Posted By:Robert Hanley
Subject:Re: ERROR with EVENT images in Family Journal
Post Date:December 07, 2005 at 12:21:36
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I have absolutely been in love with this UFT since I first purchased the product. It has so very few flaws, and perhaps this is one of the ones that programmers should have forseen. I just can't believe that nobody else ever purchased the rights to the product in order to keep it on the shelves. I had a huge web page out there for a few years until they pulled the servers down. I had heard rumor that they were moving to Nevada from California. What a joke! I've had TMG for over two years, still in the box and no reason to take the time to convert my head over to the product. Have you by chance fully abandonned the UFT or are you still utilizing what it offers for the database? I just don't know if TMG will allow for any FREE Web Page like UFT did. If they do, then I might just switch for that one reason. I could then continue adding data to UFT, then ship it over to TMG, and create the web page. Thanks again for the help, and by the way, I think brackets might be bad characters too.