

p.5- same day- G.P. left the bench for the following: "In the case of Mr. George Hack, plaintiff, and capt. Geo. Parker, defendant, it was ordered that Parker deliver to Hack a cow and calf. After the calf was weaned, it was to be returned to Parker who was to pay court charges."

p.6- 5/23/1663- "capt. Geo. Parker failed to attend the court and was fined 300 lbs of tobacco." "The case of Capt. George Parker vs. Capt. Edward Baker was referred to the next court. ordered that the sheriff take Mr. E.B. into custody for his misdemeanor until further order." Edward Baker released a on good behavior bond. Capt. Parker returned to the bench.

p.7- (same day)- George Parker complained that Dr. George Hack had killed his hogs. The jury found him guilty, fined Hack 2,000 lbs tobacco and remain in sheriff's custody until posting bond. Several testified on both sides including John Parker (age 28). John said about two years ago he "was with John Nichols at Mr. George Parker's house when they heard a great cry of hogs. looking out, they found Dr. Hack's dogs upon Parker's hogs, wounding them. John PArker immediately took one of the dogs and killed him."

p.12,13,22,29- Capt. Geo. Parker listed as Commissioner at the sessions of 5/25/1663, 7/16/1663, 8/17/1663,8/18/1663

p.33- 8/18/1663- Capt. Parker left the bench after being fined 12 lbs tobacco for swearing in the face of the court.
He returned later.

p.39,40- A list of Tithables for 1663: John Parker (6), Capt. George Parker (8).

p.41- Jno. Parker on 12 man jury appointed to find the main branch of Pungoteague (Creek?). On 11/10/1663, Gov. Berkeley's appointees for justices (new title of Commissioners) recorded. "Col. Edm. Scarburgh, Capt. George Parker, Mr. John Tilney and Mr. John West were 'of the quorum'".

p.43- 11/10/1663- Capt. Parker and Mr. Wise were requested to witness John Stockley's delivery to Richard Bundick of the heifer meant for John Coulston's orphan children.

p.45- 11/10/1663- Capt. Parker left the bench for the following: "Alice Boutcher confessed to speaking 'scandalous words against the court' and pleaded the court's favor, promising to behave better in the future. The court took the promises into consideration and acquitted her. She paid court costs." "Deposition of Joane Brookes aged about 50 years, 10 November 1663: She was at William Wotton's house last Monday along with Alice, the wife of William Boutcher. Alice said that she was pregnant with a child as big as her fist when Capt. Parker caused her to be ducked. She miscarried and said she would be revenged on him within a year. Joane told her she should do it soon and not keep it in her breast so long. Alice said, 'He kept malice in his breast three years, for which I was ducked'. Alice wanted to have it tried in another place."