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I'm not familiar with Nero and it seems that each CD software is a bit different from another. Following is some info from our group's web site, however. Hopefully it will give you some hints and you can take it from there.

Other Ways of Backing Up Your Files
There are various ways we have today of backing up--tape drives, CDs, and zip disks.

<B>To save to a CD</B>, you will probably want to save as a sqz file to your hard drive first. Then (depending on how your writable CD software works) simply copy the sqz file(s) to your CD. If you are saving to use on another computer, you will want to make sure that both computers has the same CD software. Now and then data is recorded to a CD it becomes marked for "read only." So when you copy it to a laptop or another PC, UFT can't do it's thing. You may need to change the archive setting by unchecking it. Probably on each file. If you want to transfer information from one computer to another, "laplink" may be a better option.

If you want to <B>back up to your HARD DISC</B>, you can use the Windows File Manager or explore to copy the archived file to a floppy.

You can also use the DOS BACKUP command (particularly if your files will fill more than one floppy disk).With Windows98, you can also start Backup by clicking Start , pointing to Programs, pointing to Accessories, pointing to System Tools , and then clicking Backup.