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Subject:Re: John Burl Harger, 1803 - 1885, Washingto County, AL
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Hi Joan:

I live in Tennessee, just moved back here from Sugar Land, Texas. Texas is huge and I am happy to be back in these small states! I was born in New Orleans, Louisiana and lived there until I was 55 years old. No time to start moving all over the place, but you do what you need to do. I moved to Tenessee about 11 years ago, sold real estate until the bottom fell out (here in Memphis that was about 6 years ago) so I moved to Texas to work in the oil industry (one of my former areas of expertise). My sister has been in Memphis for the last 30 years or so and that is what got us to Memphis 11 years ago. I decided to retire because I thought Mom didn't need to be living alone any more. She is in remarkable good health and her mind is still good, especially when it comes to remembering old history information. We never talked much about the family stuff until my sister and I started doing some genealogy. My mom will be 90 this July. She was a great cook and I decided to make a family cook book for my sister and brother and our children the Christmas before I moved to TX. I thought it would be nice to add some old family photos and one thing led to another and I started digging on the internet a bit for info to go with some of the pictures. I didn't have much to go on and this was about 3 weeks before Christmas and the book was for Christmas gifts, so that is when I first started looking a little. I signed up with Ancestry for a month, mostly all they had were census records. I moved to Texas a few months later, that took all my time and energy and I just started researching in earnest about a year and a half ago. I am amazed at how much more is available on line since then. I have joined our Genealogical Society here in Tennessee about a month ago, so I will use them for assistance. I appreciate all of your advice. Right now I am looking at Franklin County, VA trying to figure out who my GGGrandfather was. I believe it is John Harger of Franklin County, VA. GGGrandfather was John Burl Harger. There seems to be a descrepancy based on the transcription of John Harger's will. Some think that John Burwell Harger and John Burl Harger are the same, but other's don't agree because there seems to be some confusion in the John Harger 's will because he refers to John Burwell Harger as a son of his deceased daughter. If that were the case his last name would not be Harger, but if there is some missing text in the transcription, John Burl/Burwell could in fact be John Harger's son. If you ignore the spelling of Burl or Burwell the sound alike. Depending on the level of education he had one could make a case for them being the same just spelled differently. Also, I found on a lust of the original settlers in Franklin County, a John Burwell and a William Burwell. Most of the family histories indicate that John Burl Harger's mother was an unknown Mary. Could John Burl be named for his mother's family, Mary Burwell?

I am trying to see if any of the land records can clear up this confusion.