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Most Jewish people lived in shtetls. Based on your description. I know that you are referring to Northern
Bukowyna Province, a part of Austro-Hungarian Empire, until Interwar Period when this region came under
Romanian domain. Today this region is still referred to Historic Bukovyna Province in the Chernivtsi (your family
members would have called this regional center, Czernowitz) oblast/region> Ukraine.

One of the county/adm district seats in Chernivtsi is Novoselytsya (Новоселиця in Ukrainian).

Following is a little geopolitical history for town,

Translated using Google:

Our city center is located in the southeastern part of Bukovina on the left bank of the Prut River. People lived on this place since ancient times. These are the tools found the stone age. The first known people that inhabited our land were later Goths, Huns, Avars, Pechenegs, and Slavic tribes Tivertses.

More than 200 years this land was part of Kievan Rus, the XII century. - To Galician and Galicia-Volyn principality, and in the XIV century. captured by Hungary, which in 1350. recognized the existence of Moldovan principality, which included the territory of the district.

In 1514 Moldovan principality seized Turkish Sultanate and only the Russian-Turkish war of 1768-1774rr. liberated people from the land of the Turks.

In 1812 this territory was annexed to Russia, and since November 1918 under the reign of Austria. From 1919, here was dominated by Romanians knights invaders, and from 1940 - is part of modern Ukraine.

The oldest written mention dates from 1456 Novoselytsia year.

According to the handbook "Bessarabskaya region. List of settlements seats by the year 1859 note ", St. Petersburg, 1861 (in Russian), in 1859 in the town of proprietary Khotyn County Bessarabia province, lived 2081 person (1056 males and 1025 - female), there were 299 farm yard, there were two Orthodox churches, three Jewish houses of worship, customs, post office, timber wharf, took place Sunday bazaars.

As of 1886 in proprietary town center Novoselytsya parish, lived 1007 people, there were 145 farm yard, there were orthodox church, synagogue, 2 houses of worship, school, hospital, post office, svichnyy factory, soap factory, 3 kozhevenyh factories, breweries plant , 50 shops, border, 4 inns, 4 wine cellar, there were markets. For 3 versts - abroad. ("Parish and vazhneyshye selenyya Evropeyskoy Russia."
Issue VIII. St. Petersburg, 1886. (In Russian).

Novoselytsya railway station is known that in 1915. He began with his famous trip to the famous American writer-journalist John Reed.

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