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Subject:Rachel Holman, Texan Giantess - McLennan County, Texas
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Hi there,

I found this report on the Australian historic newspapers website "Trove" and I thought I would post it here in case this wonderful lady belongs to anyone's family tree.

The World's News - Sydney, NSW, Australia - 30th August 1902

Few women are heavier than Rachel Holman, but it would be difficult to find one who is stronger than the Texan giantess. This remarkable woman lives on a farm in McLennan County, Texas, that was settled long years ago by her
She is 45 years of age, and weighs 35st., but did not begin to accumulate flesh till she was 35 years old.
Miss Holman was only 16 when she had her first battle with Indians. She was cooking supper in her father's cabin when her attention was attracted by the clatter of the hoofs of horses, and upon running to the door she saw a bare-headed man leaning forward over the neck of a large black horse. The unfortunate man's back was full of arrows. The horse, though foaming with sweat and certainly tired, was fairly flying along the trail.
Miss Holman thinks the poor man must have been blinded with sweat and dust or, perhaps, blood, for he evidently did not see the cabin. The girl shouted to the man as loud as she
could, at the same time reaching above the door for a loaded rifle that was always in the rack. A wild war whoop fell upon her ears, and when she looked out she saw a band of mounted Wacos in hot pursuit of the man on the black horse. She was about to throw the gun to her face when she saw her father spring over the yard fence, only a few steps away, with his back full of arrows.
Three Indians, yelling like demons, were almost at his heels. They sent a shower of arrows after Mr. Holman as he ran across the yard. Rachel knocked one of the Wacos from his pony with a hot bullet, just as her father fell ex- hausted in the doorway. The other two warriors
jumped over the fence, and one fired at the
girl, and the other flourished his scalping knife as they ran across the yard.
Rachel quickly drew her father inside, but an Indian threw his body against the door before she could close it. Seizing a smoothing-iron that happened to be within reach she brought it down upon the red fiend's skull, crushing it
to a jelly. He fell dead. The other warrior, sprang over his comrade's body, aiming a blow at Rachel with his tomahawk that would have proved fatal if he had not fallen headlong on the floor. Mr. Holman had partially recovered
and he had caught the Indian by the ankle as he attempted to jump into the room. Before the Waco could rise the brave girl sprang on his back, and wrenched the tomahawk from his
hand. To her surprise, the cowardly wretch began to beg piteously for his life, speaking good English.
A single blow ended the battle, and Rachel hurried to the assistance of her father. She expected to see more Indians on the trail, but there were none in sight. Rachel carried her father Into a thicket, where they spent the night. The Indians did not return, nor did they ever learn the fate of the white man who was trying so hard to escape from the red devils.
Miss Holman once threw open a door and looked in upon a notorious desperado and killer who was engaged in whipping his wife. Rachel tore the whip from the brute's hands, and, after throwing him out into the street, she whipped him through town to the door of a magistrate's office, where she lodged a complaint against him. "I never saw a man who was stronger than I am, nor did I ever see one I was afraid of," she says.