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I found this and was up and running again within minutes.
All the information for this is on

I followed this advice (it involves using command prompt) and managed to get it working:

Information on the Divide by Zero Error from

4. Why do I get a FOXPROW error when starting UFT on my new computer?

UFT uses Microsoft FoxPro database software. When using faster computers with UFT (Version 2.9 or less), you must install Microsoft FoxPro Patch 26 to avoid getting the following "Divide of Zero" error when you start UFT:

"An error has occurred in your program. To keep working anyway, click Ignore and save your work in a new file. To quit this program, click Close. You will lose information you entered since your last Save"

To install FoxPro Patch 26, go to;en-us;q240982 to download the patch. Be sure to read and follow the Microsoft patch installation instructions very carefully. The Portland RUG also provides additional information on how to address the UFT FoxPro "Divide by Zero" error. Just go to

5. Why do I get a "Divide By Zero" error when I start Ultimate Family Tree (or Family Gathering)?

This has been corrected in version 3.0. This problem may occur on very fast computers. This is a known problem in Foxpro for Windows 2.6a, the development tool which is used to create Ultimate Family Tree. There are two possible workarounds:

A) Choose IGNORE and continue to work. (Note: if you choose Close, you will get a GPF with a divide error. In this case, you will need to restart Windows to be able to access UFT again.)

B) Do the following procedure:

1. Download the patch file patch_26.exe from the Microsoft site at;en-us;Q240982

2. Using Windows Explorer or the Run window, run the patch_26.exe program; it will extract the two files patch26.exe and readme.txt; tell it to unzip these files to the folder that contains UFT (normally C:\UFT) when it asks, then close it.

3. In Windows, click Start then Run.

4. In the Run Window, type "command" and click the OK button.

5. Type the following (this assumes that UFT is installed in the C:\UFT directory, so change the instructions if you have it installed somewhere else):

cd c:\uft

attrib -r foxw2600.esl

patch26 foxw2600.esl

attrib +r foxw2600.esl

When you type the "patch26" line, you should see some lines that indicate the patch was executed successfully. Type "exit" and press Enter in the command prompt window to return to Windows.

You should be able to start UFT without errors now. Note that when the patch is run, there is a new file called "Copy of Foxw2600.esl" in the UFT directory. You may delete this without any problems with UFT.