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Subject:(1846 news) John Terwilliger age 21>Stevensons regiment>Governor's Island, NY
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I posted this news items at the Terwilliger family mailing list on Thursday, 18 June 2009.

Subject: [TERWILLIGER] (News 1846) John Terwilliger age 21> she wouldn't marry him > suicide by arsenic> furlough STEVENSONS REGIMENT(invasion of California/Mexican War)
Date: Thu, 18 Jun 2009

SUICIDE OF A "CALIFORNIAN"-The Rondout Democrat says that
JOHN TERWILLIGER, a young man about 21 years of age, formerly a resident of Kingston, lately enlisted in Stevensons California Regiment. He was warmly attached to a young girl of Kingston, and obtained a furlough; he came up a few days ago from the encampment at Governor's Island and endeavored to persuade the object of his attachment to marry him. A steadfast refusal caused the desperate determination to commit suicide, and he took a dose of arsenic on Tuesday but the potion was so large as to cause vomiting. Medical aid placed him out of danger but contrary to his doctors directions and from his declaration it is supposed with a steady resolve upon destruction he drank a large quantity of water, which produced death.

New York, Friday morning, September 25, 1846

Dates and times, I am not sure if this JOHN TERWILLIGER was ever in California...?...

This is all I know. I have no other details or information.

I found the article by typing in his name and using the exact search at and at that time he was the last item---number 195---JOHN TERWILLIGER is a very popular name in the TERWILLIGER family and there are many, many different JOHN TERWILLIGER'S.

I first heard about this newspaper database site from a post by Dick Hillenbrand at the site. is a free newspaper database website and has over 10,258,000 scanned, digitized, and searchable old New York State Historical Newspaper pages. (newspaper page count as of August 12, 2009)

I don't have any more details about this JOHN TERWILLIGER and thought the newspaper resource might be of interest to other folks.