Posted By:Randall Seaver
Subject:Re: FTM 2009 Descendants chart problem - save as image
Post Date:January 28, 2009 at 20:28:29
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Hi Russ,

My Descendants chart was only 3 generations because that is all I wanted to fit on one page. Several times when it crashed there was no color or background picture - so the size would have been fairly small (I don't know - I was never able to save one to my hard drive and see how big it was).

When I tried the Vertical Pedigree chart it was five generations and in black and white with no background. Therefore, it would likely have been a relatively small file. Again, I never got to make the choice of file type before the crash.

I was going to compact my file and try again. I did that (it only took out 0.31% out of 48 mb). When I tried to Export ato Image FTM 2009 crashed again.

I guess I'll have to wait for the patch that deals with crashes! No real problem - I just won't make charts and save them as images until the patch works.

Would uninstalling and then re-installing FTM 2009 be the next best step?