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Subject:Looking for Information: Israel Eiser(Isser) Sevin or Levin of Russia/Poland/Ukr
Post Date:September 27, 2012 at 17:11:22
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Looking for Information: Israel Eiser(Isser) Sevin or Levin of Russia/Poland/Ukraine

Israel would of been my Great Great Great Grandfather.

His daughter, my Great Great Grandmother, was Haddasha/Hodes Sevin/Levin - Zolotnicka Zolotnitzky (ZOLOTMUTSKY) Zolatnitzky(not sure of the spellings-different on different documents).

Hodes' daughter Rose Zlotnick-Markowtiz was my Great Grandmother, her daughter, Kate Lillian Markowitz-Miller was my Grandmother, and my Mother was Nadine Fern Miller-Hersh.

Hodes' tombstone(attached) in Mt. Hebron says "Daughter of Israel Eiser(Isser?)"Hodes Zolotnitzky....(I have her tombstone attached to her record on my family tree-Erica Hersh's Family Tree-public view) Per multiple NY State Wedding License info, states Hodes' maiden name as Sevin, 1 says Levin..not sure which is right, but S and L could be intertwined if in Script....

Hodes' NY State Death Records states: Hodes Zolatnitzky...

Hodes was born abt 1845-1849 in Stonin, (Poland) now Ukraine - died 23 Nov 1924 in NY. She came to the US/NY in 1923, bec. she had ill/Alzheimer's(which they didn't know about back then). All of her children, that we are aware of, were born in Horodyszcze, Russia/Poland, now Ukraine.

I'm thinking Israel would of probably been born in/abt 1820-ish...

I don't know anything else about them.

Any hints, tips, etc. would be of great help at this point...I'm not sure where else to look...I've looked on, can't find anything matching, or anything in cemeteries/Holocaust Records...

I've searched, nothing,, nothing,, nothing, Google, nothing...

Thank you so much for your help,